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Around the World (Again)



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February 28, 2011

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Finally, I finished this chapter! I really like how it came out. Also, I'm sorry for the long delay of this chapter. Also, this chapter doesn't have flashbacks like I said it would (I'm very sorry, but another chapter will). Sorry to The Ultimate Waterbender for giving me names for the title, but I came up with my own (still thanks for the help!). Enjoy!


The gang arrive in Ba Sing Se and they find out that something is in fact something wrong there.

Previously on Around the World (Again)....

Aang has been having nightmares that take place in Ba Sing Se.

"We'll set a trap for the Avatar and his friends at Ba Sing Se, and you better not fail or else."

Within Ba Sing Se

The mysterious villain watched in joy as Appa flew over the walls of Ba Sing Se, heading towards the gang's house.

"The Avatar is falling right into my trap. Now all we have to do is get them to stay here until the trap is set."

"What can we do, your majesty?" A Dai Li agent asked.

"We have to get the Earth King to give the Avatar and his friends a mission; a mission that will require them to stay in the palace for the whole day." Nobody said anything. Every Dai Li agent just stood there, waiting for the villain to answer their own question.

"WELL!" The villain yelled.

"I h-have an id-idea." A Dai Li agent said, shivering with fear. "H-Here's what we do ..."

"Welcome back to Ba Sing Se, guys!" Aang said just as Appa landed right in front of their house.

"Okay, lets just go to the palace and see if there's any trouble," Zuko said. Appa then flew to the Earth King's Palace.

"There it is!" Aang pointed to the Earth King's Palace in the distance. It was just as they had remembered it. Nothing had changed at all. Aang looked up at the sky as he lay on Appa's head. He was happy. He had completely forgotten about his nightmares. They drifted away from his memory.

Earth Kingdom Royal Palace

Aang pointed to the Earth King's Palace in the distance.

Katara began to think about Aang's nightmares.

What could they mean? Aang doesn't have nightmares unless something bad's going to happen. She sat there, puzzled about the dangers that may come.

Sokka on the other hand was as happy as Aang. He and Suki sat there and talked about the gang's plans. Where were they going to stay after the big adventure was over and would they go back to Ba Sing Se or would they stay somewhere else?

Toph was just like Katara; she was thinking. She held onto Appa's saddle and thought about her parents. They were heading to Gaoling next. What would she choose? Should she stay with gang or should she go home? Toph's head started to hurt as she thought about the subject. She couldn't decide. She loved her parents and was happy that they accepted her as who she was but she loved traveling with gang. They were her only friends and she loved to have adventures. She pushed the thought aside, for now.

Zuko and Mai weren't sitting near each other. They were on opposite sides of Appa's saddle. However, it wasn't because they had an argument or they broke up. It was the fact that Zuko had something on his mind and he needed to think about it alone. It was his mother, Ursa. He never found her. He searched the whole world for her, yet she still was lost, lost in the four nations.

I need to find her. After this trip is over, I'll search the world for her again.

Then Zuko began to think about the bad possibility.

What if she's not alive? What if she's d-de

The idea itself made Zuko feel sad. His mother was the only one in his family, besides Uncle Iroh, who actually cared about him. He didn't want anything bad to happen to her. Just like Toph, he pushed the idea away and went to join Mai on the other side of Appa's saddle. She wasn't doing anything. She just sat there and looked about on Ba Sing Se. Appa finally reached the steps of the palace. He saved the gang time by just flying to the top of the stairs. Appa and Momo waited outside while the others headed to the Earth King's throne room. Once they got to the fancy door, Aang bended air at the door but this time, instead of breaking down the whole door, the air just pushed one side open. The second they entered, Aang rapidly asked the 52nd Earth King, who was sitting in his throne after he got reappointed as the Earth King by Avatar Aang,

"Do you need any help? Is there trouble here?"

"Trouble? Why would there be trouble?" He said. Aang told him about his nightmares and then he sat there. He didn't say anything. Finally he said,

"There is no trouble here, Avatar Aang. You may now go back to your travel around the world...a- again." Aang still wasn't ready to leave.

"We'll stay in the city for another day, just to be safe." Aang said. Then he and his friends went back to their home in Ba Sing Se.

"What are we going to do for the rest the day?" Sokka asked as the gang walked through the doorway and into the house. Zuko had an immediate thought.

"Let's go to the Jasmine Dragon. I need to see Uncle again."

"Alright then." Aang said and they set off on Appa again. This time to Uncle Iroh's tea shop, the Jasmine Dragon. They jumped off of Appa and walked over to the door.

Jasmine Dragon

"Let's go to the Jasmine Dragon. I need to see Uncle again."

"Table for seven please." Katara said to the lady at the door. She lead the gang into the Jasmine Dragon and since there wasn't a table for seven, she showed them to a table for eight. (One for Momo!)

"May I take your order?" Iroh asked them, he was smiling.

"Uncle!" Zuko hugged him. "Uncle, I need to ask you something." Zuko continued.

"Okay Zuko, but I need to take everyone's order." Uncle said. After taking everyone's order, he and Zuko went to the front desk in The Jasmine Dragon. As Zuko helped Uncle prepare the orders, he asked him,

"Do you know anything about what happened to my mother?"

"I only know one thing. After returning to the Fire Nation after the Siege of Ba Sing Se, I was walking into the throne room to tell Ozai about the siege when I heard him tell Azula about what he did to your mother. I only the heard the last part of the conversion though, which was that he banished her from the Fire Nation. Then Azula walked out of the room and I went to talk to Ozai."

"Do you have any ideas about where she might be?"

"I do, but they're all guesses, I'm afraid."

"I still want to to hear them."

"Okay, Zuko. I think that she might be in....."

"Zuko seems happy to see his uncle again." Aang said to the others as he looked at Iroh talking to Zuko.

"I wonder what he wants to know?" Katara asked.

"We'll find out. I know it." Mai said. Suddenly, a person ran through the doorway and began to yell,

Joo Dee

No, it was Joo Dee.


The person was a woman and she looked like Joo Dee. No, it was Joo Dee. The exact same one that lead the gang into Ba Sing Se the first time they visited. She had never been this loud before and her smile had completely disappeared from her face.

"We have to help him!" Aang shouted. Everyone in the Jasmine Dragon began to run around and scream.

"We have to find Zuko before we leave!" Sokka yelled over the noise.

"I'll go! You guys go outside and wait by Appa!" Aang yelled. Then he began to move through the crowd of running and screaming people while the others began to walk to the exit. Aang reached the counter where Zuko and Iroh were talking but they weren't there.

"Zuko! ZUKO!" Aang yelled over the screams of people, but it was hard to hear him. Then someone tapped Aang's shoulder. It was Uncle Iroh.

"Zuko is already outside Aang. He and the others are waiting." Iroh said, calmly. Everyone that was in the tea shop had already left.

"Thank you." Aang said before he walked towards the exit.

"Come on, we have to get to the palace." Aang said. After Appa landed, the others, including Momo, went running to the Earth King's Main Room. This time Aang knocked down the fancy door. Behind it was.....The Earth King! He was still sitting in his throne. It seemed that he hadn't moved at all since they were last there.

"Your Majesty, are you okay?" Aang asked.

"I think so, but didn't you guys leave already?" Earth King Kuei said.

"We left a while ago, but were back now?" Katara said confused.

"But no time has passed since then." Kuei replied.

"What?" Aang asked.

"He's been brainwashed!" Sokka said.

"What?" Kuei said.

"That's why you don't remember much." Katara said.

"Can you remember who took you?" Aang asked.

"No, I don't remember anything after you guys left."

"We should stand guard for a while." Sokka said. After he split the group up (Aang with Katara, Toph with Momo, Sokka with Suki, and Zuko with Mai) everyone went to their post.

"Keep your eyes open, Katara." Aang said in the room where the Earth King was.

"Don't worry Aang, I will."

"We finally got them where we want them. Perfect." The villain said in a whisper loud enough for the Dai Li agents behind them to hear. The villain was in the Earth King's throne room, the same room that Aang and Katara were in. The villain peered over the corner of the post. "Okay is everyone ready? Don't fail me. Attack."

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