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Jet (Part 1) in Eyes of Katara

Willowheart is one of the most recent additions to the Freedom Fighters, second only to Smellerbee, having joined only two years ago. She typically wears her brown hair in three ponytails, and is quick to voice her mind.


She used to live in an Earth Kingdom town of Bei Dao, a peaceful farming village close to the waters north of the ruins of Taku. The town lacked much commerce and visitors, leaving its occupants to practice all they needed to take care of themselves. Her father taught her survival skills at an early age, or rather what she could pick up on. Her mother had her aid her in most every routine task she performed such as cooking, sewing, tending to the wounded of the village, and at times being a counsellor to those in need. Though typically all she ever did was shadow her mother.

She loved her home, but sadly it fell under attack when she was seven years old. The Fire Nation invaded quick and heavy in a surprise assault during the night. The town was utterly defenseless, devoid of Earthbenders and skilled warriors, yet the hunters of the town stood their ground and fought back. Her father perished in the attack, while her mother was taken into captivity and sent to the Fire Nation prisons. Before her mother was taken, she ushered her little girl to run for her life, and so she fled Bei Dao.

She wandered the lands heartbroken, relying heavily upon the skills nurtured into her by her loving parents. Eventually, in poor condition, she came across a group of children led by a certain charismatic leader, Jet. After brief questioning, they accepted her into their fold, giving her arms and friends she could once again cling to with the name of family.

Here she gave up her original name, adopting the name of Willowheart. She chose this name for a dual purpose; Willow for the silent, contemplative sorrow the tree displays while still maintaining majestic beauty. Heart, for her unending desire to feel needed and loved, welcomed into a family she had lost. It is in this group, the Freedom Fighters, that she acts strongly as their motherly figure, ruling the group with a solid yet loving hand, second only to Jet. She tends to the chores around their Hideaway, makes repairs, mends clothing, armor, and wounds, provides meals, and in general has taken the place of the mother she had lost, with the strength and gall of her father.


She's rough as a razor's edge, ready and willing to tell friend or foe her mind. Due to her time with the Freedom Fighters, she doesn't typically refer to others by their true name. If the person she is conversing with does not join the Freedom Fighters and take a new name, she will happily make one up for them or call them whatever comes to her mind first. This is what leads her to calling Katara both toots and hun upon first speaking with her.

Her harsh past and loss of her home coupled with alienation of her past life has hit her hard. Rarely does she show pain over her memories, rather than worrying about keeping order of her own life, she keeps order among others' starting with the Freedom Fighters. Her love for others is genuine as she deems the Freedom Fighters to be her family.

She has terrible pride. She's not a fighter by any means but she's more than apt at handling most any survival need as well as simple upkeep. Her pride in knowing this is so strong that she deems everyone else as in terrible need of her, no matter that they do. As such, she's asserted her leadership potential within the group and gained immense respect and adoration from the Freedom Fighters' members. She however, looks up to Jet adoringly. She sees him as her reason for staying, not as a crush, but as an older, more knowledgeable and dependable brother.

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