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Kai's Home

-"Jinora, your father and I have been thinking, and we wanted to ask you something," Pema said after Ikki, Meelo and Rohan had gone to bed.

This of course drew her attention. "Oh? What's that?"

-"Tomorrow, we have to go to City Hall for a ceremony, and we wanted to ask you if you could watch your brothers and sister for the night."

(Sweet.) Of course, she couldn't show this, so instead she put up a more neutral demeanor. "Sure. What's the pay?"

-"Getting to call the shots for the night," her father piped up. "It's your own family, we're not paying you to watch them. We pay most of your expenses anyway."

Jinora chuckled, mostly because it was true. "Yeah, it was a longshot. Still, can't blame me for trying."

Her parents both chuckled, at least relieving the tension a little bit. It had been better, but still not brilliant. Ikki and Jinora weren't like they used to be, and worryingly enough, Jinora thought the root cause of that was fear.

She didn't want Ikki to be afraid of her, that just wasn't right. Sure, she had been pretty harsh and blown up big, but then again she did have at least some reason to do so in the first place, so it wasn't unreasonable. "What about Ikki?"

-"What about her?" Pema replied. "You know the drill, her bedtime is at nine thirty, as long as she does her homework before that, she's free to do whatever she wants. We won't leave until after dinner, so I expect you to be able to take care of that fairly."

Jinora sighed. "Alright, I can do that, as long as she plays ball."

-"I'll talk to Ikki to ensure that, but you are the older sibling, so I do expect you to be the wisest."

"Yeah, fair enough." Still. This practically came giftwrapped for her.

One night later, Jinora and Kai were lying on top of each other, making themselves very comfortable on Jinora's sofa. She'd been given full authority, and had used this to be nice and strict of the bedtime for her siblings.

This of course had been in service of the former. Kai had snuck into the house very quietly, as she knew they'd have at least an hour and a half, and there was just something exciting about doing this in a place where they would be in big trouble if discovered. That was exactly the reason to do it: the risk was fun.

They had basically spent the past forty-five minutes making out, and neither one was even remotely close to being tired of it.

-"You know you're really cute like this," Kai said, a smirk on his face when they paused for a moment to give themselves a chance to catch their breath.

"And what would that be like?" she replied, raising an eyebrow.

-"Well," he started, a thoughtful finger on his chin, "your hair down and slightly messy, hoodie and comfortable pants, and of course the fact that you're straddling me."

Jinora smiled and pressed a chaste kiss on his lips. "Let's make the most of that then while we have the opportunity, shall we?" She reached down, discarding her hoodie, pressing herself closer to him. This was also when a wave of insecurity hit her, because she'd forgotten that the simple black T-shirt was the same one she'd worn earlier today was very form-fitting.

It was the ultimate tool for bringing out just how skinny she really was.

Kai immediately picked up on this. "What's wrong?"

She felt guilty for spoiling the moment. "Nah, never mind, it's stupid."

-"You wouldn't be worried about it if it really was something stupid." He sat up, putting Jinora in his lap, his arms wrapped around her lower back. "Come on, you know you can talk to me, right?"

Jinora sighed. "You're right. It's just that... I dunno, I'm feeling slightly exposed, you know? I mean, I'm not exactly what you'd call 'voluptuous'."

At first, Kai just stared at her in disbelief, but then started laughing. "That's what you're worried about? That I'll think your boobs are too small?"

She nodded. "Put bluntly, yes."

He chuckled again. "Babe, I'm gonna let you in on a little public secret: men love all boobs, regardless of size. Well, except maybe sagging or fake, but yours are neither. The only way I'd be disappointed is if you stuff your bra."

Jinora smiled too. "Well, not to worry, I don't." She briefly paused. "You really mean that?"

He pressed a chaste kiss on her lips. "I really do. And for the record, every man who says he doesn't is either gay or a fucking liar."

She laughed with him, and they fell back onto the couch, Jinora once again on top. "By the way, did you just call me 'babe'?"

-"Figure like yours is well-deserving of the title," he smirked.

This only served to make her laugh harder. "Hmm, smooth," she smirked back, once again pressing her lips firmly against his. It wasn't long before she completely lost herself in their kiss again, Kai's gentle grip on the back of her neck, the hint of tobacco in his taste, the perfect amount of pressure from his lips, everything about the kiss was right.

And yet, it just wasn't enough. Jinora wanted something more from him, even if she wasn't entirely sure yet what. It wasn't sex what she wanted, at least, she didn't think so. The thought had crossed her mind a few times, but it was always quickly overpowered by waves of doubt. This doubt was partially in her own body, and partially in her age. She was eighteen, sure, and she had even heard that girls in her class had done it long before they reached that age, but that wasn't for her. She was strictly convinced that she would do it if and when she was ready, and those would be decided on her own terms.

It definitely wasn't something that big she wanted, but a small gesture to show that she did fully trust Kai, and that she wanted to be close to him.

And then she realized what she needed to do, what would put them closer together.

Jinora took the hand that was resting on the small of her back, and guided it over the side of her body, slowly but deliberately. He broke away from kissing her, looking at her in surprise, but he didn't say anything. Perhaps he wanted to be closer as well. Judging by the way his breathing was hitching, it seemed like he was almost as nervous about this as she was.

She guided his hand up to her chest and let him very gently cup her breast, which he did. Her wordless permission didn't do anything to make him less cautious.

It wasn't until Jinora leaned back down and kissed him again that he actually gained a little bit of confidence, and actually very gently started kneading. The way her kisses became more passionate made Kai more confident as well, more assertive.

Truth be told, it did feel really good. His thumb brushed over her nipple, something Jinora could feel even through two layers of fabric, and it made her moan softly into his mouth. That the bra she was wearing offered virtually no support was not very important, because it felt good.

Unfortunately, they were cut short when Kai suddenly broke away and turned his head. "Hear that?" he whispered.


-"Someone on the stairs," he said, getting up quickly.

"Kitchen, now," Jinora said, pushing him in the right direction. Not a moment too soon, because the door to the hallway opened, revealing Rohan in the opening. She let out a sigh of relief. "What are you doing up, sweetie? I put you to bed three hours ago."

-"Woke up and now I can't sleep," he said, rubbing his eye.

Jinora smiled, shaking her head. "Alright," she said, crouching down in front of him. How about this: you go back to bed, I make you some warm milk, and bring that to you?"

-"Okay," he nodded and turned around, heading back upstairs.

She made her way to the kitchen, where Kai was already preparing her a glass of milk. "Two boys pining after you in one night. If you keep going like this, you'll be pretty popular by morning," he smirked.

Jinora playfully nudged him in the shoulder. "Shut up," she said, though the massive smile on her face gave away that she didn't mind at all. While she put the glass in the microwave, Kai wrapped his arms around her waist, and started kissing her neck.

"Hmmm..." she contently hummed, but knew she had to cut it short. "Three minutes, and I'm yours again, okay?" she mused, even though she wasn't the least bit happy about it.

-"Microwave hasn't pinged yet, we have a moment," he replied and continued kissing her neck, while letting one hand slowly wander up. Jinora didn't stop him, in fact, she was strangely looking forward to it. Similarly, she pushed her hips backwards a little bit, knowing it would essentially make her grind him. Not something she'd be really opposed to anyway, but he required a gentle nudge in the right direction here, or at least the green light from her.

They were once again interrupted, only this time it was the microwave. Jinora sighed and broke free from his grip, before taking the milk from the microwave. "Back in a minute," she said, and pressed a short peck on his lips.

As she walked up the stairs, it did give her a moment to think. How far was she willing to go just now? Kai feeling her up like that felt natural, on top of feeling good. It was a little nervous, sure, but then again, he was cautious when it came to everything concerning her. That was to be expected. And heck, when he did actually get going, it felt really natural, a common extension of their relationship. They'd been at it for two months now, and this sort of thing coming on now felt... natural.

But first things first: getting Rohan back to sleep. Definitely the least rambunctious one of her siblings, and the fact that he was the youngest also kind of made him the most adorable one by default. (Also Jinora's favorite, though she couldn't admit this, of course.)

-"Hey, sis," he said when she came into his room.

Jinora smiled as she sat on the side of his bed and held the glass out to him. He tried reaching out for it immediately, but she held it back. "Sit up first, you can't drink lying down."

Rohan did, and drank his milk. "Will you read me a story?" he asked with his massive green eyes on puppy-dog setting.

"I already read you a story," Jinora said, though with a playful undertone. She already knew that this was going to happen. "But okay. How about I read you Six Bears Get in a Pickle?"

-"Yeah, I like that one."

Jinora smiled as she pulled the book from the shelf, and sat back down on his bed. "Once upon a time, there was a family of six bears..."

Having put Rohan back to sleep allowed her to quietly make her retreat, and was surprised to see Kai waiting for her in the living room with his jacket back on and a rather serious expression on his face. "What's wrong?"

-"I think I should go."

"What? Rohan is asleep again, we're in the clear."

Kai shook his head. "Nah, we just used up most of our guardian angels for the night. I should split before I push my luck too much and get caught by your folks."

Jinora sighed, because he was probably right about that. "Fine..." she groaned, though not without leaning against him again with her hands on his chest. "But tell me this: since when are you the responsible one?"

He chuckled. "Since you're the one getting in trouble if I fuck up." He pressed a long, slow kiss on her lips, resting his hands on her hips. (Would be nice if he let them slip down just a little bit more...)

When he broke away, Jinora lingered for just a moment, letting that thought sink in. Since when was she the one who wanted to be more physical?

Then again, he was her boyfriend, so if there was anyone she could explore with, it was him, and he didn't seem to mind either. Maybe something to discuss at a later time.

-"Alright, I'm really going now," Kai said, and walked back to the front door.

Jinora followed him, in no small part because he was holding her hand and dragged her along with him. "See you tomorrow."

-"Yeah," he said, finally pulling his hand free. "See you tomorrow."

Merry Christmas, everyone.

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