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Extreme fluff inbound. Hold on tight, otherwise it might float away.

Jinora was kind of bummed out, because even though it had been a week, Kai and her had yet to have their first real date. It was mostly her own fault, partly because she didn't want anyone to find out, so they couldn't really do much at school or the park, and partly because she was grounded. The best she could hope for was a few quick kisses after school, outside, and away from prying eyes.

The park made it somewhat bearable, and luckily enough, she hadn't been caught with her father's old phone yet. This would be a trick to remember. Still, it had given her some quality time with her father, practice her baguazhang a little more. He was adamant that if she kept going like this, she might be up for her black belt soon. More good news came with the day of the week; it was Sunday, and she'd finally get her own phone back.

Sure enough, while doing some mindless surfing on the internet (texting at home was risky right now) her mother knocked on the door, and Jinora called her in.

-"I gotta say, Jinora, I'm surprised. So now it's time for my end of the deal." She pulled the phone out of her pocket, handing it back to her daughter.

"Finally!" she said, taking it again. "Thanks, Mom."

Pema eyed her up. "You handled it surprisingly well, being without your phone for the week. I would have thought you were going to put up more of a fight for it."

Jinora shrugged, and realized she might just be able to solve this without flat-out lying to her mother. Even though that did become more frequent as of late, it didn't mean she enjoyed doing that. "Well, would it have helped if I were constantly complaining and moaning about it?"

-"No, it would not."

"Then there's your answer," the younger girl replied, a little bit smug. She was halfway turning back to her laptop when Pema spoke up again.

-"There is one other thing; your sister."

Jinora sighed. "What do you want me to say? I tried apologizing, and she responds by spending the week avoiding me. Barely seen her in school and when I see her here at home, our communication is limited to the absolute bare necessary. Aunt Kya already talked to me about it."

Pema shook her head. "There's a reason for that, Jinora. She's afraid of you."

This took her by surprise. "Afraid? Why's that?"

-"Because of the way you yelled at her. You might not realize it, and she might not even realize it herself, but it's all there. Ikki doesn't want to be around you because she doesn't dare to."

It had her completely flabbergasted. She knew it was bad, but this bad, Jinora had no idea. "Look, Mom, I don't want that. You know I'd never hurt her. We might not get along right now, but I don't want to knock her lights out or something."

-"I know that, but Ikki isn't so sure. You're practically a master in martial arts, she's a gymnast. You're going to have to figure something out there. At the end of the day, you are still the oldest and wisest one, so that is on you."

Jinora nodded. "I'll try."

Pema gave her a small smile. "Good. Now there is one more thing: you're father and I have been talking, and we realized that you may have been on to something. You're turning 18 in two weeks, so maybe you are old enough to have a bit more responsibility. If we go on another one of those weekends, you can decide if you want to come. There are limits as long as you live here, but we are willing to give you a little bit more freedom in that."

Now this was a surprise, but a pleasant one for a change. One top of that, it was really good timing, considering what she was starting with Kai. "Are you serious?" Jinora asked with her mouth hanging open.

-"I am," Pema replied with a smile. "Of course, you can't skip them all, but one or two, we'll try to be more understanding."

Jinora stood up and pulled her mother into a hug. "Thanks, Mom. I really appreciate that."

Rather conversely, Jinora broke her mother's trust again by sneaking out the very next day. It wasn't hard, just as easy as it was any other day of the week. Strangely enough, Kai had asked her to meet at the watershed shack for undisclosed reasons, but she had no reasons to distrust him.

One thing that did kind of had her puzzled was that he told her to wear a sturdy and warm jacket. It wasn't that cold out tonight, her typical hoodie was enough to keep warm, especially if she was on her skateboard.

All was explained however, when Kai pulled up on his motorcycle. He took his helmet off, quickly giving her a kiss. "Hey Jin," he said, his typical smirk lining his face. "Wanna go for a ride?"

"Uhh... Sure?"

-"Good! Means I didn't bring this thing for nothing." Kai took an extra helmet out from under a net over the passenger seat and held it out to her, which she took with a smile.

"You have something planned, don't you?"

He smiled again. "Yes, I do. Don't worry, it's perfectly safe, we just can't really do it on foot."

Jinora doubted for a moment, but conceded anyway. Alright, but nothing too extreme, okay?"

-"I promise it's not."

She put the helmet on and climbed on the seat behind him, after which he slowly took off. Suddenly his idea of wearing an extra layer turned out to be a good one, because the night air at 60 miles an hour was quite chilly. Even in her denim jacket, which was the 'sturdiest' thing she owned, the cold air seeped through.

Good news was that this gave her an excuse to press herself up against Kai's back extra firm, maximizing the contact between them. Her arms were securely wrapped around his waist, and that was her entire safety belt. Of course, he was a little more cautious with her on the back, but they were still only on a motorcycle with no more protection than the clothes they were wearing.

But that didn't really matter, because Kai knew what he was doing, and the roads were pretty empty. This allowed him to throttle up a little more, and there were few times Jinora could recall from her relatively uneventful life that felt this exciting. He took them somewhere outside the city, judging by the direction they were heading and the mountains that were building.

After about half an hour, they were thoroughly clear of the city, and Kai pulled over from the mountain road he had taken. They ended up in a field in the middle of nowhere, and it had Jinora curious. "Okay, why did you bring me here?" she asked once she had taken off her helmet again. "I hope it's not to murder me and dump my body in a quiet spot."

Kai chuckled. "Tempting as that would be, I actually brought you here for that," he said.

At first, she couldn't really figure it out, but then she saw that he was pointing straight up. Once she looked there, she could see the stars in the sky, clear as day. Hell, she could see the entire Milky Way, stretching out above her. "Whoa..." she said, unable to think of anything more intelligent.

-"Come on," Kai said, taking her hand. He pulled her a little further onto the field, where he lay down in the tall grass. Jinora followed his example, lying down right beside him. As soon as she was, she took his hand again.

"It's... amazing. How... How'd you think of this?"

Kai simply smiled. "There's no moon tonight and no clouds. Wanted to be out of the city, so this was a pretty good place. Just wanted to go stargazing with you like you've never done before."

"I'll say..." she admitted. "Such a shame there's so much pollution in the city that we can't see this at night."

They lay in silence for a while, before Jinora spoke up. "Can you see Venus from here?"

-"I think so, give me a moment." Kai looked thoughtfully for a while, before pointing up. "I think it's that one."

Of course, this wasn't very helpful for Jinora. "Which one?"

Kai chuckled and pulled her in a little closer so she could follow his outstretched arm. "That one," he said, pointing to a particularly bright dot. Of course, Jinora knew that Venus was bright, but she had no way of knowing whether or not he was right. It could just be that he was doing this to lay a little closer to her, because her head was buried in the crook of his neck.

"Are you sure?"


At this, they both broke out laughing. It was childish, but it still was pretty funny. Jinora looked up at the sky again, where she saw a shooting star. "Did you see that?!" she asked him excitedly.

-"I did, did you make a wish as well?"

Jinora rolled over, her face lining up with Kai's. "I'm just wondering if you made the same one I did."

He leaned in slightly, capturing her lips with his own. The sweet little kiss quickly grew into a more passionate one, with Jinora eagerly opening up to grant Kai access. His arm snaked under her back, pulling her a little closer to him.

Right now, the angle was kind of awkward, both of them being on their sides. This changed when Kai rolled back, pulling Jinora on top of him.

It was a perfect moment. Kai's body pressed up to hers, his heat spreading through her like wildfire, (though on second thought, that could be something she didn't really want to think about just yet,) the well-practiced lips moving against her own, that damn hint of cigarettes that wouldn't go away no matter what he did... There was simply no way Jinora could imagine this moment becoming any better than it was right now.

When they finally broke apart for air, Kai's trademark slanted grin came back. "I think I did," he smirked.

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