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Hushed Mystery
Inconsistencies are difficult to hear over raging winds of the tempest...
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Avatar: The Last Airbender


Book One: Hushed Mystery is the first of a planned two books of the Whispers of Tempests series.


Three Airbenders must try to make peace for their opposite element... Sohyon has been assigned to act as a mediator between two warring Earth Empires of the East while the elders keep Yangchen's destiny a secret from her. He is joined by his best friend, Eizo, as well as an unlikely ally he finds in the young Air Sister, Kanae, thus forming the group known as Tiáotíng Zhě. But when the three make their way to the Land of Earth, they find that peace will not be easy, and neither Empress Ichihara, Emperor Mashita nor any of their supporters seem willing to give any ground. Will Sohyon, Eizo, and Kanae be able to fix the conflict, or will the chaos devour them instead?

Rating Information

Book One is within the rating boundaries of TV-14. As described by Wikipedia, "Parents are strongly urged to exercise greater care in monitoring this program and are cautioned against letting children under 13 or 14 watch unattended." I will further delve into the rating by providing a bit of insight into some of the "questionable" aspects:

  • D for intense suggestive dialogue
  • L for strong coarse language

Supporting Characters

Air Nomads

  • Monk Seijin - Sohyon's mentor, one of the elder Monks of the Northern Air Temple. A very serious monk who wants what is best for Sohyon and acts as a father of sorts: often harsh, but loves Sohyon deeply.
  • Sister Liling - A sister nomad who travels with Kanae and a few other female Air Nomads from the Western Air Temple to the Northern Air Temple to discuss the issue of the conflict in the East along with the Air Nomads responsibility in the matter.

Earth Kingdom Leaders

  • Empress Ichihara - The stern twenty-seven year-old leader of the Mountain Empire. She longs for an independence from any other nations, and viciously fights against other Earth leaders looking down on her for her age and gender. She sees no error in her decision to deny Emperor Mashita's marriage request, and refuses to move in her position in the matter.
  • Emperor Mashita - The forty-two year-old widower and leader of the Stone Empire. Three years after his wife died, Mashita proposed to the empress of the Mountain Nation out of hopes of making peace between the constantly feuding Mountain and Stone Empires, as well as to gain more land and power. When he was rejected, he flew into a rage and refuses to move in his desire to wed the empress.
  • Lord Mashita - Lord Eiichi Mashita is the nineteen year-old son of Emperor Mashita. He stands by his father's side in the conflict, though is widely disliked by the people of both nations for his arrogant nature.
  • Lord Saromi - The middle-aged, party hosting nobleman who claims to be neutral, however very heavily favors Emperor Mashita and strives to ensure that Tiáotíng Zhě does as well, or stays out of his way..
  • Lady Saromi - Lord Saromi's twenty-three year-old trophy wife, who seems to have no real opinion of her own in the matter of the conflict...

Note from the Writer

Hey Everyone! I am deeply grateful that you are considering reading my fanon and have gotten this far in reading this lengthy note. Whispers of Tempests is my fifth published series on the Avatar Wiki, however two of those five were abandoned. Having relinquished my writer's block and bad feelies, I've decided to tackle a long-standing idea of mine: this fanon. I have several different inspirations for this fanon, most of which will be described in author's notes or trivia at the bottom of chapters. Of course, I cannot give myself full credit—what I hope will make this fanon great is you, Everyone. After all, seeing your bright and smiling faces -cough- Avatars is what gives me the inspiration to keep writing.

In addition to the content listed above in this page, I have a few notes and comments I'd like to make on this, the first book of my fanon. When thinking up the idea for this fanon, I actually came up with the second book before the first. My first instinct was to simply write the second book as its own fanon, the name to be "Dive Into the Eye of the Storm" (to be the name of Book 2), as the events can largely stand alone from those of the first book. But I chose to write this, "Hushed Mystery" as the beginning of my fanon.

So why did I choose to add in the first book? There are a few reasons. First, I was realizing that my writing was getting steadily more and more depressing (this realization came to me after writing a flash-fiction piece on a man microwaving his head to kill himself, which I later found out happened in Infinite Jest—go figure). After writing about rape and stuff in my last fanon, I thought that it was a bit premature to dive into another emotionally heavy project; but at the same time I liked my idea for "Dive Into the Eye of the Storm" too much to just abandon it. Thus, it occurred to me to write a lighter first book to introduce the characters, let my readers get to know them, and show how they got to the point of Book Two in what I think is witty banter and light humor while still showing a serious subject and less-than-happy character backgrounds. It just so happens that the latter is also why I decided to add a first book: with all that I have planned in Book Two, Book One will give me the opportunity to introduce character basics and develop them enough for readers to be immediately impacted by the shift of the second book. What I'm hoping is that you'll get to know and love the characters in the first book, then in the second book I can make you hate their guts and be really upset by their decisions!

That's pretty much all I wanted to say and note about this book in particular. I hope that this will help you to get a good idea of what the book is all about, as well as some context to what you are reading. Overall, I just want to make sure that you get the most out of your reading experience.

I'll see you along the way, Everyone!

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