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The Lost Air Temple


Book 2 Rise of the Deathbenders


20 Wisdom of the Avatar

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Last time on TLAT. . . The games are off and running as the Western Air Temple wins the polo championship. Cori and Baizken are involved in a pie fight and Gatton and Halois meet the council of elders. During this meeting, they discover the Black Lotus is already starting to rebuild, even faster than the white; however now the Northern Air Temple are allied with the White Lotus. They now arrive in the Western Air Temple, and Cori meets the lost Osla?


It was dark and cold. The darkness black as a nightmare and the cold deeper than the South Pole. I don't know how long I traveled or where I was. For a few moments, I forgot who I was, but then, I remembered. I was an outcast, a dark splotch in a world of light. My life was filled with hunts and being a freak. Now, I was alone in a world of darkness, but I wasn't alone! Someone was right beside, he glowed a light blue. He was old and strange looking. My memory was slowly starting to come back. He was an enemy, the one I wanted revenge on. I now had revenge, but I was now fading in. Me, I looked more like a freak then ever. My head was disfigured as far as I could tell. I tried to touch my face, but I couldn't tell if I had hands; I tried to walk, but I couldn't feel my feet; and I tried to talk, but no words came out.

The darkness calmed me. Like a distant lullaby. I could here noises; they were soft and eerie. My mind couldn't rap my brain around the noises, it made my head hurt, if I still had a head. I tried to look around, and I thought I could see. The sensation, however, felt more like feeling. There was a tree and the barren ground that was it. No, it wasn't. Something horrible was coming. It came at a running pace it ran on four legs. It was ugly enough that I was scared and I don't scare easily. It ran closer and closer, then I realized it felt exactly like me. Its aura was calm and gentle, I could tell it had no malice. It was the one who sang the distant lullaby.


Baizken looked at the barren landscape on the ground. He had not seen any trees for miles and was starting to get bored. He looked straight ahead and opened his mouth as they approached a cliff.

"Hang on!" Gatton said as Duma quickened his pace and went down the cliff in a spiral. Baizken hurled much to the other 2's dismay. Gatton turned his dragon up right and landed on a landing platform next to a bison. To point out the obvious, the had arrived at the Western Air Temple. Baizken gawked at an awestruck Cori on the bison with Senzin.

Cori was just staring at Osla. She was alive! He jumped off the bison and ran as fast as he could toward her. Osla gave him her familiar warm smile. Cori almost hugged his friend out of happiness, but he remembered Senzin was watching his every move. Cori looked back and then just noticed that the Avatar, Baizken, and Finosa were also watching. Cori just stood right next to her and smiled.

"Hullo," he said.

"Hey kid; where you been?" Osla said with a twang of irony in her voice.

"I could ask you the same..."

"Air shove!" Osla yelled and Cori ducked and dodged as she released a huge amount of air from her palm in a shoving motion. Baizken and Finosa just stood there, just a few feet away, feeling awkward. Cori did not noticed them yet.

"I thought the THIEVES took you! How are you, why are you, but."

"Keep your cool kid. I'll tell you later," Osla said, with the second sentence in a half-whisper.

Cori turned around and looked at the siblings "Osla, these are my friends: Baizken and Fino-sa," they waved, still feeling awkward, "Guys, this is Osla, my great friend who's supposed to have gone missing."

"Hey Fire Nation fanatics. Where are your masks?" Osla said with a chuckle.

"I hate being the brunt of a prank," Cori sighed, but he was not truly distressed.

"Well, I'm glad that your okay, Sister Osla?" Senzin groaned as he approached the youth. You could tell by his voice he didn't truly mean what he said. It was like he was having trouble getting the words out.

"You to Mr. Monk-o," she said with humorous sarcasm. The young ones thought humorous of this comment.

"Hmm well; Cori, I'm going to prepare for our meeting. I will retrieve you when I'm done."

"Okay, Master Senzin," Cori said with respect.

"That goes for you to," Gatton said as the 2 walked away.

Wong watched from his perch in the clouds, staring at the four.

"I'm surprised they're letting us be alone," Cori said, showing he was impressed by their trust.

"Don't hold your breath, Cori," Osla said harshly, "Mothers' are always watching us, always. Ooooooooooh!"

"What?" whispered a confused Baizken at Cori.

"To speak plainly, it means that we have monks tailing us," Cori explained.

"Mothers. And They're really starting to... get on my nerves" Osla mumbled.

They walked for a bit, kinda trying to out pace the mothers, but not really. They walked through the temple when Finosa asked a question.

"Why are the buildings upside-down?"

"They say the buildings harvest the wind energy, but really it just made more sense to have the base on a surface as opposed to a peak and have the heavier base just hanging there. It just not favorable."

"Osla, you have to tell me how you escaped," Cori begged.

"From who?" Finosa asked.

"From whom you mean," Baizken corrected.

"You sound just like Dad now."

"And you sound like a hog-reindeer."

"Anyways," Osla interrupted, "I'll tell you guys how I escaped, though its not as glamorous as you think. Just keep walking."

Gatton approached the mammoth main meeting room. Just the arch was huge. However, everything seemed to be cut out of limestone, which took away some of the beauty. Senzin still walked behind the Avatar, waiting for him to say something.

"It's a big building," Gatton said quietly.

"Of course, the Westerners always feel like they have to prove themselves," Senzin spoke in his cunning way of speaking.

Gatton looked at Senzin, "Why?"

"I do not have time to explain, we must go inside."

"I'm waiting for Halois," Gatton said with a hint of anger. They waited about another 5 minutes before Halois finally came.

"Sorry I am late, I could not find this place."

"Let us make haste and enter the building all ready," Senzin hissed. They entered the building. Unlike the Northern Air Temple's meeting room, this one was completely empty, except for 5 women sitting on the floor.

"Welcome," the middle one spoke, "Pleased are pleased you made it here."

"Shall we get down to business?" Halois asked.

"One question," said the sister on the left, "Who are you, exactly."

"Mam, we are the White Lotus. We pride are selves on being able to bring peace to the world."

"Like the Lotus War," said the one on the mid-right.

"Ahem," Senzin interjected, "But the reason we need to talk to you is to find out if you're for helping us find the lost children."

"Stolen," one muttered.

Senzin gave a steely glance, "The important thing is-are you going to help us find our children?"

"One of ours came back a few days ago; perhaps they may all come back."

"That is wishful thinking, madam. You surely do not believe that they all will come back," Halois spoke sympathetically.

After some silence, the middle one spoke, "What exactly do you need?"

"Aid, supplies, things to keep us going," Halois suggested.

"I am not sure, but we have a hunch about who may have done it," the middle one said.

Cori, Finosa, Osla, and Baizken all entered a chamber which appeared to be some kind of fighting arena.

"How 'bout I show you guys some advanced airbending techniques. Cori, I am going to need your help," Osla suggested.

"Okay," Cori said eagerly.

Osla started doing insane hand motions, flailing them around like crazy. Cori just stood there, just staring at her. All of a sudden, a huge gust of air knocked the young monk right out of the arena.


"I thought Air Nomads were supposed to be peaceful," Finosa uttered.

"That doesn't mean we shouldn't learn to defend ourselves. We actually have 36 tiers of fighting techniques that you have to learn to become a master plus extra," Osla proudly explained.

"I'm on 19," Cori said with a grin.

"30's my number," Osla said like she was competing with Cori.

"Please," Cori begged, "How did you escape? What were the THIEVES like? What did they say?"

"All right all right, all right," she sighed, "I really don't know what happened one minute I'm going for a glide next thing I know I woke up on top of the cliff. I truly don't remember how I escaped from them, but apparently I was gone for a long time."

"How do you know you were captured," Baizken asked loudly.

"Because someone claimed they saw one flying off on my glider with me dangling in the THIEVES arms, out like a light. That proves it wasn't a raider because he was airbending."

Suddenly, a ghastly figure drop on to the deck.

"Wong," Osla muttered.

"What are you doing here?" Finosa asked boldly. Something about him made her feel cold and small.

"I figured I'd check out the competition, but apparently it is non-existent."

"Would you like to spar," Cori asked politely.


"How are you supposed to witness competition if you aren't a part in it?" Cori taunted in the same manner of speaking as his mentor.

"All right," Wong came swinging back, "I'm in the mood for some humor.

They got in the arena and got into their stances. Osla waived the battle to start.

A silence fell over the meeting room.

"What information to you hold?" Gatton poked.

The middle one began to talk once again, "When someone witnessed a capturing they saw the THIEVE airbending. We have narrowed it down to someone of Skywalker descent."

"The Skywalkers are extinct," Senzin said, "Except..."

"Exactly, we think that the Skywalkers are migrating to the, Central Air Temple. Starting to mix in with the nomads that live there."

"Pardon my ignorance," Halois raised his voice, "But what is a Skywalker?"

"A clan of airbenders far different than are own," said the middle one, who was apparently the leader, "They lived on the ground and moved with the clouds and moved the clouds. They were the exact opposite of us. They believed that nothing in life was sacred; that everything didn't matter. Somehow, they used that to formulate a scheme of conquest."

Senzin yet again interrupted "We were able to beat them back when they invaded the Northern Temple centuries. Air Nomad kind thought we had exterminated them all, but apparently that is not fact."

"So Air Nomads, who believe all life is sacred, fight against a group who believe nothing is sacred, by attempting to kill them all off," the Avatar said.

"It was a different time..." Senzin was deep in thought, but his thoughts were not remorseful.

"Let us not pin our hearts on this theory," said one left of center, "At least, not until we have more evidence. So we will not evoke blood shed."

"What has been spoken here shall not leave your mind through your mouth," said the leader, "You may all leave." And they did.

Wong put down his hood, showing his black tattoos, "Sure you want to tangle with a master?" he already knew the answer.

Finosa quickly interrupted the battle by walking on to the field, "Wait a minute, give us your swords."

"Very well." Wong gave Finosa his empty hilts. She then went back to the stands and she handed them to Baizken who treated them like gold.

"I'll bet they're what give him his power," Finosa told Baizken.

The fight quickly started with Cori launching an air slice at Wong. He dodged, but he did not just dodge it. He disappeared. Cori looked around, but could not find him. Wong appeared right behind Cori, "Peekaboo." Wong grabbed Cori's shoulder tightly with his long arms. Cori tried to give him a kick of air, but the master made a jump over Cori with great agility, Wong's hand still gripped tightly. The young monk was flung to the ground where he staid, his shoulder aching in pain; Wong waited turned around kicked Cori clear out of the arena and to the stand.

"That was amusing," Wong's face still was straight, but his voice was proud and haughty. All Osla did was stare at Wong as he retrieved his blades which Baizken had left on the ground, her face a look of pure hatred. She almost ran after, but she turned back and went to help Cori. Wong walked outside and jumped into the air, going who knows where. Osla, Baizken, and Finosa all start at Cori who coughed. He got up, but it was not easy. Cori was have bend over when he stood and limped when he walked. There were know visible marks on him, though he did have some bad scrapes on his back. Cori's head hurt and his shoulder was almost numb. He then said this.

"I got my butt served to me, didn't I," he laughed weakly. They sat and talked for a while, until Cori's shock wore off.

Gatton sighed as he entered his chamber. The children were not home yet, but he really could not focus on worrying. Our Avatar sat on a mat and thought of what to do. Gatton decided to do something he hadn't done since he was in his 30's-meditate. He got into the position and concentrated. All his energy was focused on connection; he was trying to reach Dioux. His energy flowed and he made it.

"A little late to be summoning me, isn't it," the long resting Avatar said.

Gatton was so thankful to have reached him, "Dioux! I am so happy I have reached you. I am having problems in the world."

"I have been watching you, Gatton. You're dormant period was what brought what is going to befall this planet, but it was destined. You are to late."

"You lived to be one of oldest Avatars, surely you must have some message for me," Gatton pleaded.

"If you are going to try to change destiny, don't. If you are to do that the world's following three cycles will flip the world. False peace, new to old, an incurable plague, and merely the delayed end of a era. You can't change destiny, merely delay it."

"You weren't like that on earth, at least not from what I heard."

"I am now enlighten. It is the spirits' will."

"I have no one to turn to now..." Gatton said and he cut off the connection. Gatton knew he would have to change the world's destiny, somehow. His grandchildren opened the door.

"Grandpa, Osla told us that the Pai Sho tournaments were starting tomorrow," Baizken said quickly.

"More Pai Sho and please, remind me who Osla is again," Gatton said looking at his grandchildren. They were the future, his legacy. He was doing this for them.

Night fell on the Western Air Temple. It was really twilight, but the way the sun was it appeared dark. Osla came outside. She had sneaked out merely on command, this was not like her. Was she going insane? Wong appeared in his usual fashion, and she traveled to the surface with him on his cloud. She could not comprehend what she was doing. Osla felt like she was doing the opposite of what she wanted, like her body had all ready been trained. Osla and Wong appeared on the ledge above the temple complex.

"Why am I doing this?" Osla managed to say.

"I hold the key to your sanity," Wong said, "All you have to do, is agree to join us." As he said this, four figures came from no where. Each wore a silver robe with a pin on it except one. One from the Northern Water Tribe, one from the Southern Water Tribe, one from the Earth Kingdom, and a familiar man from the Fire Nation named Sulu in brand new armor. Wong blended into this group. Osla got on one knee and pledged, but she did not know who she was pledging to. The words began to forge in her mind

"All hail Father Geno, all hail- the Black Lotus."

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