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April 25, 2012

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World Tour, Part 2 is the thirteenth chapter of Avatar Phoa series, written by AcerEvan.


Gurukul Kanfri Viswavidyalaya Library, 21:30

The stars decorate the dark night. The full moon illuminate the couple's way to the library. The boy hugs the girl, fly them two through the skies. Beyond the dark horizon, near the sea, while all peoples are fall asleep in their dream, there is a couple both are enjoying their evening, with love.

"Never see this before?" Joy asked to his partner, then show the brightly lamps of the city.

"Never. I've never see this before. I... I feel warm when I near you." Analéy said shy.

"Don't be shy, Ana." Joy said, more closely hug her.

Arriving at the library, they two entered the second floor, looking for the information about the Dragons' Lair.

"Let's see. India encyclopedia. Here it is!" Analéy said.

"What's Kumbh Mela?" Joy wondered, open the "K" section in encyclopedia.

"It's an India culture, celebrates the Hinduism pilgrimage every six until 12 years." Analéy cleared.

"Cool. May I join?"

"No, as we are in a hurry." Analéy said. "So, Crystal Orb. Here it is! Bla, bla, bla.... Yep! The Dragons' Lair is in China. What?! China?" Analéy yelled.

The two shocked. "China. Where is China?" Joy wondered.

"It's here." Analéy explained him, pointing at the China area in the globe.

"Let's go there! Not far, huh?! Just a centimeter!"

La Casa Hotel, 22:21

Across the horizon, a ripple thin of golden flecks still dimmed, meshed onto the black. The young airbender awoke from his dream, going to the toilet. Recognizes that his roommates is missing, he yelled.

"Phoaaaaa...! Joy was been eaten by the dragons! Look!" Fansha screamed.

Phoa, who stayed at 606 room, directly ran to his room. But...


"Look, a cloth is cover him, signed as he is die!"

"Funny joke, Fansha. Bye..." Phoa left him alone.

La Casa Hotel, 05:00

The both couple are going back to hotel, while all of the Flying Bison are awoke.

"Why you come late?" Fansha interrogated them.

"We knew something!" Joy cheered happily. "Now, pack up all of your clothes, we're going to China! We stay there, find the crystal and back! This is our chance!"

Analéy bowed. She didn't desire them for left her alone, again.

"What's wrong, Ana?" Phoa wondered.

"Nothing. Let's pack up!"

The Flying Bison drove a pick up car, while the sun shone so hot, make them sweaty. The clouds covered a mountain, "cooled" them for a while. They are going to Himalayan, intends to pass through the mountains there. Arriving at the Pass Gate, Ron left them, is going back to his usual, be tourists guide.

"Thanks, Ron!" thanked to him.

"So, we start?" Analéy Joy asked.

"Okay. First, be careful. The ice is thin, and would fall down while you step on wrong way. Second, wear your jackets. It's cold. Last, let's use bending!" Analéy ordered.

"Okay, you're the master."

The Flying Bison follow Analéy's instruction. The guide was very kind, and let them go alone, as Analéy order. But, in facts, the guide is follow them.

"Brrrr... How cold is this place?" Fansha said freeze.

"Use airbend! Heat this place!" Phoa yelled.

Then, Joy make a burst of fire, and warm his body, along with his friends's body. The sun covered by the clouds, when the horizon isn't clearly seen. The snows start to fall, make the Flying Bison frustration.

"C'me on!" Fansha yelled, and then bend the air, make the snow fall down.

"Calm, Fan. Alright. Phoa, let's see where are your skills improved." Analéy surrendered.

"Waterbend!" Phoa screamed, but makes nothing. "Waterbend!" she shouted.

"Okay. Ffffwwwtt......!" Analéy whistled.

Suddenly, three creature-like shadows fly to the mountain. They are reach 3.000 kilometers above the sea, make the weathers isn't friendly. The creature-like shadow drove them onto China, and stopped at a little rice-field.

"Thank you, Regina, Louis, and Wanti!" Analéy left them.

"Who're them?" Joy wondered.

"They are my best friend, long ago before my.... brother is taken away." Analéy whispered.

"Sorry about that, Ana." Phoa apologized.

"No problem. Let's fit out body with these clothes!"

"Whoa... Those hills make me fell peaceful." Joy said, make a deep breath.

After fitting their clothes, Phoa and her friends continue their journey. Suddenly, an old merchant screamed, is being raided by a small band of thieves.

"Maybe you should correct "make me fell peaceful", Joy." Phoa joked.

"Let's help him!" Fansha yelled, and make a mini-tornado near them. Then, the merchant is saved.

But, what happened? Some crews came out from bushes, and a man yelled at them, "Cut! Please, I've hope this shooting will not be like Mako and Amon's, guys! Why another bender-actor was stayed here? I'm sucked." He is the film director.

"What? Sorry, sir." Analéy apologized him.

The crews said, "Guys, this is our beloved director! This is the same director with The Legend of Korra series! C'me on!"

"Korra? Is that.... The Water Tribe Avatar?" Phoa wondered.

"Yes. I mean it. Go! Or you will be like them" a young man evicted them, pointing at the slaughter kiosks.

China Town, 09:12

Across the horizon, a thin ripple of a bright blue, almost shiny, spreads as mist, though a smattering of yellow flecks still twinkle. The clouds moves up through the sky, soaking the bright blue sky, while at the bottom of the dew is a barely reflect the sun. Stealing through day's uncertainties, a single bird cry flashes like thunder over the rice field, echoing and rebounding, building into an orchestra unto itself. Phoa and her fellows are in the middle of the red Asia's biggest nation--China.

"This place is remind me of Fire Nation." Phoa bowed.

"Don't worry, if we get the orb faster, this stress-vacation will end." Fansha soothed her.

Phoa hugs her friend closely, and walk with him to their house. Joy disgusted at her and made their way to another side of China. They finally found the right place to stay, Macmu Li-Yung's warehouse. It's free, wide, shiny, clean, and full of foods and drinks. Fansha enjoys the supplies, right when the another slightly practices their bending.

"This evening we should go all-around China. I want to see another great side of this world." Fansha sleepy said.

"Okay. Okay." Joy replied.

The Avatar is practicing her waterbending skills, still sucked in the "non-master" practices. "Are somebody know how to waterbend?"

Ramen Kyoto, 16:00

A romantic sun set spreads over the skies, shattered onto a ripple thin of golden flecks, meshed with scarlet, while the wind was halfway completed the town. Taking his day off from his usual, Fansha starts to get hungry on his stomach, full fill the quiet evening with his starving stomach. The Avatar and her friends made their own night with giggling, allow the little airbender to relax his stomach after work all day long.

Fansha turned back at them with slightly concerned look. "Guys, I think the stomach is already full, and need to be go out." Pointing at the toilet doors, he stammered, "You-you all know what I mean." He directly runs to the toilet.

"He is too fulled by those ramen." Joy giggled.

The authentic romance flattered through all of China district. The sun sets widely, spreads the golden dust in the air. The young firebender and the Avatar are making they way off, wandering at the Chinese garden.


  • The director is same with the director that direct The Legend of Korra, who being stressed by Mako and Amon in author's comment at their pages.

Author's Note

UNDER CONSTRUCTION need one more day to complete!

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