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With a Little Help from My Friends
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Avatar: Past Masters





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03 May 2010

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With a Little Help from My Friends is the fifth chapter of the fanon series Avatar: Past Masters.


Azula attacks Hing Wa Island, while Team Avatar try to save the place. Hira and Lear continue the battle against the revolution in Capital City, after that, they decide to help Team Avatar in the mission against Azula and her team. Sokka and Toph join to Team Lotus.


Azula was planning an attack to take the first city, Hing Wa Island, an island near to Capital City; she knew many Fire Nation inhabitants would support her and were not happy with the new government and current position of the Fire Nation. So, she decided to look for secret revolutionary groups in the island and proposed them her plan. Mao, a firebender and leader of the resistance, accepted the proposal with enthusiasm; now, with Azula, he thought, they would have a real chance to defeat Nam. Nam was the governor of the island, designated by Zuko at the beginning of his rule; she was only twenty-three years old. Mao and the revolutionaries had yet to achieve victory against the army of the island, because of the grand number of Nam's soldiers; they were waiting for the right moment to attack again, and when Azula talk with them, Mao knew that was the moment they were waiting for.

The same day of this secret meeting in the island, Nam had a dream in her palace: the island was attacked by Azula. She immediately informed this to her personal and more trustworthy soldier, the Captain of the island's army, Kuzu. Nam often had this type of dreams, premonitory dreams, and they were always true. This time, she didn't dream the final or the result of the battle. So, she ordered to prepare the troops and get ready and mindful to any situation.

"You know my dreams are never wrong, Captain Kuzu. Prepare the troops for the hard battle and tell people they have to evacuate the island for three days, they will take boats to Capital City, prepare the boats."

"As you say, your highness," Kuzu responded.

"And we're waiting for Team Avatar, too. We need to make a swift welcome to their arrival, for they will want to be concentrated for the battle."


When Team Avatar arrived to the palace, all the troops were ready. This impressed the gang, except Zuko who already knew about Nam's dreams, so he explained it to his friends. As Governor Nam had said, a welcome had been prepared for the team. They talked with Nam about the coming battle in the war room. Nam started talking:

"Azula is going to attack tomorrow, the troops are ready but we need to organize a strategy."

"Do you know how they are going to attack?" asked Zuko.

"They are going to join Mao, the leader of the resistance in the island. They have never obtain anything, we have defeated them five times." explained the governor.

"So, we could fight against Azula and her team and the troops against the resistance," said Toph.

"They wouldn't have problem; after all, they have defeated them a plethora of times," added Katara.

"This time will be the same if we stop the only difference," complemented Aang.

They kept talking about the battle. But they didn't know that the enemy forces were preparing something in case of emergency for the fight. Azula explained that:

"Captain Mao, my plan in case of emergency is as follows: if we are losing the battle, we just need to activate a detonator located in strategic places in the battlefield. I'm saying that's only in case of emergency because the explosion would kill many enemies, but also many people of our side. This, according to meticulous calculations, would allow us to win the battle, despite the drawbacks."

Azula was saying this, but she was not worried about the death of allies, she was saying that just because he wanted the help from Kuzu, she needed the soldiers and he would not sacrifice them without a reasonable explanation. And she was right:

"I will not sacrifice my soldiers, Princess Azula!" exclaimed Mao quickly.

"Of course you will, if it makes us win the battle. Imagine it, if we win, you'll take the power of the island, you will do whatever you want here and people will go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao."

"I'll think about it and I will communicate this to the soldiers, they have the right to know. I know they will accept to die as heroes... but, remember, it's only in case of extreme emergency."

"Of course, Captain Mao, or should I say Governor Mao."


In Capital City, Lear and Hira were studying their plan many times, as they didn't want to fail, so they wanted to have the right calculations. Lear had created the plan to defeat and avoid all the guards in the palace to see Stiyl again and overthrow him. The plan was: Lear had to create a giant seismic wave, trying to emulate an earthquake; so, the guards would try to protect themselves and they had to use that time to make a hole in the earth and pass under them and over the entrance of the palace, they would get out right the passage in front of Stiyl's room. Then, Hira would fight with the guards of the passage and the entrance to the room, while Lear would be talking with the revolutionary leader.

They started the next morning. Lear and Hira walked to the palace and stopped in front of it; Lear focused and created the seismic wave he had planned. The guards had the reaction they were waiting, some of them ran away and others got out of control, reducing importance to the security of the hall of the palace. Lear made the hole in the earth and both entered into it, he kept digging making a long tunnel towards the palace and avoiding all the guards in the surface. They moved according to the agreed calculations and arrived to the place the room of Stiyl. They got out of the tunnel and, although nobody knew about the presence of the lotus members, they found lots of guards there, in the royal corridor. Hira started fighting against them and Lear violently destroyed the door to the throne room. Lear entered to the room and saw Stiyl. His personal guards tried to move immediately but he stopped them when he recognized Lear.

"Lear, don't you? – What are you doing here and how could you penetrate the defensive barricade of my palace? It's not the best moment to talk, a strong earthquake has shook the palace and probably all the city."

"First thing, it's not your palace. Second, it was not an earthquake; I provoked a wave to enter to the palace, defeating then all the guards at the entrance of the palace and in the way to this room. And finally, I have come to overthrow you; you'll get out of here today." Lear said that they had defeated all the guards because, in this way, Stiyl would not think as an option to call them to attack him and this would eliminate another chance to make a strategy to escape, defend or attack. And Lear thought: "Now, if he delays some seconds to answer, it means that he has not a support group of soldiers, so he would think that he needs to look calm and would do that saying that he's not scared; but if he really has a support group of soldiers he would not delay some seconds and he would look calm immediately".

"What?!" thought Stiyl. "All my guards have been defeated!, How could he did that? I have no options now, all I can do is show I'm calm, so he will think I'm insured and I'm not having any problem to confront this". Then he said aloud, "That's not going to happen. I will continue being the governor here and you will be exiled of the city."

"How?" Lear noticed the seconds that he delayed to answer. "You don't have a plan, you don't know what are you going to do now. Give up. The Fire Nation will consider that you stop with your acts for yourself."

"No! Guards, arrest him! I decide who is going to be imprisoned here!"

The six personal guards of Stiyl moved of their position and ran towards Lear trying to capture him, but he moved to metal tiles of the roof and threw them to the guards, holding them against the wall. Stiyl, impressed for the demonstration of metalbending, tried to ran away, but Lear ran faster, he caught and handcuffed him.

"Do you see, Stiyl? I said you were going to be overthrown today", said Lear. They get out of the throne room and found Hira still fighting with the last guard in the palace.

"Exact time calculation, Lear", said Hira when he saw them after shoot the last fire ball.

"Of course, so, let's get out of here", said Lear. They returned to the hole and arrived to the initial gap. When Stiyl saw all the guards in their normal position, he said: "The guards! They are all okay. You said that.....".

"Now, I know what you did, Lear", said Hira laughing and he put a handkerchief in his mouth.

A guard saw them and shouted: "Stiyl have been captured and kidnapped!". All the guards payed attention to the three men and stayed there, paralysed, they didn't know what to do. So, Lear said aloud: "Give up, stop the revolution or your leader dies", he took off the handkerchief and Stiyl said: "He is talking seriously, don't do anything!". But a guard didn't obey the order and started to run towards them with a spear. Lear took an arrow and throw it to him, the guard fell dead. Any other guard dared to do something again. Lear and Hira, acting as if nothing had happened, they turned and continued their ramble.

They walked and stopped in the harbor that was full of boats coming from Hing Wa Island. They localized a ship and Iroh was waiting them there. He said hello and informed them about Hing Wa Island; Zuko had written a message recently. They had to go there now and help Team Avatar in the battle, which was their new mission. Iroh had to take Stiyl to the prison after take Ursa and the royal servants to their palace, now free of revolutionaries. They gave Stiyl to Iroh and started the travel to the island in their new transport Iroh gave them: a new type of submarine, not necessary powered by waterbending, this new model had an engine, making possible a faster voyage.


The troops accepted to die for their country after Mao explained them the plan of Azula; but Mao was not convinced at all that it was a good plan. Azula ordered to put the explosives secretly and prepared all for the next day. "Tomorrow we will have our first victory. Then, we will progress faster with the contribution of people who will support us if they know and see what we can do", said Azula to Long Feng and Nenshou. Zuko was thinking alone in the white room was given to him, when Aang entered:

"What are you thinking, Zuko? Don't worry, all is going to be fine tomorrow, we won't have problems."

"I don't know why I think Azula is going to do something unexpected and it would have influence in our action."

"Why do you think that? Nam would have seen that in her dream."

"I think that because Azula would not attack the island if she knows Mao has never win here. Maybe Nam didn't see it, she doesn't remember all and she didn't dream the final of the battle."

"But Azula doesn't know we are here and she doesn't know we are prepared. What do you think we should do?"

"I... I don't know..."


The next day in the morning, Team Avatar, Kuzu and the troops were prepared to fight. Azula and Mao gave the order to attack, the resistance advanced towards the palace, while Azula, Long Feng and Nenshou stayed back waiting to do something if it was necessary. The two groups started to fight in front of the palace and after two hours Azula said: "We are losing the battle. It's time" and they went to fight. Nam was hidden in a secret bunker while Team Avatar was waiting their arrival to join the battle. Toph felt their footstep and said pointing to a direction: "Azula is over there, with two men". "Let's go!" shouted Zuko running towards them and followed by Aang, Toph, Sokka, Katara, Suki and Kuroko.

Azula, who had already started fighting, noticed the presence of the team and thought: "Zuko again! And the Avatar! We will have to start our backup plan and she tried to run to a secure place..." However, she was reached by the team when she arrived to the base and took the detonator.

"Stop, Azula!" shouted Zuko.

"Look what I have here, Zuko. If I press this button, the entire battlefield explodes", said Azula.

"That's not true, that's only an invention you have made to try to escape", said Katara.

"Then the question is raised: Can you have to take the chance?" answered Azula when Long Feng and Nenshou appeared behind the team.


An hour after the start of the battle, Lear and Hira arrived to the island in their submarine. "The first thing we are going to do now is to localize the base of the enemy forces, the battle has started. We are going to meet Azula, she must be there", said Lear.

When they found the base, Azula was not there, she already had leaved it. "We have to wait some minutes, she will return here", deduced Lear.

"How do you know that, Lear? Why is she going to return?"

"Look, a detonator, she has planned to make explode the battlefield"

"That's a detonator? Why, that's but a lotus tile."

"No, it looks like a lotus tile, but it's a detonator. It's perfect, we can replace it with a normal tile and she will not notice that. I have always a lotus tile in my pocket for this type of situations."

Lear replaced the tile and then they heard something, "Azula is here", said Hira and they hid in different parts of the room. Azula arrived followed by Team Avatar and she took the lotus tile: "Stop, Azula!"

"Look what I have here, Zuko. If I press this button, the entire battlefield explodes."

"That's not true, that's only an invention you have made to try to escape."

"Do you want to take the risk?" and Long Feng and Nenshou arrived to the base. "Take the risk", said Lear coming out from his hiding place. Hira kept hidden behind the Azula's allies.

"Who are you?" shouted Azula.

"I'm Lear." When he said this, Hira got out of his stash and shot a blue fire whip to Azula, at the same moment Lear catch Nenshou's feet with earth, but not Long Feng's feet because he knew he was an earthbender. Azula blocked the shoot of Hira and shoot a lightning to him, but he redirected it towards one of the walls of the base. Long Feng attacked Lear while Nenshou was trying to free himself; Lear blocked the attack and Toph attacked Azula, causing her fall and losing the lotus tile, but she stood up immediately and looked for it. Aang and Zuko attacked Long Feng firebending, who fell unconscious. Suki and Kuroko attacked Nenshou, who tried to defend himself as he could with his feet trapped. Katara saw the lotus tile and tried to take it, but Azula did it two seconds before and she pressed it but nothing exploded, "Why?", she thought. "That's just a lotus tile, Azula, you may be looking for this one", said Lear holding the detonator in his hand. Azula got enraged and attacked Lear, but he blocked all her shoots. Mao, who was fighting in the battlefield, arrived to the base and seeing all the attacks in that little room and that anybody had noticed his presence, he created a haze of steam. Team Avatar, Lear and Hira tried to dissipate the haze, what Aang achieved airbending, but Azula, Long Feng, Nenshou and Mao had disappeared.

"How could Long Feng escape?", thought Katara and she said aloud: "Where are they?"

"We're sorry. We could not stop them", said Hira to Team Avatar.

"It's not your fault", answered Aang.

"We know, we couldn't see anything, that haze, all in my eyes, but now, we know we will not have the same error next time. Cowards! They only know how to escape", said Lear.

"Now, we have to save the palace, we have to help the troops", said Sokka remembering the battle. Team Avatar went out of the base, Hira followed them, and Lear, after pick up his lotus tile, too. When they arrived to the battlefield, the enemy troops had lost. Captain Kuzu and his soldiers had won the battle and many revolutionaries had escaped.

"We have won!" shouted Kuzu when he saw Team Avatar coming, "The island has been saved." After that, they help the injured and met Nam, they told her everything and prepared a celebration for the victory they had achieved. "We have won this battle, and I hope Azula will not obtain anything, Team Avatar had shown us what they can do. Hing Wa Island will keep safe for ever", said Nam at the beginning of the special party.

Lear and Hira were in the celebration at the palace, "I think we should communicate Team Avatar our mission, they have to know, what do you think, Lear?"

"You're right, Hira, let's go". The firebender found the members of the team and ask them for some minutes to talk outside, the team, followed by Hira, went out of the palace and they saw Lear waiting for them.

"Team Avatar. Let us introduce ourselves. I am Lear, a member of the Order of the White Lotus, son of King Bumi. He is Hira, he's also a lotus member and son of Jeong Jeong. I know you already know them."

"We have not thanked you for the help in the battle yet," said Zuko. "You avoided a terrible explosion. 'S'a pleasure to meet you." They shook their hands and the rest of the team repeated the cordial gesture."

"We have brought you here to inform you about our mission," continued Lear. "Iroh and the order have decided it: we have to help you to stop Azula separately, as another team, and obviously supporting you when you need it."

"That's great!" exclaimed Aang. "Two teams are better than one. I was sure we needed help to fight against Azula, she is still increasing her followers."

"So, where do you think Azula have gone?" asked Hira to the team.

"We don't know, she will try to keep recruiting people, but we don't know where," said Sokka.

"We can go to the Earth Kingdom and you to the Fire Nation," suggested Hira.

"All the Earth Kingdom?" asked Toph.

"Yeah, we will know how to search there," answered Lear.

"I have an idea," continued Sokka. "Look, we are seven and you are two. I think we could balance the teams, what do you think?"

"We have no problems with that," said Lear.

"But, who is going to go with them?" asked Kuroko to Sokka.

"I'll go," decided Sokka. "Who else wants to go?"

"I'll go too," said Toph. "Anyone else?"

"I think four members is enough," said Lear quickly. "Okay, so, welcome to our team, Sokka and Toph."

Suki pushed Sokka away to talk with him. "Sokka, are you sure you want to go? I won't see you and you won't see me..."

"Of course, Suki, I think you don't have problems with that, right? I'll see you and you'll see me many times. You will be fine with Katara, Aang, Zuko and Kuroko."

"But... will you be fine with Lear and Hira?"

"Yes, I will be fine, I already trust in these guys, they know what they do."

"Okay, Sokka, I trust in your decisions. I'll miss you every day."

"Me too", said Sokka finally and they kissed and returned with the others.

"Did you obtain the permission, Sokka?" asked Lear to Sokka.

"Yes, I did," Sokka remarked smirking.

"Okay, so, let's go"

"And the party?" asked Sokka.

"We don't have time for parties", answered Lear.

And the new team said good-bye and leaved the island in their submarine. Inside, Sokka said: "I had never thought that I would leave Team Avatar and I would be part of another one, by the way, what's the name of this team?"

"We don't have a name. Put the name you want, it doesn't matter", said Lear.

"Ew, I got it!" Sokka began with heavy enthusiasm. "What do you think about 'Team Lotus'? We are members of the order, except Toph, I'm sorry, Toph."

"What...? Oh, yeah, you're right...", said Toph, deeply tired.

"I agree with you Toph," said Lear, starting the machine. "We are going to "Patmos" now. I hope I have chosen a good place."



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