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The World Civil War was a war that happened even years after the War. It took place in the Earth Kingdom when the Earth Kingdom Resistance, led by a manipulative and power hungry leader, began attacking the Earth Kingdom and other nations.


In the beginning, the reason the resistance was created was to overthrow the 55th Earth King, who was unpopular with the Earth Kingdom populace. Protests sprung up all over the Upper Ring of Ba Sing Se. Then, an Earthbender named Fao took over the resistance and manipulated it to take over the world.

Early Stages

After the resistance moved from Ba Sing Se to the Western Coast of the Earth Kingdom, Fao began conquering villages and used them as bases, and recruited many people from the villages into his Resistance. Then, after amassing a large army, he conquered the commerce center of Taku. The 55th Earth King sent a detachment from the Earth Kingdom Army to take back Taku and liberate the villages, but the Army task force was defeated. Fao began to get a fleet of navy ships ready to be able to cross the oceans into the Fire Nation, Water Tribes, and the Air Temples.

Final Stages

Not much is known about the final stages of the war, but it is known that Fao was defeated, but his organization stayed, but operated as bandits rather than a rebellion. Since after the war the 56th Earth King was appointed and replaced the 55th Earth King, most of the members of the organization abandoned it. The current group numbers about 20 people.

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