Widow's Sting
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Avengers: The Earth's Mightiest Heroes




Micro-Episode 4

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December 15, 2013

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Mutants of Republic City

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Operation: Escape from the Vault!

Widow's Sting is forth micro-episode of Avengers: The Earth's Mightiest Heroes.


At Hira'a Village...

"AHHHHHHHHHH!" Screamed Woman.

"Now... this village is now under control of A.I.M!" said A.I.M Agent.

"Good work! If we still conquer Fire Nation is this way. The people in capital city will no place to run away," said Scientist Supreme.

"I think not!" said Black Widow and she's shoot laser from her Whirst Blasters to the A.I.M Agents.

"AHHHHHHHHHH!" Screamed A.I.M Agents.

"Who dare come in way between A.I.M and the victory of A.I.M?!" asked Scientist Supreme.

"That was us!" said Hawkeye and he's shoot shocking arrows to two A.I.M Agents.

"HHHAAAAAA!" Screamed A.I.M Agents.

"You gonna pay for this!" said Scientist Supreme and he's grab his Blaster and shoot to them but Black Widow run to him and kick him at face.

"AHHHHHHH!" Screamed Scientist Supreme and he's punch at chin of Black Widow and run to A.I.M Tank.

"Eat laser you scum!" said Scientist Supreme and he's shoot laser from cannons on back of A.I.M Tank to them.

"Watch out!" said Hawkeye and he's grab and carry Black Widow with him and run to hide behind the house.

"Come out and face me like a man if you dare!" said Scientist Supreme.

"Sorry..." said Black Widow.

"HA?" asked Scientist Supreme.

"But I'm a girl!" said Black Widow and he's throw a bomb to A.I.M Tank and explode it but Scientist Supreme wear his jet pack and escape first along with the remaining A.I.M Agents.

"YAY!" shouted Everyone.

"This... is what I called... happy ending!" said Hawkeye.

"Hey Taka...!" said Black Widow and she's grab him and kiss him.

Meanwhile at Makluan Temple...

The hibernation pot has been opened and Axon-Karr walk out from the pot and see Grey Gargoyle has been destroy and Melter was been frozen. Then, he's look up to the Dragon Statue and see the Makluan Rings has been gone.

"NOOOOOOOOO!" shouted Axon-Karr.


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