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Out (Part 2)

Jinora was preparing herself to go out again, as it had been far too long since she and Kai went on a date. It had been nearly three weeks since they got some proper time alone together, somewhere they didn't have to hide it. These weeks had been extremely busy for Jinora, with a ton of tests and exams all very close together, so she had spent nearly all of her time studying. Hell, she barely had time to go skating, it was simply a luxury she couldn't afford right now. He had promised her they would go to some place special, and they wouldn't have to worry about anyone from school seeing them.

Still, it couldn't hurt to be cautious, so Jinora omitted her glasses and instead opted for lenses, and slung on a hoodie so that if anyone from the skate park saw them, it would at least be Jin they'd recognize.

-"Is that really what you're planning to wear?" Ikki's voice suddenly came from the door, scaring the hell out of Jinora. Things between them had been a little better since that talk they had in the school parking lot, but it was far from ideal.

"Did no one ever teach you how to knock properly?"

-"Nope," came her sister's cheery response. "Besides, we need to leave soon if we want to catch the movie in time."

This had the older girl at a loss. "Movie? What movie?"

-"Ice Age, you promised me we would go see the new one together!"

Jinora inwardly swore, because she may or may not have made a vague promise to do that. "Ikki, I can't, I'm going out with friends. Haven't done that in ages."

-"But you promised me!"

If her memory served her well, she had an opportunity to get out of it now. "I said I'd see if I could make time, and I can't, so deal with it."

Ikki pouted and stomped on the floor. "I'm telling Mom!"

"Go nuts." Jinora resolutely turned back to the mirror, applying the last of her make-up before heading out. She knew she'd have to hurry, as her mother would most definitely berate her for this.

She slipped into her jacket, but just before she could make it out the door, she was stopped.

-"Jinora, a word?"

Begrudgingly, Jinora turned around to face her mother. "I'd imagine this is about Ikki?"

-"Correct," was the dry reply with a discerning nod. "She says you promised to take her to the movies, she has been looking forward to it for weeks, and now you're bailing on her. I thought you were making progress, and now you throw this on top."

"Of course she said that. For the record: I didn't promise her anything, I said I might take her if I could make time. Mom, this is the first time in three weeks that I have the opportunity to do what I want, so excuse me if I choose to spend time with my friends and not with her. Why can't you go with her?"

Pema sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose. "Because I still have to iron and fold a mountain of laundry and then do groceries. That aside, she's your sister, you ought to make an effort for her as well."

"I'll take her tomorrow," Jinora said, spreading her arms to emphasize her words.

-"Not an option, she has her gymnastics competition tomorrow." Her mother thought for a moment. "Since you are partially right, I know how hard you've been working over the past couple of weeks, I'm going to give you two options: either you take Ikki to the movies now, or you go with us to her competition tomorrow. If you have time for your friends, then you also have time for your sister."

The younger girl sighed and let her head hang, realizing that she didn't really have a choice here. "Fine, I'll go with you tomorrow. Now can I go?"

Pema shook her head, disappointed with Jinora's tone, but did concede. "Alright, you can go now. Make sure you're home before dinner."

With that, Jinora was out the door, and on her way to the watershed shack where she had agreed to meet Kai. Why there was a bit beyond her, but she wasn't in the mood to question him on something little like that.

The reason soon became apparent to her, though. In fact, she heard it before she could see it: Kai had come on his motorcycle. "Hey babe," he said, pressing a chaste kiss on her lips. "You alright?"

"Yeah," Jinora unconvincingly sighed. "Ikki was acting up, it's gonna land me in a lot of trouble, I can just feel it."

He softly squeezed her hand. "Want to sit here and mope for a bit, or do you want me to take your mind off of things?"

She smiled, realizing she was being unjustly bitter towards him as well. "As tempting as the former is, I'm gonna say the latter."

His smile soon came back as well, and he held a helmet out to her. "Hop on, we're going to have some fun." She quickly clasped the helmet on and wrapped her arms around his waist, enjoying the feeling of comfort that brought with it.

The speed at which Kai was powering down the freeway felt liberating, and Jinora did every much enjoy feeling of the wind hitting her body. Not quite so much as to go into a 'Jack, I'm flying'-pose (she wasn't world-weary just yet), but it was just... nice.

After about 15 minutes, they arrived at the carnival, which was on the other side of town. "What do you think?" he asked, a hopeful look on his face.

Jinora smiled, and Kai's slightly worried frown turned around as well. "I love it," she said.

They joined the queue, and Kai insisted on paying for the tickets like a true gentleman, even though Jinora knew her funds were more expansive. Still, she didn't want to turn what was promising to be the only enjoyable part of her weekend sour, so she just left it there.

After having gone in the super-sized giant's stride and one of the rollercoasters, Jinora felt like a drink, and this time, she insisted on paying. Kai objected at first, but after giving him a stern look, he still agreed, knowing just as well as Jinora that he was broke.

They continued to walk around the theme park when Jinora spotted something from the corner of her eye. (Oh, hell no.) "Kai, eleven o'clock, Bolin and Opal. We have about 5 seconds to decide if we want to spend the day with them."

-"Huh, what?"

Too late. "Kai! Jin!" Bolin yelled out, dragging Opal with him. "What are you doing here?"

Jinora froze in place, realizing that she couldn't just ignore them anymore. "Well, you know, Kai and I were enjoying our day out." She had to restrain Jin from taking over and emphasizing the 'were' in that sentence.

-"Of course you were!" Bolin said with his typical cheery demeanor. "Have you been in the haunted house yet? Korra told me it was awesome here."

Kai shook his head. "No, we haven't, but by all means, lead the way." He did, and Jinora and Kai decided to follow them, because it probably couldn't hurt for now. There wasn't a queue, so they could just go in without any problems, sitting a four-seater cart, Bolin and Opal in front, Kai and Jinora in the back.

The cart had barely started moving, or Opal was already clinging to Bolin. Jinora saw it, and looked over to Kai, who rolled his eyes. This was going to be a long ride.

Unfortunately, that prediction came true. There were multiple opportunities for Kai to make a gagging gesture, which made Jinora laugh every time. It was true. It's not like they themselves were entirely blameless, but they were nowhere near as bad as Bolin and Opal.

In fact, it was starting to get to the point where it was a little bit grating.

-"Wanna have some fun?" Kai asked when they were just out of earshot.

Jinora looked over, seeing the smirk on her boyfriend's face that spelled trouble. "That look doesn't spell good news. What do you have in mind?"

Kai non-committedly shrugged. "Finding out a way to dump Romeo and Juliet over there," he said, nodding to Opal and Bolin. "I'm starting to get fed up with their constant PDA's."

She chuckled. "'Starting'? You're more patient than I am, and that's saying something. What'd you have in mind?" They glanced over to the aforementioned pair, and rolled their eyes in perfect sync, as Bolin and Opal once again had their tongues deep in each other's throats. "Hey, lovebirds, it's a G-rated zone here!" Jinora called out.

They quickly split, both of them having something of a faint blush on their cheeks. "Sorry..." Opal muttered, barely loud enough for Jinora to hear it.

-"You still actually wanna go in rides, or just spend all day making out in the corner?"

Bolin smiled. "Good point. Can we go in that one?" he said, pointing to a slingshot-like device. (Jinora wouldn't go in that thing for her weight in gold and diamonds, but Opal seemed to be easier to sway.)

-"I don't know, Bo," she cautiously said.

-"I'll hold your hand the entire time," he promised, and she conceded, upon which they joined the queue, just out of earshot from the younger couple.

Kai's smile slowly grew. "This is almost too easy. Keep them distracted for a moment, will you?" He walked off, and Jinora didn't know where, though she had a pretty good idea.

'Distraction' was not a very precise term, so Jinora would just have to improvise. (Fortunately, one of her stronger suits.) She joined her friends, who were, miraculously enough, not making out when they were left alone for ten seconds. "Say, answer me something: are you just doing this because Kai and I said you should?"

Bolin just smiled. "Nah, this is something I always think is cool, but Mako was always too much of a sourpuss to go in. Fortunately, Opal can be persuaded. You going in after us?"

"Sure, why not?" Jinora bluffed. "Little more partial to rollercoasters myself, but if Kai wants to, sure."

-"Speaking of Kai, where is he?" Opal asked, looking around for him.

"I honestly don't know," Jinora answered, which was actually true. She had a sneaking suspicion of what he was up to, but it wouldn't take long before she'd find out, because he just came walking around the corner again, a massive grin plastered on his face.

-"Sorry, had to take a leak," he said as soon as he joined the group again. "Looks like you're up," he said to Bolin and Opal, and they quickly strapped themselves in. "Watch this," Kai smirked to Jinora. "This is gonna be good."

Jinora kept her eyes wide open, and saw the helping guy walk up to the seats, checking how they were strapped in.

-"Ready for launch!" a guy at the controls yelled.

From the corner of her eye, Jinora could see the first guy take a bolt out of his pocket, dropping it right alongside the seats of the slingshot. "Hey, what's this?" he loudly asked, holding up the bolt where Bolin and Opal could clearly see it.


-"NO, NO, WAIT!" the pair yelled simultaneously, but they were launched anyway, Opal yelling so loud they could still hear her when she had reached the top of the ride.

Jinora looked over to her boyfriend, trying to look disapproving, but the massive grin on her face would instantly give away that she actually found it very, very funny. Her quasi-stern look worked on Kai's laughing muscles, which in turn affected hers. Before long, they were both laughing out loud, aided by the stream of swears and insults coming from above them. Bolin and Opal had realized what Kai had been up to, and were now probably in the process of thinking up ways for their revenge.

-"Reel them back in," the guy who checked the straps said, and the control guy did just that.

-"I think that's our cue to scram," Kai jovially said, and together, made a run for it, determined to stay out of the hands of what would undoubtedly be the world's angriest couple.

They ran across most of the carnival, eventually deciding to hide in the arcade for a while, ducking between two stands. "Okay, I will admit, that was fun," Jinora said, looking out to see if Bolin and Opal had followed them. The coast appeared to be clear, and she turned back to her boyfriend.

At this point, she couldn't stop herself; she had to kiss him. With the light only coming in from the side, he was devilishly handsome, and being in such close proximity, she was simply unable to resist him.

"Thank you for today," Jinora softly said. "It's been a while since I had this much fun."

-"But our day out is nowhere near over."

"Oh, semantics," she chuckled. "I really did need this."

Kai smiled, though not his typical slanted smirk, more like a very genuine smile. "You are welcome." She was about to check if the coast was still clear when Kai pulled her back to take a selfie. Not her favorite thing to do in the world, she didn't really get people's obsession with documenting their own face with everything, but for now, she'd make an exception.

Just as he was about to snap the picture, Jinora turned her head, pressing a chaste kiss on his cheek, making Kai blush. "Like I said; good fun."

What's this? Not another month-long wait? So unorthodox! Kidding aside, this was it for part 1. Part 2 is in the works, so keep an eye out for that.

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