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Mian and his friends hide out at the Phoenix Islands. They get used to the Islands, when they find a stowaway and a horrible government. So, Mian and Zura come up with a plan.


Zura started up a fire, it was there second day here at the Islands. Mian reviewed what they all learned today.

"There is a city not too far from here, Jai Ko the Island Capital" Said Mian.

"Yep, and I found an apartment we can rent,with some of the money we have, a better place then here" Replied Tia

"Yeah, so we will all move there, and figure out more about these people. Ami you did some spying what did you find", Said Zura.

"Uh Huh, the people here are very loyal to their king. But, there is something weird..with this entire place" said Ami, hesitantly.

"Weird,what do you mean?" Questioned Tia

"There were these guys wearing....this armor? They had swords on their backs..and they call themselves the Protectors. They are here to protect the Kingdom, but they just make sure everyone listens to the King" Answered Ami.

"Like the Dai Li, used to." Remembered Mian.

"Yep, anyway I am tired. Gonna hit the sack. Night." Finished Zura.

It was a small apartment, but it was nice. There were two bedrooms and one bathroom. The kitchen had a stove and several pots. There apartment was also not too far of from the marketplace.

As Ami and Tia were shopping, Mian and Zura went undercover to find out more about the Protectors. After some research, they figured that the best way to learn anything about these mysterious men in red, would be to join them. So, they signed up and prepared for the entrance exam. The exam consisted of defeating twenty men, which they did. Then they had to show skill in firebending. Zura faked firebending for Mian, and the duo passed. After several more similar exams they were accepted and put in a squad of three.

The twosome then met their Captain,Jeong. He was a tall muscular man with a goatee. Like everyone else he wore the uniform. As Protectors, there first job was to monitor the streets. They saw an old man whispering to a shopkeeper. Jeong rushed over and punched both of them to the ground. Mian noticed that the Protector standing next to him seemed distressed. His name was Hai. His expression suddenly changed and he put on an expressionless face. Though Mian was distressed at the bullying of innocents, he remained quiet.

Back at their base, which was a room in an underground bunker, Hai seemed upset again. When Jeong left with the other member, Mian and Zura approached him. They asked what was wrong, he looked at them suspiciously then began to talk. He explained that he was here to get money so that his siblings could go to school, and that he hated what the Protectors did. Yet, he had to what he had to. Mian and Zura felt bad, but kept their true identity a secret.

As Mian was eating his soup, he explained to the girls about their day. Though they were upset, for their lack of input in the plan. But, they soon got over it. As Ami was leaning near the window, she saw a large vessel coming in near the port. The ship had the Phoenix Flag on it, Ami guessed that it must be some high-ranking military officer. A huge entourage was there to greet him, she then called over everybody else. As the foursome were watching, they were surprised to see a large explosion coming from the ship.

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