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Occurring on a Winter, exact ninety-nine years after the comet passed on the earth. Beneath a dusky twilight, a young waterbender stepped toward an ice courtyard which situated on the blue-colored North Pole. Her name is Hǎi Yang, a 16-year-old girl, who was very ambitious at waterbending. She was not really good at waterbending, but her parents courage her to. As the Winter had come, she ought to follow the ritual of the village, called Nagli Ceremony. The ceremony that is always held beneath the aurora was held in a tundra forest where nobody can watch, except the family.

"Mother," Yang started. "I can't marry Yathka. I'm not his." Yang has been betrothed by a noble guy from Northern Water Tribe city, named Yathka. He was not a bender, but he was very skilled warrior. In Water Tribe history, he was one of the best warriors alive, since his childhood.

"Yang, Yang, Yang..." her mother chuckled. "Yathka is a good choice for you, my dear. He is really handsome and kind. Not only to us, but also to you," she preached. "He is also not too old for you."

"But mom," Yang bowed, desperately walking to her igloo. She sat in front of the ice, sobs softly. "We have talked about this last year," She turned.

"And we've got the outcome. Yathka,"

The eerily clouds came to the North Pole as the wolves began to approach. It was a dark evening, but Hǎi Yang didn't get inside. The young waterbender threw her necklace, given by her betrothed mate. "I can't," she cried, smashing the necklace to the ground. "I can't!"

A deep soft breeze caressed the young girl, wafting a sound to her ears.

There is a way. . . A way to marry someone else. . . Hokani

"Hokani. . . Hokani!" She left the igloo as she began to run away to the tundra. Hokani was a famous place where people from Northern Water Tribe made a connection with the past lives, the spirits. Covering the cave, there was a waterfall situated at Hokani. The clouds chased after Yang, which she ought to meet an old shaman near a hill.

A sacred tradition on the engaged couple could be broken if one of them told the spirits.

"Hey!" A deep, bold, old voice shouted near her. A water whip splattered not far behind, chasing the young waterbender.

"Stop! You don't know who am I," Yang screamed in pain, began to enhance her speed. The old man once again whipped his hand, pulling another water whip to the girl. Yang once again dodged, but she couldn't run fast enough to get away from the guy. Hǎi Yang turned back at him and says, "Stop do that, odd man!"

The old man chuckled, "I challenge you a water duel."

Hǎi Yang glanced at the man and spurting a water chrome covering her. "Let's go."

The old waterbender created a giant wave near himself and he raised his hand toward the girl. The wave followed, attacking the chrome over. He used the ice yard to emerging a massive ice wall. Yang jumped and still inside the chrome, she utilize the water. A light, sharp, and tiny ice spike fled toward the old man. The dark cloud turned onto a blue night, and the storm had passed.

"Interesting," the old man smiled artfully.

Yang deflected him by twirling her hands gracefully, positioned her hands to a beautiful shape. She jumped forward, spun around in the air, and landed, pushing her hands outward. In response to her actions, ice had encased the old guy, but he easily broke it. The scattering ice caused Yang to trip, but that didn't stop her. Yang was trapped down, but she didn't stop yet. A dozen of ice claws shattered on the air, spinning at the air and once again deflected the old guy. Yang cheered in joy and trapped the old guy using a water cloak.

"You," the old guy said. "...have mastered the waterbending well." Recovering instantly, he jolted toward the girl. "But you need to prove your power more!" He quickly created a waterspout near her. The water shattered on the air and splashed to the girl. Hǎi Yang rushed at the old guy, her arms ready to shoot a water whip at him. She passed, much to her demise. The old guy lifted his hands and twirled her around, causing the snow to emerge from the ground and ensnare the two enemies. The snow retreated to its normal positions, but not before burying the young waterbender up to her chins in the ground. "Now. Give me your best shot!"

Hǎi Yang woke up immediately, but she could not. The snow trapped her hardly and covering almost all of her body. Emerged from the dark tundra, two another waterbender jumped forward and crouched to the ground, punching out their fists and unleashing a torrent of giant water attack. Reacting quickly, Yang curled her arms around his body and the snow harden, protected himself. The snow was crusted and saved Hǎi Yang from being frozen to a snowman.

"Okay!" She shouted. Suddenly the old guy slashed an ice, created a giant crack on the yard. The two waterbenders formed a giant snowball and moved it to Yang. "Why?!"

Within the yard, the three waterbenders rapidly rose to arms at an ice rock. Water shots rang throughout the air while snow exploded and pieces of shattered ice smashed through all opposition. Yang punched her hands to the ground, downing the spout which the old guy stood. Water sprayed into the air, enabling Yang to stand up.

"Because," the old guy yelled. "I ought to do it!"

"We're here," the waterbender spoke these words, much to the surprise of the old guy. "Capture her!"

But at the snow covered body, Yang continued to attacked the waterbenders for protected herself. She hardly recognized the figures, while at the same time the sky changed.

Suddenly, the sky turned onto a green, shiny horizon, causing the duel stopped for a while. An aurora came and covering Hǎi Yang, raised her to the sky. Suddenly, an amulet from her coverage approached, shining like a sun on the sky. "Hǎi Yang," a deep voice sounds on the sky.

"Yes, anybody there?"

A light beam on the dark sky, and the green aurora turned gold. A majestic aurora illuminated both the waterbender. The amulet blasted at the air, and Hǎi Yang closed her eyes. The world turned black.


The young waterbender opened her eyes as she woke up in a place the she didn't recognize. She raised her head, shook and tried to open her eyes widely. "I'm sorry about that," he grinned kindly. "That was an accident; I just want to say good bye to you," he continued.

"W-who are you?"

In the igloo, another aged woman entered the room, slowly crossing the threshold to take her position at Hǎi Yang. "Your amulet was destroyed by the spirits," she smiled. "And now, you can marry someone else you want to."

"Are you... the shaman?"

The aged woman sat beside her, and smiles. "No, my dear. I'm Yugoda, the waterbender. My sister, Hyung-oda, was the shaman who called the spirits.

"Spirits? How many spirits are there?"

Yugoda stroked Yang softly, replying to her, "All of our past lives." She smiled at her, but Yang didn't recognize her.

The old guy went outside, he stood in front of the igloo. His white hair unraveled gracefully, blew as the breezes flew at the air.

Hǎi Yang stood, looking after the old guy. "Honestly, sir," she calmly waiting with her hands behind her back. "Who are you?"

"I just want to say good bye, and apologize."

"You didn't answering my question, sir," Yang's expression went mad.

"You're a potential waterbender, but it is not our tradition to teach women waterbending. Moreover, the time has come," he wiped his tears. "This is the time to go."

"Where? Who are you, sir?"

"Good bye, Yang. I'm Master Pakku," he said soft, but deep. "You can go home now."

The time has come. . .

He was. . .

Master Pakku?

The Waterbending Master. . .

Author's note

Thank you for reading! This is my first time to write, for a competition. XD At first, don't forget to say thank you to Sophie, who helped with spell checking. :D


  • Hǎi Yang's problem about marriage was a close resembles with Brother Bear 2.
  • This story takes place an exact day before Pakku going to Southern Water Tribe.
  • The author wrote the whole story within 2 hours ago (11:00 - 13:00, October 1, 2012 (UTC))

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