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Word Gets Out
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Azula and Ozai's Plot


Book 1:Water



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August 19, 2010

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To the Southern Water Tribe

"Word Gets Out" is the second chapter of Book One: Water of Azula and Ozai's Plot


When Team Avatar realizes Azula and Ozai escaped, they set off on another adventure. They don't want the whole world to know, but when Lu Ten tells his friends, word gets out.


In the Throne Room

"They what?!" an angry Zuko said "How could this have happened?" Zuko said in anger.

"The Phoenix Raiders, the people you put in charge of watching them helped them. Twenty-five of them guarded Ozai and twenty-five guarded Azula. They apparently helped pass on messages from Azula to Ozai and back. Everyday, when Ozai was supposed to be punished Admiral Tao gave him sword lessons. Commander Jian helped train Azula with fierce firebending moves everyday. She appears to have regained at least some of her sanity," said the Royal Messenger.

"Okay, first off don't tell anyone except those who saw it. Tell them not to speak of this. This nation has already suffered enough because of them," said Zuko

"We have to stop them!" Team Avatar agreed

"Great, just another time our relaxation is cut short." Toph said dryly

"I can't believe she's back," Katara said. "She was freaky when she shot Zuko with lightning, and now she's probably worse!"

"Okay, first, go back to your houses, pack your stuff and bring your kids to me." Zuko said

"Mai!" Zuko said. "Send two messenger hawks, one to my ship captain, and one to my Uncle, the ship is going to him up at Omashu."

"Mother!" Zuko called

"Yes, Zuko?" Ursa asked

"Can you stay here with Mai and Uncle?" Zuko asked. "Azula and Ozai escaped and were going to stop them!"

"They need to bring there kids here so they won't get hurt." Zuko explained

"I would be happy to watch the kids of such great heroes!" Ursa exclaimed "Of course I will!"

Lu Ten and Ty Ming were playing in the corner. Lu Ten noticed this and ran t his room and sent five messenger hawks three to his friends from school, one to his friend Quan, and one to his best friend Kahn, of the Southern Water Tribe, he was Aang and Katara's son.

Back at the Southern Water Tribe

"Got you!" Kya said to Kahn

"Thanks to you I'm all wet! Well, at least I can waterbend myself dry." Kahn said

"Kahn, Kahn! Where are you?" he heard his grandfather, Hakoda call

"Right here, grandpa!" Kahn yelled

"There is a messenger hawk for you, it's from the Fire Nation Prince." Hakoda said

"Lu Ten! I haven't seen him in a long time!" Kahn said excitedly

Dear Kahn,

I'm not supposed to tell you this, but you know my grandfather Ozai, and my aunt Azula, they escaped and are hiding out in the Earth Kingdom. I'm probably going to get in trouble for this, but it was worth it! P.S. Don't tell anyone!

From, Lu Ten

"Oh no!" said Hakoda. "This is terrible!"

And in about an hour the whole Southern Water Tribe knew Azula and Ozai were back.

Around the World

Lu Ten's other friends got the message and told their parents and friends. Lu Ten sent a message to Quan, Sokka and Suki's son. That letter got to the Earth Kingdom. Soon Kyoshi Island knew of Ozai's and Azula's return. Ming, the Kyoshi Warrior who watched Quan and Min Lee, saw the message.

"Suki and Ty Lee are out helping! They could get killed!" Ming said to Oyaji

"I know. But there careful, some of the best we have to offer." Oyaji said calmly.

"I just hope your right."

In about five hours word reached the Earth King and he sent a message to Chief Arnook.

Word was out.

To the Earth Kingdom

"Toph, pack up your stuff we'll be back tomorrow morning." Aang said

"Okay, okay I won't forget." Toph said

Appa was flying as fast as he could. Aang was flying over Omashu and thought about his friend Bumi, who died three years ago.

"Kyoshi Island here we come!" said Sokka

"Sokka and Suki we'll be back tomorrow."

"Bye Aang and Katara!" they yelled

"Bye guys!" Aang and Katara said in unison

"Appa, yip yip!"

Kyoshi Island

The group drops of Sokka and Suki at Kyoshi Island.

Back to the Southern Water Tribe

"What should we tell the kids?" Katara asked

"How about... we tell them Zuko wants them to stay at the Royal Palace with their friends! I'm sure they'll be glad to see them." Aang said

"That's a great idea!" Katara asked. "I'm sure my dad will understand why they can't stay."

Once they got to the Water Tribe they packed everyone's clothes.

"Katara, Aang!" Hakoda called

"Dad! Azula and Ozai." Katara began

"Katara, I know Prince Lu Ten sent a message to Kahn." Hakoda said

"He what?" Katara said in shock

"Zuko said he didn't want anyone else to know!" Aang said

"How many people know?" they asked

"The whole South Pole." Hakoda said

"This is bad." Katara said frantically

"I wasn't done, the most of the Earth Kingdom and the North Pole." Hakoda said

"Oh no! This is awful!" Aang said

"Zuko will be furious at little Lu Ten." Katara added

"Chief Hakoda we need to take the kids to the Royal Palace, in case an attack happens I don't want them to get hurt." Aang said

"I wouldn't want them to get hurt either." Hakoda agreed

"In case their is an attack, put Gran Gran, the other elders, and the kids in the tribe in the bunker we made." Katara instructed

"We have to get moving." Aang said

"Wu Lee, Kahn, Kya and Kua Mai, where are you?" Katara asked

"I'm teaching Kua Mai some airbending." Wu Lee said

"Mommy, your home early!" Kua Mai said excitedly

"Hi, honey!" Katara said. "Where's Kahn and Kya?"

"He's teaching her healing techniques." Wu Lee commented

"She's really good at it Mom!" said Kua Mai

"Is she? Go inside the house and say hi to your father, we have to tell you something."

"You have to be careful when your healing some..., Mom your home!" Kahn said

"Hi, Mom, look I'm a natural! Kahn's a great teacher!" Kya complimented

"Hi! Go inside the house and see your father we have to tell you something." Katara said calmly

Ten minutes past, and everyone was in the house.

"Okay, you know Fire Lord Zuko?" Aang asked

"Yep!" they all said in unison

"Well, he wants you to come visit him and your friends." Katara added

"I thought it was because." Kahn began

"Kahn. Listen to your parents." Hakoda said

"Your bags are packed and we're ready to go!" Aang said

"We just have to pick up Uncle Sokka, Aunt Suki, your cousins Quan and Min Lee, and our friend Toph." Katara said

"Were so excited!" they said

"Okay, then lets go!" said Katara

"Bye, Gran Gran, Pakku, and Hakoda!" they all said

"Bye kids." they said

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