Side-view of Zuko
Wounded Again
Some scars never heal
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Humble Imaginations





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9-17-12 to 9-17-12


Humble Imaginations


Humble Imaginations


After being hit by Gow in their little fight in Zuko Alone, Zuko remembers the last time he saw his mother, and knows that he's being wounded once again.



This oneshot takes place during the end of Zuko Alone.



There was no hope for him to win this battle. Although he was a master at fighting with dual swords, he was lucky he made it this far into the fight. The others were easy; they weren't earthbenders like Gow was. Their weapons were weak: Most of them made of wood, something his metal dual dao swords can handle. However, rocks he cannot.

Another rock launched at him, his heart started to thump faster at the thought of a rock hitting his face, resulting in an injury; or worse.

Then came the final blow.

Small mountains came out from under him, throwing his weak body up in the air. His hand held onto his swords, preparing for his death.

When he finally reaches the ground, headfirst, he feels all the energy draining out of him, his life leaving him. No amount of defense moves he learned from Master Piandao could help him. He was hopeless.

But then he feels wounded again, when he feels a hand on his shoulder. He opens his eyes, noticing that he was in his old bedroom in the Fire Nation, his mother above him, sadness in her ember eyes.

"Mom...?" He asks tiredly.

"Zuko, please, my love, listen to me. Everything I've done, I've done to protect you,"

His mind couldn't tell what was going on at the moment as his mother pulled him into a warm embrace.

"Remember this, Zuko. No matter how things may seem to change, never forget who you are."

Leaving his room, his mother pulled a hood over her head, hiding her face.

"Get up..."

Overcome with rage, he grips the hilts of his swords even tired. The hammer's above him, ready to deliver the final blow. The next few moments are a blur, fire, raging, growing fire, dances from his swords, burning everything in its path. Everybody watches him in terror, realizing that the poor refugee was actually a firebender. He reveals himself as the Heir to the Throne of the Fire Nation. I'm keeping my promise He thinks as he pulls the pearl dagger from Gow's dagger. I'll never forget who I am.

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