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Operation Eternity, Part 1: The Game of War

The Winds of War, is a fanon chapter, in The Phoenix Chronicles. During this chapter, everyone begins to train harder as the Phoenix Forces approach, and the threat of a destroyed Fire Nation hangs. It is hoped to be one of the longest, and most tense chapters yet. It is also the last chapter before the two part Book 1 Finale.


"Prince must die!" Shouted the armed Soldier.

"!" Screamed the prince, running off into the darkness

There was Mian, in the corner, maybe he could help.

"Mian...we have to..oh can't be happening!" Screamed Zura, after realizing Mian was dead. Just 10 feet away he found Tia and Ami, dead. Suddenly, Sky and Hai burst in.

"Zura..come on..we"Suddenly Sky collapses, in his back is a spear

Hai, also soon falls to a similar spear, thrown by an enemy not too far away. Zura looked out the window, seeing his escape, he was about to jump, when he saw his father being killed before his a man in Fire Nation Armor. It was too much, it was all too much, and there was no point in living anymore. Not at all. Suddenly, he felt pain in his stomach. His hands became red. There was a sword in his shoulder. Everything went red, then black.

"AAAAAAAAAh!" yelled Zura. He was in bed, it had all been a a nightmare. He reached for a glass of water, then puked on the floor.

Zura felt horrible. The nurse's medicine seemed to help, but not too much. There they came his friends, now he had to lie and say he was, he was too tired to do so.

"Hey, Champ. How are you feeling?" asked Sky.

"I'm...okay" Hesitated Zura.

"It must be the threat of war, eh?" said Sky.

"Sky!" said Hai, he then nudged his friend to shut up.

"No..he's right..our army is weak..and their army is strong. I don't know how it will end."

"Don't worry, we'll win for sure!" Promised Mian

Zura could only smile meekly. He lied back down, and went to sleep.

It had been 2 weeks since his horrible nightmares. They still happened. But, just not as bad as that one, the first one. Zura stepped onto the open field. This was the Royal Training Ground. He was in the Firebending area. He could see the others also getting out some equipment. Tia was messing with her diamond staff. Ami had a bow and a quiver full of arrows. Mian had his jian out. Sky, and his dual swords. And Hai was practicing some firebending, he then revealed a katana.

"Hai, I didn't know you were swordsman," said Mian.

"Hmm? Oh, yeah. I've been using a sword for several years. My father taught me how to handle a katana...which is much better than your jian by the way," replied Hai.

"What are you saying? My jian is great," said an furious Mian.

"I never said it wasn't...just that it is worse than my katana," said calm, but grinning Hai. He knew how Mian felt about his grandfather's blade.

"Oh yeah? Well, then Mr. Leaf about a duel? Right here, right now," said Mian.

"Fine, then. Let's get to it." Grinned Hai, He knew Mian would challenge him. It was fun to mess with the Avatar. He need a better grip of his emotions, that was for sure. If such a small object could cause so much fury, then he feared what would happen if it was something worse. Hai got into a stance, and so did Mian. Soon, they were blasting each other with gigantic balls of fire. Hai then pulled out his sword and used it to extend his reach, he hit Mian square in the chest sending him flying.

"..*gasp*..*gasp*...Wow...Can you teach me how that...*gasp*" Asked the prince as he began to stand.

"Sure. You see it's very simple you just..." Began Hai, as Mian watched closely, but not too close still feeling the pain from the hit. Zura suddenly noticed that everyone was practicing..but him. He suddenly felt ashamed. His friends, who weren't even from here, were more prepared then he was. He began practicing.

"Ah, yes. General Hoshizu, what a pleasure," said the General from the Islands, however here he was just a common farmer. Several weeks ago Hoshizu had contacted the Islands, and he was sent to negotiate and confirm a deal with the young but powerful general. Now, they were standing in a small cove, with him about to board his ship back to the Islands, the General had given him the details of his capital and how to invade it.

"Spare me, Raiku, I don't have the time. Now, I hope that you send this to the king, soon. The Fire Nation is catching wind of our plans, armies have been mobilized. ," said Hoshizu

Raiku frowned at the lack of respect from the other. Raiku had been a disciplined soldier and found it insulting that the General didn't refer to him as one. He let it slide, and looked at the scroll.

"I see that your Admiral friend has caused us some trouble, any idea on who the onlookers were?" He asked, finally.

"No, most likely some kids or servants, I doubt anything will happen. Continue on with the plans." Hoshizu Replied.

"Hmm..alright. The Fleet shall be here in 3 days or so," said Raiku, he then boarded the small vessel and left.

Hoshizu thought about what he was doing. He knew that others wouldn't approve. But, though the nation was beginning to prosper they had lost too much in getting here. His grandparents, and parents had both died because of this war. His grandparents were killed by vengeful water and Earth Kingdom warriors. His parents were soon caught to the same fate. He had to flee, an orphan. Luckily he was a talented warrior and soon got noticed in the small Army of the Fire Nation. He then nodded, more to himself then anyone, that he was doing the right thing. He then left for the capital.

"So...Ami, when can you teach me airbending?" asked Mian.

"Airbending! Pffh, you've barely learnt firebending," said Zura. Hai nodded behind him. Mian still had ways to go.

"And Earthbending, too," said Tia. "Mian, stop rushing, just take it easy."

"...Fine. Let's go practice earthbending, then," he said, though clearly upset.

Tired of practicing, Mian challenged Tia, which she accepted. She pulled out her staff, and him his jian.

"Get ready..get set...fight!" yelled Zura, jumping out of the center of the arena. He didn't want to get caught in the middle, and with good reason.

Tia stabbed her staff into the ground, and focused. Mian, confused at her tactic, began to hurl rocks at her. Tia's staff suddenly expanded and created a shield of pure diamond. Suddenly, the arena started shaking. Then the whole place was covered in diamonds. She had expanded her staff through the ground, to cover the whole arena. Mian tried to move, but found his feet entrapped by small diamond shards. He realized it was time to step up his game. "Take this!"

All of the shard around his feet suddenly flew into the air, straight at Tia. Mian, then pushed the earth under Tia up, exposing her from beneath her shield. Seeing the shards coming at her, she jumped of the tower of earth, retracted her shield into her staff, and, with a quick hit at the bottom, the tower fell. However, it was still intact, and she launched it right at Mian and his shards. Mian saw the incoming tower, and began thinking how to avoid it. He went back to his lessons: "Think Simple," said Tia's voice "Simplicity is the key to Earthbending, think too hard and you will lose your concentration."

He opened his eyes to see the tower only 3 meters away. He then jumped. And landed right on top of the tower. With a quick kick into it, the whole structure collapsed. He then looked up, grinning, but then saw Tia's diamond shards coming at him, and the grin faded. He made the surrounding debris into a quick shield, just minutes before they hit him. He prepared his counterattack, when he saw Zura come into the middle of the field, waving his arms at both of them. "Okay, okay, it's a tie. Now come on, we have to get back for dinner."

Mian frowned at the anti-climatic end of his battle, but it went away after he dived in to some warm soup and several other Fire Nation delicacies. Except the frogs, he wouldn't touch those.

"Mian! Zura! Wake UP! WAKE UP!" Yelled Tia.

"Mom...five more minutes....please," said Mian.

" the tutu! I won't take ballet..Classes..." yelled Zura, obviously still sleeping.

Tia then gestured for Hai to do his thing. Hai then created two fireballs. He then hovered it dangerously close to the sleepers. Suddenly, they both jumped out of bed, yelling at the heat. Seeing Hai and Tia, laughing it up, both got really angry. Mian more than Zura, for some odd reason or another. They both stormed out of the room to get some breakfast. After breakfast, all 6 of them were called into the War room. When asked why, the Generals gestured to a telescope. Through it they could see a large fleet of ships, with a phoenix on them.

"They're here."

"Almost here, General Hoshizu" Corrected another.

"Children, meet General Hoshizu, he is a trusted soldier among our ranks. He has predicted the invasion, and now it's here," said the Fire Lord

It was obvious that they were all surprised, that such a young person could be a General. Hoshizu only grinned. "I get that a lot."

Realizing that people had noticed the look on their faces, everyone corrected themselves.

"Well, we must prepare the counter attack forces. How many men do we have and how many do they?" asked the Firelord.

"We have around 8,000 men, 15 airships, and perhaps 150 ships."


"You didn't allow me to finish, my liege, they have around 10,000 men, 30 airships, and perhaps 175 ships."

The look on everyone's face was clear; they knew that they were against the odds. But, they weren't going to give up. Hoshizu smirked on the inside; it was going to be a fun day, tomorrow.

The stations were assigned. The barracks were set. The men were trained. They had a plan. Everything was ready. Zura saw the sun rise; he was getting into his armor. He stepped out of the field tent, next to his friends. They looked out to the bay.

"That's a lot of ships," said Mian, in Water Tribe armor.

"Thanks for being optimistic," said Zura.

"Everyone ready?" asked Tia, with her staff by her side.

"Yeah," replied the rest, each armed with their weapons.

"Alright, let's go over the forma..."Started Ami.

"Wait...I have to use the bathroom," said Sky

Behind the Scenes

The Avatar, had taken quite a hiatus, and soon began working on the chronicles, yet again. After Tense was released, he prepare for Winds of War. Though, originally Mian was supposed to learn about Airbending, he felt that it could be delayed until later. In this chapter, the names of the traitorous general is revealed, Hoshizu. The Avatar wanted to end the chapter right before the battle, but didn't want to make it too serious near the end, so Sky comically had to use the bathroom right before the invasion.


  • Though a very intense chapter it ends comically, with Sky needing to use the bathroom.
  • This is the last chapter, before the Operation Eternities.
  • This is the first fight for several chapters, and is one that has been more detailed then previous.
  • Hai is revealed to be a swordsman. Now, Zura seems to be the only member of the team without any standard weapon. However, it is possible that he has one and just not revealed it yet, or prefers fire bending over it.
  • Several new villans have been created including Hoshizu and Raiku
  • Hoshi, which sounds like Hoshizu, means star in Japanese. Rai, from Raiku, means lightning. Both of them hint at their bearers abilities.


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In general, the Chapter was well reviewed by famous fanon authors The Bos and Twilitlink. The Bos liked the humorous ending, while Twilitlink noted that he like Zura and Mian's sleep talk and was planning on doing something similar to what Hoshizu is doing.

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