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This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

World at War
A war can't last forever
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World at War is a fanfiction story about the occurrences early on in The Great War. The plot centers around the adventures of a Waterbender named Ganku and his friends Tasha, Ro, and Mandee, in their quest to defend Garsai against the ruthless Fire Nation. In the process, the children are targeted by the cruel Prince Azulon of the Fire Nation, who has his mind set on conquering Garsai. Behind all of the cruelty and torture is Fire Lord Sozin himself.

The entire story is to be written by Vaznock, author of Kyoshi Revolts. It was released in June 2010, though the series won't truly begin production until Kyoshi Revolts ends.

Production History

The idea of the story is brand new, and came when Vaznock stumbled upon the Battle of Garsai article. The idea of the battle, as well as Azulon as a major villain, was a concept that Vaznock never thought of. After thinking about it, Vaznock decided to replace Hideous by Birth with World at War. It was going to be released after Kyoshi Revolts finished, though Vaznock decided to begin the Prologue chapter during a period of inactivity for Kyoshi Revolts.

The story will only contain 30 chapters (though all of this is subject to change). Every ten chapters will be equivalent to one book. There will be three books in total.


Nineteen years ago, Fire Lord Sozin used the power of a fiery comet to wipe out the Air Nomads. The Avatar is believed to have been murdered, and the Water Tribe has not yet reported any reincarnation. The War is devastating the planet, as the Earth Kingdom and Water Tribes join forces against the tyrannical Fire Nation. The outcome of the war could go either way, though as the Fire Nation Military drastically increases, it becomes apparent that Sozin is slowly but surely gaining the upper hand. He believes he has the key that will lead to his advantage, the city of Garsai, one of the Earth Kingdom's most precious strongholds.

The city of Garsai itself, ranked as the third largest city in the Earth Kingdom, is filled with guards, soldiers, and many fearful citizens. With the Fire Nation army closing in, the city can barely defend themselves against the multiple fires and attacks. With the lack of progress, Sozin decides to deploy his secret weapon: Prince Azulon.


Ganku - A kind Waterbending boy, Ganku was discovered on the street by his two loving parents, who took him in and raised him as their own. Because of his Waterbending abilities, he is considered one of Garsai's most important soldiers, though Ganku truly longs to instead have a nice, quiet life without the pressures of War. He is in love with the governor's daughter, Tasha, and will do anything to protect her from the clutches of the Fire Nation.

Tasha - The beautiful and sweet daughter of the Governor of Garsai, Tasha is Ganku's best friend and love interest. She is consistently hammered with the setbacks of politics. She detests Fire Lord Sozin for his actions, and has a fierce hatred for the Royal Family. Tasha is a competent Earthbender, and longs to become a soldier in order to help the people weaker than her.

Ro - Ro is Ganku's best friend, and he is a skilled swordsman. Ro is kind, courageous, brave, yet incredibly goofy and energetic. He is somewhat of a womanizer, and enjoys hitting on Tasha's sister Mandee. Ro views Prince Azulon has his mortal enemy, and one day hopes to square off with the Prince and finally end his reign of terror.

Mandee - Mandee is the eldest daughter of the Governor, making her Tasha's sister. In contrast to Tasha, she is bitchy, air-headed, self-centered, obnoxious, and can be mean-spirited to those she cares about. However, she does have ethical values, and will stand up for those in need. She is skilled in dagger-throwing.

Azulon - The cruel son of Fire Lord Sozin, Azulon is the Prince of the Fire Nation and the single heir to the throne. He is a Firebending prodigy, and is feared by many for his tyrannical ability to lead. Azulon has no qualms about killing or torturing people, and takes after his father in almost all traits.

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