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April 13, 2012

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World Tour, Part 2 (Avatar Phoa)

World Tour, Part 1 is the twelfth chapter of Avatar Phoa series, written by AcerEvan.


London, 08:09

The sun shine brightly, melt a thin layer of snow. The ice is fused, the heat of wind is warm the urban city. A little sound dip of water, the fused river, and the melted lake escort the Avatar and her friends' walk.

"Let's go to India." Phoa said. "We should go fast."

"Yeah, I know. But, how?" Joy mumbled. "And, you should continue your waterbending training, Phoa."

"Yeah, I know."

The four fellows sit down beneath a tree, confused.

"Let's practices your water, Phoa!" Fansha yelled. "Just search on... What's the invisible thing that pack many information?"

"Internet?" Analéy said. "No, there are no any how-to waterbending sites in there. You should practicing by yourself."

"What? But, my airbending isn't completed, and my fire is under Avatar's class. How to learn water?"

"Just.... Okay. Let's go back to your world." Analéy said.

"No, no, no! We shall find a 'lost waterbender' who snared here, maybe." Joy promised.

"Well, that's still possible. Let's go to India!"

The Avatar's fellow buys ticket on the airport to India, while Fansha and Phoa sit down near a café.

"The flavor.. Hummmmm.... Yummy! I will buy it." Fansha tempted.

"No, don't do that! The currencies are different here. You shall wait to India, probably." Phoa prohibited him.

"Well, I think the ticket is over." Analéy sighed. "We depleted the tickets, a minute ago. The next destination is tomorrow. By the way, where's Joy?"

Control Room, 08:12

The underage firebender entered the room, while his friends search for him a minute ago. He's interested by the technology that so modern.

"Cool." Joy whispered. He doesn't aware that he's absorb the electron from the cable. Suddenly, all of the power has failure. The lamp switched off, and the guards ran to the room.

"Whoops. What happened? Uh-oh." Unfortunately, Joy is absorb all of the light on the airport. From hand phones' light to the lamps, and the billboard, too. He successfully gathered all of light on his hands.

"Cool." He said.

Airport Café, 08:30

"Wha-what-what happens? Why the light so dark?" Phoa wondered.

"Maybe Joy.... JOY!" Analéy yelled. The trio run, looking for Joy. But, while Fansha looked at Control Room....

"Who are you?!" a police interrogated Joy.

GLK... Joy just swallowed. He didn't know many English yet.

"Yes." Joy answered.


"Yes, internet does." Joy curiously answered.

Fansha, along with his brave, entered the room and kick the police away.

"Get out from my buddy!" Fansha yelled. Then, he bend the police with air, making all of the lamp switched on and throw some objects away to the police.

"We shall use bending for go to India." Fansha ensured.

"Guys!" Analéy screamed. "Where are you last minute? Let's go to India before the cops arrest us!"

"Okay. Using.... Waterbend? How?" Joy asked.

"No, we better use ferry. My friend had one and we can use it." Analéy promised them, then put her pedant again, and teleport them onto the England beach shores, while a silhouette is waiting near a ferry.

"What's a ferry?" Phoa wondered.

"This is it!" Analéy surprised. "This is Ron, my buddy."


"Hellow." Joy answered. "Again, I could not mastered English anyway."

"Is he joking, An? I think you bring English people. This is a real tourists!" Ron cheered happily. "We should hurry, India is waiting for us!"

Atlantic Ocean, 09:19

Beneath the blue skies, above the waving ocean, while the seagulls fly over the ferry, the sun shone brightly to them. On the deck, Joy is studying English, helped by his new friend. Suddenly, he interrupt their practices.

"Mmm.. Ana, who's Tremolo?" Joy wondered to her, then turned to Fansha and Phoa. "We just want to know."

Abide, she then answers, "He is the most dangerous person in the world."

"What?" Joy suddenly interrupt Analéy.

"He is... Like me, white, tall, pasty, but he could bend shadows that my family do. But.... He is mastered the Dark Arts of Magic with the group." Analéy cleared.

"What's the group?"

"Magicus Pishogue."

"Phoa, let's start the waterbending training." Joy said.

"But, how? I can't." Phoa ignored him, then turned to the ferry cockpit.


Inside the cockpit....

"Take a deep breath, and feel the water." Joy cleared. "I can't, but like lightning redirection, the chi is flow from your stomach, onto your arms, and then just come out from the hands. I will practices my lightning, mmm... Lightbending."

"Al... Right." Phoa sighed tiredly.

The waves in the ocean move the ferry onto India shoreline. The heat of the subcontinent makes the Avatar's team swelter. Fortunately, the Avatar starts to bend water, freshen the air.

"Imagine a moon-like chi in your stomach. Feel the chi is moving to your arms, and then flow to your fingers. And, it come out." Analéy explained Phoa.


Lakadewa Sea, 12:00

The Avatar successful bend water, and she starts to master the basic moves. Unfortunately, the ferry is suddenly stopped. The motor isn't move, make them stuck at the sea, just few miles from India. Analéy inspirits Phoa to bend the water, make the ferry move. And... It works! Phoa doesn't realize that she mastered the water, but she could bend the water literally.

"Yaaay...! It's not hard! Not like air." Phoa yelled happily, then turns to Joy and Fansha, dance with them.

"Hahaha...! Phoa, bend the water again!" Fansha enjoyed.

India West Coast, 12:34

The sun shone so brightly, in the tropic line. The wind doesn't make any effects besides the hot wind. The shores are waving through the beach, breaching the sea line. The seagulls seem exhausted, not different as Avatar Phoa. Phoa, Joy, Fansha, and Analéy was so thirsty and tired, are looking for the Dragons' Lair in the distress of India. Fortunately, a cloud covers the sun, make a little "cool" air near them.

"How hot this place!" Fansha yelled, while flutters his body against sweat.

"Yeah, be cool. Let's buy some cultural clothes for balances with the weathers." Analéy ordered.

"Be fast, don't too long here. I'm hot!" Joy screamed.

Magicus Pishogue Headquarter, 13:02

Long way from India, far far away through the crowded of the citizens, in the smallest avenue, beneath the worst vile district, suddenly a mysterious hooded-figure walks around the avenue, enter a mysterious rustic building. The dark spores spread over the building, signed that the evil was come.

"How dare you come without any permission?!" a man yelled.

"I'm sorry. I brought these." the mysterious figure replied to him, then shows a bag fulled by gold and money.

"Good, for a newbie."

"May I get my commission?" the mysterious figure asked, and catches up his hand to the man.

"No, after you give me the Avatar."

"What? I worked to you for..."

"Shut up!" the man interrupted, kicks the mysterious hooded figure, reveals the hooded face.

"Tremolo." a woman called him with passion. "You are so handsome. Let's go to...."

"No, after I get my sister back." Tremolo begged at him. "Dear Lord."

"Okay. But she is escaping, left you alone, here."

Tremolo kicked out by a hangman, and thrown to a little underground prison. Rotted, damp, and dark. That's it. A dark prison.


Breaching the Wall.

Real World.

Those are Tremolo imagined about his sister.



Haridwar, 13:04

Beneath the raging fire of sun, inside the most crowded nation in the world, where the most majestic building is placed, Avatar Phoa and her team start to looking for money, if they lucky they will get some supplies.

"If we sell these junk, is that works?" Joy wondered.

"What about waterbending? I show my skill, and peoples give me money." Phoa offered to Analéy, then turned to her friends.

"No. Magicus Pisogue can track us. Joy's right. Sell those that unneeded supplies." Analéy ordered.

"Let's go!" Fansha yelled.

The Flying Bison wander at the market in the teeming India. Some people just screwed, wonder "Who is that?" and "Who is her?". As the Flying Bison didn't change their clothes, they should buy the local garments.

The sun shone brightly, while the turbid river flows against the wind. Some children play at the river, and few women wash their clothes. Avatar Phoa watched over the Ganges River. The riverside town is in a deep depression. Dozens of children are sick, some men are hunting for their only food, in the river, and the baby are malnutrition. Joy watched over a little family, celebrate their child's birthday, with a bowl of fish and a glass of water. An old man, sat down under a tree. Without any family near his side.




Those Joy mind about them.




Joy wants to help, but he couldn't.

"Okay, fellow. Here we are, in La Casa hotel. You sleep at 606 room, Joy. Phoa, you with me." Analéy explained to them.

"What about me?" Fansha wondered.

"You sleep at there." Joy replied, pointing at a tent near Ganges river.

"What?! Joy, waits for me!"

The four fall asleep until the clock shows at 9 o'clock. They don't feel about a mysterious shadow that follow them. At the night, Joy and Analéy went to the Haridwar town, are going to find more about the Dragons' Lair, the main reason why they are on this trip.

La Casa Hotel, 09:02

The sun sets in the West, right when the twos walk to the crowded City, India. Afterward, they both are quickly be a friends. They two are asking their background, sometimes laugh together. Suddenly, in the middle of the roadways...

"I know you are love her." Analéy said.

"What?" Joy responded.

"You've got her. Ratih." Analéy bowed. "I-I want to say some... thing."

"No, no, no, no. Don't...." Joy prohibited, but suddenly Analéy closer to him, wanna kiss him.

"I like you. You are so handsome, smart, unlike your friend." Analéy said, and seize Joy's clothes.

"Don't act like we are courtship." Joy yelled, then sets a fire rockets, fly over her.

The young shadowbender bows, and then cried out. Sat down under the tree, waiting Joy to come back. But... Suddenly, in the skies, a love marks shattered through the skies, embellish the dark silent night.

"What's ....."

Suddenly, Joy came and hug her, and said, "I like you, but as friend. Let's go to the library, as soon as possible."

Author's note

Greetings, readers!

This is my reason that's why I ask Natsu11 about his hometown, India. Why India? First, because Natsu was there. Second, because it's the most crowded region in the world, plus with their Taj Mahal. What's about Joy and Analéy? Is their "love" will end? Or they would continue their relationship?

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