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This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Wind Story :: Cyclones
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Wind Story :: Harmonic Convergance


The Legend of Korra

Wind Story :: Cyclones is a The Legend of Korra Fanfiction, a S1 rewrite, and the upcoming first part of the Wind Story Duology. It is being written by Riegneu (pronounced RAIN-YOO) in response to the poor reception of certain aspects of the show, namely the pacing and romance, in addition to the characterization of the titular character. The prologue is set to release sometime in July.


Although Riegneu had always felt certain parts in "Book Air" were sorely lacking, it was not until the abrupt finale Endgame (I CAN AIRBEND!!!) that the idea to create a rewrite first surfaced. It should also be noted that a significant portion of Avatar fans are unaware that the show continued with Spirits, and another percentage do not even know Korra exists. After witnessing the end of Book Spirits, Riegneu was surprised to find a number of internet commentators continuing to bash Korra, and came to the conclusion that some frustration placed on the young woman stems from her introduction. Riegneu hopes that with some tweaking, and more focus placed on the strenuousness of airbending training and inner progression, that Korra can be seen as a much more likable female protagonist.

Riegneu also desires to put more emphasis on the Equalist perspective (similar to the original A:TLA's additional angle on Zuko, Azula, and the Fire Nation culture), to change some "heat-of-the-moment" actions, and to add some OCs to further the character dynamic.


Avatar Aang's time had come, and so the cycle began anew. Enter Avatar Korra, headstrong bending protégée. At a young age, she quickly honed in on the very quintessence of three elements, and although she was locked away from the world in the White Lotus' compound, she remains ever optimistic. After all, she has three great friends as everlasting company and Katara herself as moral support, along with Naga the Polar Bear Dog and a library containing books upon books upon books. But still, Korra cannot help but feel like a failure sometimes. After all, Aang defeated Firelord Ozai when he was a little kid. She's seventeen now, and isn't feeling any closer to adulthood, or becoming a noteworthy successor to the Avatar name.

Then, a big break - Tenzin, Aang's son and fabled airbending master comes with his family to visit her for the first time and watch her firebending exam. Knowing that her freedom is at stake, she gives it all she's got, passing with flying colors. She remains eager to travel to Republic City, a bustling center for persons of all nationalities.

Unfortunately, Korra is denied this chance with a simple truth - the city is under siege by its own people. The Equalists are rising, and led by the mysterious masked enigma Amon, they plan to eliminate the bender/non-bender divide once and for all by crushing the gifted through any means necessary. But the world needs its Avatar, and she will be drowned before they keep her chained again. Joined by brash Elosiah, free-spirited Hana, and maybe-more-than-a-friend Sung, she begins her journey with Naga into the heart of the storm, where cyclones whirl, and nothing is as it seems.


Prologue - Recycled Words - Coming Soon!

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