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This takes place 14 years after the end of the series.

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Avatar: The Life After War





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17th October 2010

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Training and Planning

Chapter 1- Where to Next

"Okay, so all you do is place your hand on the piece of metal," said Toph to Bumi whilst placing her hand on the metal sheet. "Since you can see, when you try, I would like you to close your eyes and search the metal for earth. Watch me." As she placed her hand on the piece of metal she twisted her hand it split in two. "Can I have a go Sifu Toph? Please!!!!" "Well, all right then, but don't tell your parents, they told me not to let you metalbend until your 18." Replied Toph. "But you learnt metalbending when you were 12!" Exclaimed Bumi. "I didn't LEARN. I invented." "Yeah, but still." "I'm not the one saying you can't metalbend. I am saying that you can have a try. So place your hand on the metal, close your eyes. Search for the earth and twist your hand." As he twisted his hand the whole ship shook. "What was that Sifu Toph?" Bumi asked in rather scared voice. But before he heard an answer he saw Toph running up onto the deck to 'see' what was going on. Out of instinct Bumi followed her onto the deck. "Why was the ship shaking?" Yelled Toph. Her answer came all too quickly. Kya, Katara and Aang's 3 year old daughter, waterbended a large amount of water at Toph. "AHHHHH! I HATE Children!""The ship shook because my niece waterbended a lot of water at me whilst I was steering the ship I fell over and as I did I knocked the wheel." Replied Sokka. "HAHAHAHAHA. You got beat a girl!" Joked Toph. "It wouldn't be the first time. Remember, that's how we met," said Suki. "Oh HA HA HA make fun of the guy that spent 5 weeks in Wulong Forest looking for my space sword." "You wouldn't have found it if I hadn't of tripped you up!" Laughed Toph. "Hey I still had bruising for over a year after that." "Stop being a wimp Sokka! The bruising stayed for about a week not a year." Replied Toph. "And how would you know Miss I act all Tough but I can't even read or write!" "Don't talk to my... girlfriend like that!" Screamed The Duke "What are you going to... WAIT! Your dating Toph?" "He has been since Momo died!" "WAIT... Momo died?" "Yeah he did. A poisoned berry. About 8 years ago" Said Aang mournfully. "I thought he just got lost one day when we were at a port getting supplies" "Yeah, well you were wrong," said Toph whilst punching Sokka on the arm. "OW!" "You big wimp" "I am not a wimp if anything I am a brave Southern Water Tribe Warrior." "...HAHAHA!" Laughed everyone. "Look can we just stop this and decided where we are going next?" "Yeah sure. But first I think In need to go and put some dry clothes on." And on that note he left to go to his and Ty Lee's room to get changed. "I think I need to get changed too," said Toph. And she popped off to her room. After 10 minutes Toph walked into the map room and sat down next to The Duke. Meanwhile Sokka is talking about where they should travel to next. Aang suggests Kyoshi Island. When asked why he replies "So I can show the kids how to ride the Unagi" Mai, Katara, Suki and Ty Lee quickly dispose of that idea. At that moment Bumi walks in and says " Can we go to Omashu? I want to see King Bumi" Toph then butt's in and asks "Is that so you can learn to bend Jennomite?" Bumi replies "Yes" "Okay Team Avatar is Back!" Said Sokka. "Do you have to say that every time we decide where we're going next?" Adds Katara. "Yes as a matter of fact I do!"

" But can we go to Kyoshi so I can check up on the Kyoshi Warriors?" asked Suki. "Yeah and so I can ride the Unagi." Aang gets a few stern looking faces from the mothers sitting in the room.

Suki was wearing the traditional uniform of a Kyoshi Warrior. So were her two daughters, Umli and Kilya. Though theirs were more basic and did not have the headband or metal chest plate. "Okay girls, your fan is just and extension of your arm. It's not all about strength. It's about turning your opponents strength against them." And as Suki said those last words of advice Umli knocked Kilya on the floor. "Cheat" Exclaimed Kilya. "I am not a cheat" Umli replied. "Are to" "MUM?" Asked Kilya and Umli asked. "Kilya your sister is not a cheat, she started training one year ago and you have only just started. I don't want to here any of you saying the other was a cheat unless they actually did cheat. Do you understand?" "Yes mum" They replied in unison. "Now go off and get changed" Umli and Kilya then ran off to get changed.

"Land Ho!" Yelled Sokka "Why did you have to yell 'Land Ho!'?" Asked Katara. "I don't know. Why do you have to act all motherly?" Sokka replied sarcasticly. "Because I am a mother" "Oh yeah right, forgot about that" "Well we're here!" Bellowed Aang. He was just about top take a step off the ship and Suki, Umli and Kilya ran past him and into the Training hut. "Well, no need to be polite." "Sorry Aang." Suki yelled from the wooden hut. "I never thought I would miss Earth so much!" Bellowed Toph. "Okay children, why don't you go and play with the nice children of Kyoshi," said Katara. "Okay, mummy." Replied Gyatso as he and the other children ran off to find the children.

Sokka, Katara and Aang walked over to the Mayor's house. "Avatar, welcome home," said Oyaji welcoming them into his home. "Hi Oyaji."

Far away in the South Pole, a certain Princess is waiting for her turn to seek revenge on her brother for keeping her locked up for 13 years.


  • When Toph says " I never thought I would miss Earth so much" is a mimic of what Aang says in The Siege of the North part 2.

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