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Family Weekend (Part 1)
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Family Weekend (Part 2)

Family dinner had been tense as of late. Normally, Ikki was the one talking the loudest, typically in a friendly discussion with Jinora, but there had been a tension rising between them since the make-up incident. To Ikki, Jinora couldn't do anything right anymore, and vice-versa, everything Ikki did vexed Jinora. It had already cost both of them a couple of nights of extra dish-duty.

Of course, Meelo and Rohan were perfectly content with that, it meant they didn't have to clean up after dinner. (Simple hierarchy in their family: Tenzin earned, Pema cooked, and the children cleaned.)

-"We've been invited by Kya and Lin to stay the weekend at their house. I hope you don't have any plans." Pema said when it fell silent (again) at the family dinner table.

Tenzin didn't seem too pleased with this. "Seriously?"

-"Yes, seriously. She's your sister, you should be getting along with her," the mother added, though not without a glance towards her two daughters.

Jinora could only roll her eyes at this. "Are you still blaming me for all this?"

-"Jinora, not at the table," her father warned. "This is dinner time, and I don't want to spend it keeping you and your sister off each other's throats."

-"But why?" Meelo perked up. "I still want to see them fight!"

Pema sighed. "Meelo, you shouldn't be encouraging others to fight. Now we are going there as a family, and I hope that this visit will help you two to reconcile," she said, throwing Jinora and Ikki stern looks.

The girls sighed. "Yes..." they groaned simultaneously. The rest of the dinner was quiet, tense, and Jinora couldn't wait to get far away from that table.

That night was a disappointment altogether, because Jinora really, really wanted to go skating one last time before the weekend, but unfortunately, it was raining cats and dogs. Even if she managed to sneak out unseen, no one would be crazy enough to go to the park now. With a resigned sigh, she locked herself up in her room, knowing that she'd probably miss going to the park over the weekend more than she'd like to admit to herself.

Jinora was actually kind of looking forward to school. (Imagine that: looking forward to school on a Friday.) It meant that she could put some distance between her and Ikki, though there was a downside, which became apparent at lunch.

-"Gyatso, got a minute?"

She didn't even need to look up to know that it was Kai. "Can we not do this now? I'm really not in the mood for your bullshit." (Seeing how boys will be boys, the fact that she was covering up her attraction with a thin veneer of animosity was something he remained oblivious to.)

Unfortunately, she knew that he wouldn't let himself be put off by this. "Relax, I'm not here to blackmail you again or something, just came by to give you the heads up."

At this, she perked up. "Heads up of what?"

-"Korra is taking her girlfriend with her to the park tomorrow, heard it from Bolin. You typically don't show up there in the weekends, so I figured you might want to change that for once."

(Of course, this only made her feel like kicking herself even more.) "Dammit. I can't, I'm forced to come along on family weekend. Needless to say, I'm not looking forward to being locked up in a car with my sister for two hours, and now you made that even less appealing."

Kai slowly nodded. "Sucks to be you. Anyway, enjoy your little family trip," he smirked, before walking off.

Jinora's urge to deck him was growing again, but she bit it back. "Yeah, yeah, screw you too, Fong."

This was exactly the kind of news she could have done without. Not only had she been looking forward to going to the park again, meeting Korra's girlfriend was also pretty high on her list, and now she'd be unable to do either.

"Fuck my life," she sighed quietly.

Even though Jinora was fine with the greetings and small talk with Lin, she decided it was probably safest to avoid her for now. This was where her schoolbooks would come in handy, because it gave her an excuse to avoid her by saying she had to do homework. While this wasn't entirely a lie, (she had already finished it a long time ago) so she instead decided to use the time to work ahead.

It was boring and tedious, but at least it kept her occupied and safe. Unfortunately, there was someone with different ideas about that.

About an hour in, Aunt Lin walked in, carrying her typically stern expression. She took a suspicious look around, trying to find anything out of place. "You know, Kya was looking forward to seeing you again."

Jinora smiled. "Likewise, but unfortunately, I'm busy."

-"Cut the crap, Jinora. The only thing you're busy with is avoiding me."

With her best and most innocent expression, Jinora tried to feign ignorance. "Why would I be doing that?"

-"You wouldn't be, unless you had something to hide from." Lin pulled up a chair, taking a seat opposite of her niece. "Now I know it was you I saw a few weeks back at the North Point Mall. I told your mother, and she didn't believe me, unsurprisingly. I didn't have any proof, I wouldn't have believed it either if it was my daughter."

Jinora was just about ready to strike back, because the perfect plan was forming in her head. "Are you going somewhere with this?"

Lin sighed. "I am. In spite of what I do for a living, I don't want to be arresting you for trespassing or whatever else it is you do with those people. You are family, so I'm warning you here and now: stay away fom them."

"I'm a big girl, I can decide on my own who my friends should and shouldn't be."

-"Listen to what I am saying. When push comes to shove, I will arrest you, and it will go on the record. I'm not going to hold back because you're family. Do you understand me?"

Jinora chuckled. "Well, don't worry, you won't have to arrest me."

Lin sighed. "I hope you're right, because your parents would be heartbroken if I do." It briefly fell silent, during which Jinora and Lin exchanged a hard look, neither one willing to back down. "Dinner is almost ready. I'm kind of expecting you to join us rather than eat a plate up here by your lonesome."

Jinora nodded. "I'll be right down."

-"I've prepared a room for you girls, it's about time you should be heading to bed," Kya announced. However, Jinora didn't really take this as being meant for her, given that she hadn't had a real bedtime in about three years.

-"That means you too, Jinora," Pema said.

This took her by surprise. "Mom, I'm 17 going on 18, don't you think bedtimes aren't really necessary anymore on Fridays?"

Her mother sighed. "You're in the guest bedroom, and you know how light a sleeper your sister is. You'd definitely wake her up if you don't go to bed for another hour."

(Oh hell no!) Jinora mouth literally fell open. "Are you kidding me? You're putting me in the same room as her?!"

-"'Her' has a name, you can stand to use it. Now I don't care about this little feud between the two of you, you've been living in the same house for over 14 years, you can spend one night in the same bed together. It's not like you've never done that before."

"That's cute when you're 7 and 4, not when you're 17 and 14. Come on, aren't there any other beds I can sleep in?"

Pema sighed, and pinched the bridge of her nose. "Jinora Gyatso, you are going to get along with your sister for the night, or so help me God, I will make you. Neither of you will like what happens then, so you'd both better make at least a little effort to make this weekend work. Do you hear me?"

The tone her mother struck was clear: no room for discussion or negotiation. Contrary to popular belief, Jinora's ability to be scary as hell when she wanted to be came from her caring and loving mother, not her relatively stern father, like the few people who knew about it thought. "Yes," she begrudgingly answered.

-"That means 'now', Jinora. To bed with you."

With a sigh, Jinora stood up and made for the designated bedroom. In it, Ikki was already unpacking. "I take it Dad told you what's going to happen?" The younger girl vaguely nodded, so Jinora just took it he did. "Look, Mom made it very clear that we can do this the easy way or the hard way. Now I don't know about you, but I prefer easy."

Ikki sighed. "What would the hard way look like?"

"Let's not find out." Jinora turned around, finally facing her sister. "Truce?"

A vague smile played over Ikki's lips. "Sure."

Jinora smiled too, because she knew this had just become a lot easier. "You want the bathroom first? I'll change, then we switch."

-"Sounds like a plan." With this, Ikki took off for the bathroom, and Jinora set to work undressing herself for the night.

Fifteen minutes later, both girls were properly dressed and cleaned for the night, lying in bed next to each other like they had done so many times in the past. Jinora couldn't help but feel a certain intimacy the darkness gave them, and her wonderment about whether or not Ikki felt the same thing was quickly answered.



-"Why do we have to fight?"

Jinora couldn't help a morbid chuckle and this, and had to hold back Jin from saying 'it's what sisters do'. "I don't know. Guess we're just getting a little on each other's nerves lately."

-"Shouldn't we try to stop it?"

The older girl sighed. "Yeah. Maybe we should."

-"Extend the truce 'till after we get home?"

Jinora rolled over, seeing the moonlight glistening in her sister's grey eyes. This was probably the closest they had been in weeks, both physically and emotionally. "I would like that. Sleep tight, Ikki."

-"Sleep tight."

Unfortunately, neither of them knew that the night would turn things around in the most unexpected way.

Alright, it's official, I suck. I've taken this long for a short chapter that I don't think is very good or very worth your time, and to top it all off, I've ended it on a cliffhanger. Feel free to hate me. I'm moving some chess pieces around for now, making sure everything is ready for the next chapter, which is going to turn things upside down, and that requires preparation. I hope you enjoyed at least a little bit of this. Peace out!

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