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Woodbending is a specialized bending technique for waterbenders and earthbenders. It involves materializing the wood of a tree to a form. 

Styles of Woodbending

Waterbending: Since wood and trees contain water a waterbender is able to control the water inside the tree, similar to bloodbending but on plant life. They are able to make the wood into any form they want through waterbending.

Earthbending: Wood does not contain earth but they can be. An earthbender must be able to force pieces of earth into the wood and control it from the inside. But the earth must expand around the whole wood not just the centre in order to perform it.

Basic Woodbending Moves

Wood Sword: Woodbenders are able to shape the wood and turn it into a sharp object able to project it at ease.

Wood Shield: Woodbenders can shape the wood to be a strong shield.

Wood Control: Woodbenders can control the wood and make it move and attack.

Wood Spikes: Woodbenders can project multiple sharp wood at opponent.

Advanced Woodbending Moves:

Wood Growth and Heal : Skilled healers could use healing to heal burned wood or expand its growth.

Wood Prison: Advanced woodbenders can bend the wood to a makeshift prison.

Avatar Level Woodbending

Forest Control: Since the Avatar can bend more wood they could control  a whole forest to be under their control

Strength Control: An Avatar is able to control how strong the wood can be but the stronger the heavier and harder to control the weaker the lighter and easier to control.


Fire: Wood burns fire but this is combated with healing.

Necessary Earthbending Technique

Force Earth Control: The earthbender must be able to force little pieces of earth and force it inside the wood then compress it to gain complete control over wood.

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