By Gingalover Part of the Book Five: Memory, Book Six: Shadow, and Book Seven: Order continuity.
King Wu
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Ba Sing Se



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Hou Ting (great-aunt)

Wu is an enthusiastic, yet self-absorbed man and was the current prince of the Earth Empire, until he himself decided to remove the monarchy of the Earth Kingdom for a more democratic approach, like Republic City.

Book Five: Memory

Soon after the battle in Republic City, Wu decided (After Varrick and Zhu Li's wedding) to drop the monarchy of the Earth Kingdom in favor of a more democratic approach, similar to that or Republic City's leaders. Since that decision, he'd been given a lot more free time, and used some of that in order to help with the projects of Republic City's expansion. During those 8 months, he also had gotten a pet badgermole as well, since the escape back at the train station. He also dropped the "Prince Wu" gimmick, because of the removal of monarchy.

Soon after Varrick's latest project was complete, Wu went back to him, with Zhu Li, on his pet badgermole. It took a bit of a wait while Zhu Li and Varrick were talking, but he did eventually tell Varrick about the progress of their endeavor, during which they'd built 7 other buildings (including a spa), which Varrick was very glad to hear.

Sometime later, Wu decided to go out for the day with Bolin, mainly him talking on and on about the newly made spa in town, and how good it is, despite being made just 3 days prior. As they continued walking, Bolin's pet, Pabu, got their attention and brought them over to a baby Blimpus, that somehow ended up there as it lost its way. Wu kept his distance, disgusted at seeing it, as Bolin helped it to recover in some nearby water. Both men remained clueless as the Blimpus flew off, unsure of what just happened.

Book Six: Shadow

Wu had been continuing on with his life for a good while, soon being seen in the spa again, where he found Lin Beifong alongside him. He talked to her for a little bit, until he was called away for another part of his spa treatment.


Wu was a self-absorbed man, usually only having concerns for himself and his image as future king. But, as time went by, he'd begun to grow more mature in his choices. Though, he still had his moments of flirt and macho towards girls.

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