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Aunt Wu welcomes Team Avatar
Aunt Wu
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Chapter 6, The Fortuneteller

Aunt Wu was a fortuneteller who gave advice to Jenju when he was in search of Sha Lu. She once was a respected fortuneteller who served Makapu Village, but after her predictions were proved to be wrong by Team Avatar, the village turned on her and stopped asking for her guidance.[1]


Aunt Wu came to Makapu Village twenty years prior to Jenju's visit. For those years, she was a wise woman who provided fortunes that were believed to have been true until the avatar and friends proved them to be wrong. Since their visit, less and less people visited, and at the point of Jenju's visit, the town despised her.[1]

As a boy, Jenju had heard of the town where the "crazy fortuneteller" lived, and when he was near her village, he decided to stop and ask for her guidance. He was told to "seek in the night" to look for his friend Sha Lu, and he did so the following night.[2]

The next day, Jenju visited Aunt Wu with news that he must rescue his friend from the Fire Nation's clutches. Without directly asking so, Aunt Wu could tell that Jenju wanted supplies for his trip. She generously gave him ingredients for tea, her famous bean curd puffs, and, three copper pieces.[3]


  • Two weeks had passed since Team Avatar visited Makapu Village when Jenju arrived.


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