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By day, Jinora is a typical good girl: straight-A student, doing what her parents tell her to, and never one for getting into trouble. But everything changes at night: when she discards her button-up for a hoodie, and her schoolbooks for a skateboard. At night, she becomes Jin, the carefree skater girl, who has a surprising amount of talent. But what happens when someone starts blurring the lines between the two?

Another modern AU, this time with a focus on Kainora for a change. Special thanks goes to AvatarKya who did both drawings of Jinora for this story, even though I adapted one of them from All Are Equal. (Removing the gun was the main change.)

Once again, there will be some coarse language, though nothing too excessive this time around. There might be sex later on, but nothing confirmed as of yet. Rating will change should that happen.

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Who We Are Jinora

The artwork AvatarKya made for this story, bless her heart.

I started writing this after I stumbled across a short one-shot on FFN again, called Holding My Breath. I thought the set-up had promise, but it needed a lot more polish, which is what I told the author. I have reached out to her since, but she has not continued the story, so I picked it up, stripped it down to the prompt, and started again from there.

Those of you who are wondering: this is just going to be my side-story, for when I feel like writing something a bit lighter than The Callgirl. It's also my first true Kainora story, because All Are Equal didn't have that as the primary relationship.

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