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South Pole


Republic City



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The Koi

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The Gang


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Ch.3 Gang

Whiplash is a member of the Gang and Alex's waterbending teacher.


Born in the South Pole, he grew up mainly on the stories told to him by the villagers and the elders. He always wanted to go out on an adventure of his very own so when he turned 13, he was able to get his own boat and went on out on his own adventure. After going around for a while, he found his destination in Republic City, and has been their for a while now. He is willing to go anywhere else on his big adventure if he needs to though.

Personality and relationships

Whiplash is a very cheeky type of kid and has a liking to pranks. Ever since he was a kid back at the South Pole, he always enjoyed a good prank here and there, and it shows when he soaked Leo and Alex the first time they meet. Despite his cheeky ways, he's still a pretty good kid.

The Gang

His relations with the team he's in is about average. He trusts the team pretty well and he'll go pretty far to protect it, though he does kind of annoy the others with his cheekiness. He looks to the members in different ways, but none of it bad.

The Brothers

He starts off on the wrong foot with them with his pranks as usual but he warms up to them fast. He is proven a good teacher when training Alex on how to waterbend.

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