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Wildfire is the forty fifth chapter of Avatar: Guardian.


Tyro and Team Avatar lead an attack to regain control of their village.


As dawn approached, Tyro's campsite began bustling. Tyro had given orders the previous night to be ready for battle the next day. They would surprise those who had surprised them.

Tyro gathers the benders who will be liberating the village, raises a platform for himself, and begins speaking. "My friends, today is the day we will secure the freedom of our village once and for all. Those rebelling from the peaceful decrees of Fire Lord Zuko will be purged from the Earth Kingdom. We will have our freedom!" The resulting cheer was powerful, and the benders knew that they would not be put down anymore.

"No more!" one bender calls from the back of the crowd, producing more cheers. Team Avatar walks into the area Tyro had gathered the soldiers in. They look at the old leader, and he looks back.

Tyro's voice booms over the cheers of the crowd. "I know that we will have our freedom today. There's no way that we will fall. We have the Avatar! We have the Fire Lord. We are the rightful occupants of this land, and we will be free!"

The Other Side

The Phoenix Warriors prepared themselves as well. They brought the prisoners to the center of the town, and locked them in a moveable metal cage. Zifu paced in front of the prisoners slowly. "You pathetic savages. You have inhabited this land, and you have rebelled against the natural order by supposedly defeating the Fire Nation soldiers who were here. But now, your hope will be burnt to the ground. After today, those Earthbenders who have escaped will have nothing left to fight for." Zifu turns around and looks at the captured citizens of the village. "You won't even get to see the end of this day."

One officer approaches Zifu, and leans in close. "Sir, Admiral Rha ordered you to kill the citizens before burning the village to the ground. Shouldn't we stick to his plan?"

Zifu elbows the officer in his stomach and pushes him to the ground. "Are you questioning my authority? No one questions Captain Zifu's authority!" Zifu barks at the officer, who was slowly getting to his feet.

"Sorry, sir. I wasn't trying to defy you... I was-"

"Silence. Begin moving to the other side of the town. This place will be a sign of what the Phoenix Warriors will do. We will burn this village down in fire, and we will have a new settlement arise from these inferior ashes." Zifu mutters to himself as he walks towards the other side of the village, with the Phoenix Warriors following him.

Early Ambush

Tyro and Team Avatar sneak into the village. Tyro asked if either Zuko or Aang would send a fire blast when the rest of the Earthbenders should arrive. Aang and Zuko both agreed, so the group continued forward. Eventually, they reached the town, and the team was unable to locate any sign of the Phoenix Warriors.

"Where are they?" Katara asks.

"Let me check." Toph kneels to the ground and waits for a second. "They're all on the other side of the town. What do we do?"

"I say we go get them. I want them dealt with as quickly as possible," Zuko suggests.

"I think that getting them first is the best idea. We're dealing with a bunch of angry Firebenders," Sokka begins. "No offense Zuko. If we're dealing with angry Firebenders, we need to think like Firebenders: preemptive strike."

"I think you're right Sokka. Let's go," Aang decides. Tyro nods in agreement, approving the plan with his silence.

"Okay, let's go then!" Toph exclaims while she sinks into the ground. "See you on the other side."

"I'll go from the air, good luck," Aang decides, kissing Katara good bye and soaring into the air on his glider.

"Ignoring that, let's go!" Sokka adds as he draws his sword and running from the Team's hiding place.

A mile away, Zifu is delegating houses to his Firebenders. "You," he orders while pointing at a Phoenix Warrior. "Get the house over there. I'll get the big house in the middle of the city."

"Sure you will!" Toph says as she erupts from the ground. Her emergence knocks the Phoenix Warriors off balance. Zifu spins around from the front of the group and sends a jet of fire at Toph. The blast is heading towards her when she raises an earth wall. The blast stops when it is blown away by a strong wind. Aang lands and sends an air jet towards Zifu. He is knocked off of his feet, and ten feet in front of the group. He gets up, and begins attacking Aang. Zuko, seeing that the battle was beginning, sent a massive jet of fire into the air, signaling the Earthbenders from afar.

Aang dodges Zifu's fire blast and sends a compressed air ball at Zifu. Zuko cuts in, sending a jet of fire towards Zifu. Zuko diverts the blast and sends one right back at him. Their duel continues this way, with the two sending jets back and forth.

"What are you doing here?" Zuko calls to the aging soldier.

"I could ask you the same thing!" Zifu replies in demented sarcasm.

"I'm here to free these people."

"I'm here to make sure that there aren't any people to free!" Zifu claims as he sends a sideways arc of fire at Zuko.

"You're sick," Zuko mumbles as he intercepts the fire.

Tyro was dueling against three Phoenix Warriors. It was easier than before, when he was against at least 5. He stomps and swings his arms sideways, sending a pillar into the side of a Phoenix Warrior and sending him into a nearby building. The remaining two are quickly defeated as well, with Tyro sinking one into the ground and knocking the other out with a boulder to the chest. "Get out of my town," Tyro says triumphantly as he defeats the soldier.

He turns and sees Zuko dueling the man who lead the assault against his village. He thrusts his hands forward, shouting "For my kingdom!" while stomping the ground. A fissure erupts, heading towards Zifu. Zifu is startled, though manages to avoid the force of the attack. "For my village!" he yells while repeating the motion. Zifu again manages to dodge, though Zuko begins adding more pressure by resuming his own attack. Tyro lifts his hands up and inhales deeply. "For my family!" Tyro exclaims while thrusting his hands to the ground. The fissure forks into many directions at Zifu. The full force of the blast hits Zifu, who was busy trying to dodge Zuko's fire blasts. He fails in both respects, being knocked into the air by Tyro's attack then burned by Zuko's blast. Zifu falls to the ground and does not move, prompting Zuko and Tyro to move on to other matters.

Tyro begins dueling several other Warriors, while Zuko deflects the fire blasts nearby agents. Sokka's boomerang knocked out one of the Warriors that Tyro was about to send into the air with an earth column. He instead lifts the Warrior up with earth and throws him aside, out of the battle while burying him up to his head in earth.

Toph stomped on the ground and the Warrior in front of her was thrust into the sky. Over the cheers and noise of the battle around her, she recognized a single voice. One she had known the voice since before; she hadn't heard the voice in almost a year, but she never forgets a voice. Toph sprints away from the battle, ignoring the fire blasts and boulders being tossed around behind her. She reached the site of the voice, the cage filled with the captured Earthbenders.

"Toph! Thank goodness you're here!" Haru's voice calls.

"No problem..." Toph mutters while she grabs hold of one of the bars. "Stand back!" She grabs another bar with her other hand and stretches the bars out of place. She moves and removes more bars, eventually making a large hole in the metal cage.

"Thank you, Toph." Haru hops out of the cage and bows in respect. "Now, let's go and help keep our village free!" he calls to the Earthbenders in the cage. A mighty roar comes from within the cage, and its occupants flood out. Toph and Haru lead the charge back to the village.

Aang blows a Warrior out of his way, and deflects a fire blast from another. He ducks as a fire ball is aimed for him, and the blast hits the nearby house. Aang raises an earth wave towards the Phoenix Warrior, lifting him off the ground and throwing him into the air. Aang spins and creates a powerful gust that puts out the fire.

The warrior gets up and sends another jet at Aang. Aand sends an air jet at the fire, and the fire flares up before fading away. Aang raises a rock from behind him and throws it over his head towards the warrior, and the warrior is hit in the chest.

Tyro was dueling more warriors, and one begins walking up from behind. The two Warriors each shoot a fire blast at the aging Earthbender when an earth wall erupts from the ground and blocks the fire. The wall breaks into segments that fly at the Warrior, who stumbles back. Tyro finishes off a warrior in front of him, and turns to see his son dueling the one who was sneaking up on him. "That's my boy," Tyro mutters under his breath as Haru knocks out the warrior he was dueling.

As Tyro and the other Earthbenders circled the remaining Phoenix Warriors, Tyro remembers that he was missing one. "Haru! Gather the leader! He is over on the other side of the village!" Haru nods and runs to the other side of the town. "Stand down peacefully, and we will allow you to leave in peace!" Tyro orders as he turns his head back towards the Phoenix Warriors. They seem to nod in agreement, more out of fear than a desire for peace. "Good, now Haru, go secure the final one. He should be over towards our house," Tyro says, remembering the location of the defeated Warrior. Haru nods and sprints off.

"Thank you, Avatar," Tyro says, glancing briefly over to Aang.

"Don't mention it, it's my job."

"Father! He's not here!" Haru's voice calls from the other side of the village.

"Let's take care of this first," Aang says to Toph, who nods. Aang enters the Avatar State and sinks the Phoenix Warriors into the ground with Toph's assistance. Team Avatar and Tyro sprint off in Haru's direction. When they arrive at Haru's position, they find the cracks in the ground from Tyro's attacks, and they find the cracked building from where Zifu made contact. They also saw a footprint pointing out of the village, indicating his retreat.

"He's gone..." Zuko mumbles quietly. "We have to find him," he adds.

"I agree. Tyro, the Earth Kingdom military should be here soon, as well as the Fire Nation's. Can you keep these people safely in custody until then?" Katara asks.

"We certainly can. Thank you, for helping me keep my home safe. I remain in your debt," Tyro says while accepting a hug from Katara.

"You need to go get him, we can handle these guys now. Make sure that our Kingdom remains free," Haru says, while also being hugged by Katara.

"Thanks for your help," Aang says as he pulls out his bison whistle. He blows, and as the group says their good byes to Tyro and Haru, Appa lands in the village. "Yip Yip!" Appa soars into the air, looking for the area where Zifu could be.

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