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Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to White Lotus in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

White lotus
White Lotus
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White Lotus is an upcoming action and drama series set in the Avatar universe. The story, written by Rassilon of Old, is set in 154 AG, and follows what remains of the Order of the White Lotus in Republic City. The series is set to begin after the final chapters of Avatar: The Legend of Teru have aired.



Although the creator of the series already had two fanon projects - Avatar: The Legend of Teru and The Common Series Project - at the time White Lotus began production, increasing boredom from writing Legend of Teru and the production delays of The Common Series Project lead Rassilon of Old to find a new stress output project, and formulated ideas for Avatar fan-fiction. Although White Lotus was of no means the first idea he had, Rassilon was enthralled by it, taking a great deal of inspiration from British science fiction series Torchwood, in particular, the fourth series, Miracle Day.


The series is to be released in serials - a story told over an extended story arc - to achieve a better flowing narrative style to explore themes and develop characters more effectively.

The first serial, The Waters of Earth, is currently in the planning stage, with no chapters written, however it is currently planned that there will be ten chapters, one chapter for each of the ten days the serial is set over.


The Waters of Earth

Main article: The Waters of Earth

One day, water freezes, every drop. All across the world, water freezes. Next day, frozen. Next day, frozen. And the next, and the next. Every drop of water has frozen. The Republic City Intelligence Organization's (RCIO) investigations lead to two words only - "White Lotus". As RCIO field agent Naro Sonechi attempts to discover the roots of "White Lotus", he becomes entwined in a mystery that transcends the Four Nations. Suspected of treason, Naro is under attack by RCIO, and his only hope is the very organization which ruined his life - The Order of the White Lotus.

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