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When people think I'm Worthless.. He doesn't.

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April 7, 2014

A man stood still behind the window which was covered by ashes and dust. He grinned, opened the window and feel the warm air passing by. His stubble was trimmed, clearly show the sweat from his face. Even though it left a stretch, it was disguised by his tight hunter-green coat with a golden pin and had tingled by the dried leaves.

"How stupid!" the mayor shouted. "Hey youngster, can't you see the clear sun this morning? There will be no rain this morning, nor today, nor tomorrow!"

The little man was nothing more than an orphan. He walked from the east to the center of the town, finding food and water for his lonely grandmother. A thin yellow cloth covered his howling stomach, but no meat in the town can be seen. He kept on walking, left a few drips of his sweat on the road.

The mayor mumbled, poured a bottle of mango to his glass. "Stupid... He still lurking in this town for food, when he knows that none of us will give him even a crumble of bread."

It had been forever since the rain came to the town-it may be since the grandmother of the young mayor turned 30. The young orphan had made his way back home and the mayor still scanned the town around through his window. The mayor grinned. He saw him.

"Have you got the rain? Or just a drop of dew from the drying leaf?"

"I got two breads." The young orphan looked at the smiling mayor. "And also an egg."

The mayor grinned again, looking at the youngster. "I don't know what you think, little man! But two pieces of breads can't hold your breath for a week! I believe in one or two days your grandmother will..."

"-At least I will make sure she will see one more beautiful sunset this evening," He looked mad, holding his bag tighter and covered it behind the coat. "At least."

"Such a waste! Well, poor you to be the one who was born as son of a vamp. But at least, at least she already passed with all of her sins. Be aware, youngster. I can't let you go like her. I can't."


The orphan kept on walking under the shining sun. The glistening one or two sweats still dripping, while hundreds of them already dried out. Still, he hold the bag tight. He tracked down the drying roads, turning left, and fasten his feet until his left foot stepped on the only place to shade, where he knew his grandmother was waiting for him. The pale brown door guarding her alone, brave and still until the end of its age-until it decayed by the termites.

Knock, knock!

"I bring a full of breakfast today." He put his bag on the round old-brown table, taking off his yellow coat on the door. "Thanks to Jei who gave us the breads, and also Sri for the egg."

The dark of the rustic hut created a black shadow, which had made his grandmother's sight decreased significantly. "Thank you, Lee. Ah, if only-"

"Don't say anything. Medic already told you to save your energy, so you can stay stronger day by days," the young boy thrusting a plate of breads and boiled egg. "Here, eat this. Food will help you a lot."

A small hole from the top breaching the dark of the hut, while the sun outside was stronger to make a river dried out. Papers and leaves were all the same, scattering all around the ground. The floor was fully-covered by them, making the young boy and his grand mother cannot walk freely in the 1 x 1 meter hut. But then, he saw a smoke from the paper which was burning by the heat of the sun, illuminating and making his grandmother coughed. Deftly the young orphan put the burning paper, promising to himself to fix the roof as soon as he could.

"A Letter to~" The paper was written in kanji, but when he began to read, his grandmother shouted, "How delicious! My body feels well! It gets better each time you bring me the spoiled breads, but it feels more delicious than the supper from the mayor last year. Go eat the rest of the plate, young boy. I know that you are hungry, too. Men's eyes cannot lie."

The old lady trembling, put the plate on the table and continued to sleep until the rest of day. She knew that the time will come long or short, but she did not want to keep her grandchild suffering the misery of being the son of a vamp. She knew, that she didn't meant it. It was an accident.


It was a cold night in Autumn, while the stars were clearly shone covering all the sky and cheering to a couple who had made love under the waving tree. The smiles from the lady's face cannot be covered by any emotions, she knew that she enjoyed that night. The brown eyes were opened widely, showing a pleased body of a man. They did. They loved each other. He was a good earthbender, teaching one and another children in the village to be a strong soldier. He met her, the beautiful young lady in a little night festival, when she was dancing and enjoying the fireworks. They fell in love, and they made their way to the waving tree, proving their strong feelings of two happy bender. The love was in the air!

They continued to make their relationships, and the final was there; they were going to marry in the night of the new year celebration. Until the time had come for the man to go with the soldiers to Ba Sing Se, aiding the rest of the failed troops who couldn't restrain the Dragon of the West to breach the impenetrable wall. The plan didn't go well, and the two cells already fused inside her body; the young boy was already made. Night by night, day by day, the young lady with her infant inside her waited for him, faithfully lurking if there was any figure walking home.

The night when she was going to give birth, the Fire Nation invaded the Earth Kingdom villages, especially the one with great benders. The young lady was, she had continued her fiance's duty to teach the young children to be a good bender. The village was saved from the invasion as the earthbenders, old and young united. But not for her. As she was giving birth, exactly after the young boy came to the world, a soldier burnt the birth house and only the baby was saved; under her belly. One lady who knew the saved boy bring the baby and adopted him as her grandchild.

The love of a happy-couple grew as a young orphan who was called 'son of a vamp', which was knew as a result of an accident--it was not. There was no accident in love, there was life inside a love. And it was the one which kept the young orphan hold his breath until now.


The wind blew the dust, as well as the drying roots to the town. Another day for him to find people who had hearts, who wanted to keep a young boy with his grandmother alive. The shimmering water was flowing, it was not sweat nor dew; it was the river of the city which had filled by the rain last night-finally rain came to the town. Hundred of people watching the water flowing, left the yellow-coated boy alone. Only the mayor who stayed at home, another duty as a mayor to keep his town safe; and he saw the thin figure walked forward.

"Poor boy," he smirked. "When everyone was enjoying the river you still the same; just like your (mother) did."

He shouted, "I don't need river, Sir. The only thing I need is a glassful of fresh milk and a plate of warm breads to make my grandmother behold the stream of the river next morning!"

"Did she enjoy the sunset, youngster?"

An anxiety smile was set on his face. "Yes, she did."

"Worthless! Everybody can enjoy the fresh water and delicious meat in this town, only if they kept their own body safe-not being a vamp just like your mother did."

He only smiled. And walked to Jei's home, hoping a piece of bread will be there for him and his grandmother tonight.


Another invasion came to the town that night. Tons of moneys and foods were stolen, just an hour before the town mayor held a new-year festival (and also welcoming the rain). Red flames and orange lights were illuminating that silent night, turning the cheerful festival into cries and angst. Several earthbenders remained fought back, trying to hold their town longer. But the firm firewall protected the massive Fire Nation troops, under the command of Admiral Zhao. The slender body of an earthbender leapt through the woods, and began to create a solid rock boulder. But before the chi of his body could lift the boulder, a burning fire ball already hit his back.

Some of the town young men threw spears and knifes to the firebenders, hitting the thick-covering body armor. It gave no avail, the only damages had been made was only their own weapons. They kept burning, and under a single shout from the Admiral, the city was completely burned before the children could sensed the hot of the fire. The glowing flames completely removed the city. Completely, even the rustic hut of woods which protected a little boy and an old trembling lady who were sleeping. They ended their race with peace, the pale door had ended its duty to protect the old lady and young orphan from the heat of the sun nor the cold of the wind night.

There will be no more spoiled foods for the orphan, glasses of water for the old lady. Whatever the town had in the past; vines and mangoes, breads and meats, they did not belong what the orphan and his grand mother had until their end. Love that was worthless.


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