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Within Ba Sing Se, Part 2
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Around the World (Again)



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March 5, 2011

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Here is the eight chapter in Around the World (Again). I really love how this one came out. The villain is finally revealed!! I hope that you all like it. Enjoy!


An old villain finally steps out of the shadows and puts their plan into action.

Previously on Around the World (Again)...

The gang arrived in Ba Sing Se where they learn that the Earth King has been brainwashed. Now they're guarding him and the palace to see if trouble comes and it does.

"We finally got them where we want them. Perfect." The villain said in a whisper loud enough for the Dai Li agents behind them to hear. The villain was in the Earth King's throne room, the same room that Aang and Katara were in. The villain peered over the corner of the post. "Okay is everyone ready? Don't fail me. Attack."

Within Ba Sing Se Part 2

"Aang, look!!!" Katara yelled as she pointed at a huge army of people in green robes.

"It's the Dai Li!!!" Aang got into a fighting position.

The Dai Li agents were running towards Aang and Katara until a familiar voice said,

"Stop!" And the Dai Li agents did as they were instructed. The villain walked out of the shadows and headed towards the agents. Aang and Katara gasped as they saw who the villain was; the villain that told the Dai Li to attack them at the Boiling Rock and at Jang Hui. They had expected the villain to be Azula, who had escaped from her mental hospital to get revenge on them, but it wasn't her. They also suspected it to be Ozai, who had broken out of jail to attack them, but it wasn't him either. Combustion Man was another person that they expected, that he had been alive and he had been hiding all this time, but it wasn't him. The people that they least expected were Zhao (who died during the Siege of the Northern Water Tribe) and-

"Long Feng!?" Aang yelled. There he was smiling, still in his green robes.

"How did you manage to escape from your jail cell?" Katara asked. The last time they had seen him, he was put into jail, by orders from the Earth King.

Long Feng

"Long Feng!?"

"While I could tell you my whole back story about how I got out of jail and how I gained the Dai Li's trust again, I think we should save that until the end of the battle; that is if you live long enough." Long Feng laughed cruelly. "Avatar, you and your friends managed to get out of Ba Sing Se alive, however this time you won't be so lucky."

Both Aang and Katara wondered how he knew so much about their fight in the catacombs of Ba Sing Se, but then remembered that he had the Dai Li with them. They probably told him about what happened down there. They still wanted to know how he escaped his jail cell and how he left Ba Sing Se.

"But, how-" Katara started but was interrupted by Long Feng and his evil voice.

"Enough talking." He turned to the Dai Li agents and roared, "ATTACK!!!!"

The Dai Li agents started to run towards Aang, Katara, and the Earth King, who was still sitting in his throne, watching everything that was happening. Aang didn't want to hurt to them, so he just began to bend air at them, blowing them backwards with a thud on the floor. Katara wanted to freeze them because she too didn't want to hurt them. She bended water out her water skin and threw it at the agents. Then she blew air out and the water turned to ice, freezing every Dai Li agent that got hit with the water. That only left less than half the amount of agents including Long Feng. Just as they finished freezing and Airbending at the agents, Long Feng said,

"I have many more fighters up my sleeve. Hama." A figure emerged from the big, fancy door and it was in fact Hama. The old woman who taught Katara Bloodbending and enslaved Fire Nation folks. Katara last saw her being carried away by Fire Nation villagers to a prison there.


" I have many more fighters up my sleeve, Hama."

"Hello, Katara." She said in a calm voice, but Katara could tell that she was there to get revenge on her even after she helped end the war.

"Get rid of the Avatar and his girlfriend, Hama." Long Feng said.

"So your friend was the Avatar all along. He's the reason that the Fire Nation was so successful in the war!" Her voice started to rise into a loud roar. "If you hadn't turned you back on the world, none of this would have happened!! I would still be living in the Southern Water Tribe as a peaceful old woman if you hadn't BETRAYED ALL OF US!! Now I'm going to get rid of you, so the next Avatar will be born; a Waterbender Avatar. One that will actually HELP US!!!" And then at that moment she began to attack Aang. Long Feng had given her three big water skins full of water. He had buckets full of water in the southern part of the room. While Katara fought off Dai Li agents and Aang tried to avoid Hama, The Earth King just sat there watching all the action happen. He couldn't do anything since he wasn't an Earthbender and he couldn't even seem to move. He was stunned at the sudden ambush.

Hama finally froze Aang to a wall and began to turn the water she had in the air into ice. She was about to shoot it at Aang until-

"AHHHHHHH!" Hama screamed. Katara had thrown a massive wave of water at her, which made Hama fly across the room (Katara bended the water from the buckets that Long Feng had brought). Katara ran to fight Hama while Aang unfroze himself and began to trap the Dai Li agents. Katara was about to hit Hama with another wave of water, when something came over her. A feeling that she had felt before. But, it wasn't possible; the moon wasn't out. It was daylight not night. Hama was Bloodbending Katara.

This isn't possible. The full moon isn't out for another week and it's not even nighttime.

"Don't look so confused, Katara." Hama said, judging by the look on Katara's face. "I was practicing in that prison with the mice and the guards. I can Bloodbend all I want and at anytime!" She continued her Bloodbending at Katara, she kept throwing her back and forth. Katara tried to scream for help, but when she opened her mouth, nothing came out. As Hama threw Katara onto the floor, she screamed in pain,


"What was that?" Sokka asked Suki. He heard Katara's scream but it wasn't that loud. He and Suki were guarding the entrance door.

"It sounded like a scream." Suki replied.

"Yeah, but from wh-"

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" Katara screamed again, in a louder voice. Sokka recognized it as his sister's.

"Katara!! Come on, Suki." Sokka grabbed Suki by the hands and ran to the where the scream had come from; the Earth King's Throne Room. On there way, Suki thought that there must be a huge amount of villains in there so she said,

"Sokka, we have to get the others first. We need all the help we can get." And Sokka did as Suki suggested without another word. He got Mai and Zuko and then went to get Toph and Momo.

"What's the matter, Katara? Do you need a hug from your mother?" Hama taunted Katara. Her eyes were crying from the puppetry that Hama was doing to her. It felt so painful to be treated like a puppet; not being able to control yourself, people having all the control over you. Aang heard all of Katara's screams and tried to help her but kept getting knocked down by Dai Li agents. The agents and Hama have gotten more powerful than ever. Long Feng, who probably was even more powerful than Hama just stood and watched the show, smiling every time Aang and Katara got knocked down. Another scream came from Katara and Aang jumped into the air but was knocked down again by the agents.

Then he remembered something very important. Something that could help them win this battle: the Avatar State. How could he have forgotten it? Aang concentrated and then the next second his eyes and tattoos glowed. However this time, they were only light for three seconds before they went back to normal, but Aang had more power than before. With a single blast of air, he knocked down every Dai Li agent surrounding him and went to help Katara. He bended air at Hama and she went flying to the wall. Aang walked over to Katara to help her get up and then so much happened in then next second. Hama Bloodbended Aang to the wall on the other side of the room (which caught him by surprise because he was about to help Katara), Long Feng knocked Katara to the other wall where Hama was, and the other members of the gang (Sokka, Suki, Toph, Momo, Zuko, Mai) arrived. The next few minutes was just a big fight between everyone in the room. Every minute someone got thrown to the wall. Long Feng had too many Dai Li agents with him. Aang finally decided that they couldn't fight every villain off.

"Guys, we have to go!! GET TO APPA!!!" He yelled, above the noises of fighting, to his friends. They all made it through the big, fancy door but it was in the hallway where they had the biggest problem. Hama, Long Feng, and the Dai Li agents threw water and earth at the gang. They all got pinned down on the floor.

"Let's finish off the Avatar and his friends ONCE AND FOR ALL!!" Long Feng roared. He, Hama, and the agents began to bend their elements when something hit them. It was a big, furry, white tail and it belonged to Appa.

"Appa!" Aang cried. He bended the others out of their traps and got onto Appa. But something big happened right there. Long Feng managed to hit one member of the gang with a rock and they fell to the palace floor as Appa flew into the sky. The others, however didn't notice that someone had fallen. They were to busy panting for air.

"Is everyone okay?" Aang panted. He was on Appa's head and he didn't turn around when he asked the question. He was too tired.

"Yeah." The others said breathless.

"Let's go to Gaoling now. We need to think about what to do with those villains." Aang said.

"Wait! Someone's missing." Toph said. Even though she couldn't see and she couldn't use Earthbending to see around her, she could tell there was someone missing. When everyone said 'Yeah' there was a specific voice not heard. Was it Katara? No she was there. What about Sokka or Suki? No they were both there. Was it Momo? No, he was on Toph's shoulders. What about Mai or Zuko? Mai was here but Zuko wasn't.

"It's Zuko! He's the one missing." Toph said. Everyone finally noticed. They were all looking out on Ba Sing Se or closing their eyes to sleep, which was why they hadn't noticed.

"Zuko!?" Mai said. "We have to go back!"

"We can't. We're outnumbered and they're too powerful." Sokka said.


"I'm sorry Mai, but we'll come back later. We need to make a plan first." Katara said. Aang however wasn't sure about this decision. Zuko was his friend and he didn't want to turn his back on him, but he needed to do what was best for the gang and that was making a plan. Then he remembered the Earth King. What was going to happen to him? Aang didn't want to share this with the others. They needed a plan first. Appa headed off into the sky, towards Gaoling. Zuko was no longer with them. He was with the villains, Hama and Long Feng. Zuko was gone.

Author's Note

I had a lot of fun writing this chapter. I wrote in so little time, but I really like the way it came out. I wrote Zuko getting captured to add a twist to the story. This was planned in the early stages of the fanon. It's, as of right now, my favorite chapter in my fanon. It's my first chapter with real action and little dialogue. One of my new goal's that I want to achieve for my fanon is to write longer chapters. My next chapter, chapter eight, will be a long one for reasons that I'll mention once I release it. I hope you all enjoyed this chapter and thanks for reading!

- Aang20791 Talk Fanon Aang DOBS Sprite 01:15, March 14, 2011 (UTC)

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