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While The City Sleeps (TLAT)
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The Lost Air Temple


1 Fall of the Sages


9 While The City Sleeps

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Last Time On TLAT The fighting rages on as the battle between Finosa and Raingeous. Meanwhile, Baizken runs from a fight as Bard is in hot pursuit of him. Gatton is able to talk to the our mystery man, but what dark secrets is he hiding.


"Capture her!" Raingeous exclaimed.

Finosa knew she was trapped. She was out of energy and out of time. They captured her and began to haul her off.

"There will be a rematch," she exclaimed.

"And you will lose, again," he said.

The guards put her in chains, so she could not fire bend and carried her off. The tunnel they were taking her to was deep underground. It was narrow and musty smelling which made her gag. The guards stepped away and she tried to run, but they had a hold of her chains. Before she could get far, she fell over and was dragged back up like a Se Tu. She took a minute to think. All of her loved ones except Grandma were either dead or imprisoned. She knew that that creep would catch or kill her brother and all hope would be lost.

Baizken was running down the hall quite pleased with himself. He had out smarted a guard, took down a sage, and even defeated guards, all with no formal training. Just listening and watching others.

"Man, I am epic," he yelled, full of adrenaline.

He was, so, happy. Everyone was alright as far as he knew. After he freed all the sages on the council and the lower level ones they could find Grandpa. Maybe even take back the capital. He stopped to read a sign telling him where he was. He heard laughter; a cackling sound of noise. It echoed through the tunnels.

"Pass the salt pass the pepper..." Baizken heard the eery voice.

Baizken knew who it was. The sage that creeped him out since the first time he saw him. The noise was getting louder and Baizken knew the sage was getting closer. He began to make a run for it, but he looked behind and Bard was flying, using fire bending, right toward him. He stopped very close to him, about only a few yards away.

"Come with me non-bender boy. For prison noodles taste good with soy," Bard said.

"Yeah, one you're crazy and two I am running. Bye..." Baizken said and was about to run.

The sage quickly launched a fire blast. Which Baizken quickly dodged. The boy quickly ran closer to swipe the sage (try saying that three times fast). The sage back pedaled to dodge the onslaught of strikes and stabs. Not even a paper cut was on the sage.

"Now let's fight for real. Boy who's face looks like an eel," remarked Bard.

"When I am done with your face it will look worse!" yelled Baizken.

Gatton and the man found a quiet room to hide in which appeared to be a kitchen.

"Where were we. Ah, yes, my story. Anyway, that group I was traveling with, what was it... Now I remember, it was a circus. I was a magician, a great one at that. [Author Note: this was suggested by a friend] I could make almost anything turn into smoke," said he.

Gatton took a sip out of a soup pot using a stirring spoon.

"Wow that is neat. But, how does that explain why you were in an underground secret prison?" asked Gatton

"Well, if you would be quiet I might get to that part," said the magician.

Gatton pouted like a little child. He, then, heard something. It was a low buzzing sound. Was it humming?

"Quick, hide, Mister Magician," remarked Gatton.

It was a woman who had come in there to cook? No, she was doing laundry in that pot. Gatton was extremely grossed out by this. She took out, all, the sages laundry out of the pot. She, then, put a new load in.

"Are you gonna try this soup, Avatar," asked Smoke.

At Gatton's house, Grandma is looking out the window. It is almost 4 in the mourning and the children still are not home. The house is empty, so she uses this time to eat some fire flakes.

"Rose(Rose is Grandma's real name), you have got to get everyone home much more early. Your grandchildren should not be out all night."

She noticed her flakes were gone, so she went to the kitchen to get some fire gummies. They weren't fire flakes, but they beat beats and celery. She looked out the back door. It wasn't the family, it was two men. She hid behind the counter as they knocked.

"Please let us in we need to talk to you," said the men.

Quickly thinking, Grandma grabbed one of Baizken's toy swords she didn't clean up.

"Hello, Miss, are you up?" they asked.

She shoved the sharp toy sword through the mail flap and got one in the leg.

"Ow! Burn it!" he yelped.

"What's a matter, Boss?" asked the other one.

He looks through the flap and gets his eye poked out.

Finosa was tired, so tired she could barely walk. Her feet drug the ground, and to make it worse, the guards picked up the pace. She knew she had to escape, but how? She looked around it would dark except there were torches.

"I have to go to the bathroom," she said.

"Can't you wait. The nearest bathroom is back up," one of them said.

She shook her head. This was her chance to escape.

"Huh, well, looks like were going up-hill," said Finosa.

They walked and they walked and walked some more. Finally they had reached the surface. The sages looked at each other.

"Where's the bathroom?" another one asked.

"Why would I know I don't spend most of my time here," said Finosa.

"Well, little girl, we don't normally stay on the surface. We were trained underground. Today, we submerged and blended with the other sages. We captured sages or killed them. We took their place, so the numbers would be normal. Then we struck," he explained.

"So, you don't know where a bathroom is?" she asked again.

"Well, um, uh, no," he sighed

"Doesn't that sign say bathroom over there?" she remarked.

"Yeah, it does," said the man.

She walked through the door, then slammed it behind. The chains were caught in the door. She struggled, but she couldn't get farther.

"Why don't you unchain me before I go in?" she asked.

"Of course, but when you come out they go right back on," they all said.

She waited a few moments; then she burnt down the door. The guards were shocked, but not unprepared. They were ready to fight.

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