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Getting up in the morning was, if anything, even more painful than climbing back into her room with three busted ribs. As soon as Jinora was standing on her own feet again, she lost her balance because of the pain, and grabbed hold of the first solid object her hand could reach, which was her desk.

Unfortunately, it had a glass on it that she knocked off the desk, and it promptly shattered when it hit the floor.

"You have got to be kidding me!" she said out loud, now completely stuck for options. She was barefoot, on a wooden floor with about three feet of glass between her and the door, and quite a bit of pain coming from her side.

-"Jinora, are you alright in there?" her mother's voice came from the other side of the door, and for once, Jinora was glad to hear it.

"No, I'm not, could you come in here?"

Pema stepped inside, seeing the mess her daughter was in, who was clutching her side and leaning on her desk for support. "Oh my God, what happened to you?"

"Fell out of bed last night and I landed on my side. This really hurts." Another lie, and this really started to get her worried; they were coming easier and more frequent as time marched on.

Her mother eyed Jinora up carefully. "Alright, stay there, I'm just going downstairs for a broom and a vacuum. Don't want you slicing your feet open on top of everything else."

"Yeah, thanks," Jinora said with a morbid chuckle. She waited patiently for Pema to come back with the necessary equipment to finish at least clearing the way for her daughter. She quickly swept the floor clean, making sure she could move around the room freely.

-"Want me to take a look at that?" the mother asked, a worried frown on her face.

Jinora shook her head. "I think it'll be fine," she said, but she couldn't finish her sentence without grimacing.

-"Uh-huh, and I'm the Easter Bunny. You can barely stand on your own two feet from the pain, so no, you won't be fine. Come on, let me help you." Together, they very gently rolled up the younger girl's shirt, and even without having a good angle, Jinora could see the bruising. It looked completely black and blue, which was pretty much the way it was feeling. "I'm taking you to the hospital, this is not good, Jinora. You go and clean yourself up as best you can, and I'll call your school that you can't come in today. Sound like a plan?"

"Sure thing, Mom." Pema turned around again, leaving her daughter to dress herself to get to the hospital.

Several grunts and internal curses later, Jinora was dressed in clothes that would be easy to take off again, should a doctor need her to do that. She quickly ate her breakfast, while her mother informed that they would be going to the hospital after dropping off Meelo and Rohan at school as well.

Climbing into their high-riding Land Rover was difficult, but not impossible, especially with some very sweet help from both her little brothers. Pema had already called into school that she wouldn't be coming in due to a medical emergency.

Her doctor was a middle-aged woman, which did comfort Jinora slightly. Even though she knew doctors tended to be professionals, the thought of having to undress in front of a man made her slightly uncomfortable. At first, both Pema and Jinora were asked to sit down. "What happened?" the doctor asked.

"Fell out of bed, and landed badly on my side," Jinora simply answered, same lie she told her mother, but she'd have to keep up the facade for now.

-"Hmm," the doctor nodded, and turned to Pema. "Mrs. Gyatso, I'd like some privacy with my patient. Would you please wait in the waiting area?"

Pema smiled. "Of course." She quietly got up, and left after which Jinora was indeed asked to undress.

The doctor let out several 'hmm's and 'uh-huh's, before looking at the young girl with a knowing smile on her face. "You didn't get this from falling out of bed," she said.

In all honesty, Jinora wasn't really surprised she found out. "No, I had a little accident while skating, but I'd rather have my mother wouldn't know about this. I was knocked off my skateboard when someone crashed into me, and slammed into a rail."

-"Well, that explains the narrow bruising. I can't see on the outside whether they are cracked or bruised, so we're going to have to make an X-ray. What I can tell you in advance is that there isn't a lot I can do about it, other than prescribe pain medication."

Jinora dutifully nodded, and after dressing herself, went outside again, where they were led to the X-ray machine. Taking the picture itself was a cinch, and the doctor took another close look at it, before a worried frown appeared on her face. "It looks like you cracked two ribs, which explains the pain you're constantly feeling. The third one is only bruised, so that should heal a lot faster. I'm going to put you on Vicodin, which is a rather serious painkiller. It can make you feel numb, so do be careful with it."

"Thanks, Doc." With the pills in their possession, they made their way back to the car, deciding it wouldn't really make sense to take Jinora to school anymore. Her classes for today were nearly over anyway, and she was ahead anyway for the ones she still had left.

On the way back home, Jinora suddenly received a text, from the person she'd least expect, if she was very honest with herself.

06 376 82 947: How bad is it?

Jinora: Bad. Two cracked ribs and high on painkillers now.

06 376 82 947: Lucky bastard :-P

Jinora smiled at Kai's admission, and she decided now was as good a time as any. A few quick moves over her screen, and her smile grew as she saw the confirmation her phone displayed: "Kai Fong added to contacts."

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