Where We Fell For Each Other
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The Weatherbenders


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1 January 2012

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Where We Fell For Each Other is the second minisode to take place during The Weatherbenders. It is a co-op project between the author and The Ultimate Waterbender. This minisode takes place during chapter ten of the series.


While Reeaki is having his talk with another man who is from his world, Aang and Katara return to the Serpent's Pass and rekindle some old memories.

The story

"Hey, Katara," Aang looked towards his girlfriend. "While we're waiting for Reeaki to you want to check out the Serpent's Pass one more time?" He was wearing a bright smile on his face.

Just hearing the term, "Serpent's Pass," brought back a flood of memories and the young Waterbender turned to Aang, the corners of her mouth pulling up into a smile as well. "I'd love to," she readily agreed.

"All right," Aang replied, and he took his girlfriend's hand. "Guys, we'll be back," he then told the rest of the team. "All right," most of them quietly said.

Katara noticed from the way many of them spoke that morale was quite low and she could understand why. But she decided not to let herself feel troubled and instead looked out onto the winding pass that lay ahead of them. "It seems like forever since that day at the Serpent's Pass," she remarked as they walked, "but everything is still so clear."

"I know..." Aang looked ahead, looking at her before they continued up the path. "This trip was probably one of the most important for me in my helped me so much more than I ever could have imagined."

She nodded and couldn't have agreed more. It had seemed almost miraculous the transformation the Avatar had undergone when he laid eyes on the family of refugees. He had been acting so indifferent and closed off the night before and to see him open up again had filled her with happiness.

They made their way up to where that big moment occurred. The eath tent that Toph had made for that family was still standing, somehow. "Wow, it's still there," Aang remarked. "It was in there...I remember it so well...when I laid my eyes on that beautiful new life..."

Katara ran her hand over the rough earthen wall, surprised herself that it was still intact, especially considering the battle that had occurred there during Sozin's Comet. "That really was a miracle. I had helped with deliveries before, but there was something special about that child, I could tell."

"I could tell as well," Aang recalled. "It really helped me realize so many things...if you didn't invite me in....who knows where I would have been when we made it to Ba Sing Se."

"One can only wonder, I suppose," Katara replied. "But of course I had to invite you in to see. And I can still picture the way your expression changed. It was like you were a whole different person almost."

"When I saw Hope," Aang again went into his memory, "it helped me show that despite all the hardships, there was still somewhere...a symbol of hope...of matter how hard times get, there's still that special something that provides that hope and love. Something to keep your heart with."

"Amazing how sometimes all it takes is a moment and simple thing such as a war-battered family with a new child to make you realize such powerful things like that," Katara said in a quiet voice. She stepped inside the earth tent, the space bare yet still so meaningful.

Aang eventually followed Katara outside and the two stood at the waters out ahead of them. The Avatar stood happily as it was just outside the tent that very day when he essentially expressed his feelings for her. That feeling of being in her arms shortly thereafter was one of his favorite. All he could do was think of all the wonderful memories he had after a rough night beforehand.

"I still think back to what you said to me soon afterwards outside," Katara said as they overlooked the jagged pass. "It was quite a while before I realized that you were basically saying, 'I love you,' at that moment."

"I didn't think to say it directly," Aang said. "I thought it was a little too early...I wouldn't know how you would react. But...I knew then you meant that much to me. A symbol not just of hope for the future...but love. Like when you pulled me out of the Avatar State in the desert..."

"True, it was perhaps a bit early, but honestly, I think that was around the time I started to fall for you, too," Katara told him. "The way you were since Appa was stolen and then suddenly seeing you open yourself up... It was almost like seeing you in a whole new light."

"We definitely saw a new beginning for us that day," Aang said. "I didn't know how you would react to me saying what I did...but when I saw you smile and even shed a couple of tears...I had a feeling we were going to be together from that day onward."

"Really?" Katara gazed over at him, a smile once again settling over her features. "But yes, what you said really got to me. Even though I didn't immediately realize what you had meant, it still meant more to me than anything."

"For most of our remaining time during the War, I felt it was going to be," Aang said. "The only time I got nervous was those nights on Ember Island...but in the end, it all worked out. I'm glad it worked out this mean so much to me, and it never was clearer than when we were here."

"I'm more than happy it turned out this way," she said. "And it's funny, I had a small realization of sorts when we visited the village where Aunt Wu lived. She told me I would one day be with a powerful bender. Ironically, when you beat back the volcanic eruption, Sokka remarked how you were a powerful bender. I had a sort of epiphany at that point, but never thought much of it after that."

"That was actually one of the first days I tried to tell you how much I liked you," Aang recalled. "I didn't love you was back then that I just had a crush on you. However, you didn't seem to think of me as more than a friend...when I tried to tell you, you were so tied up in Aunt Wu's fortunetelling that you didn't seem to notice me."

Katara cast her gaze off to the side, feeling a twinge of guilt. "I know... and I'm sorry for being so ignorant that day... I mean, I didn't have feelings for you at that point, but it was still inconsiderate of me to just fluff you off like that."

"It's okay," Aang assured her. "That's all in the past now....besides, if I did tell you then, you'd probably just shrug it off and who knows...but, I gave it time, and soon, I found that crush becoming a true love."

"I guess you're right," she answered, feeling better. "Things needed more time to develop more and in the end, waiting paid off because, well, look at us now." She gave him a broad grin.

"I know...we are deeply in love with each other, enjoying a great relationship," Aang remarked, smiling brightly. "This day, right here...I will never forget it...the day I truly fell in love with you. It was such an important day for us."

"I couldn't agree more," Katara replied, taking a hold of his hand again. The two were now standing on the shore of the eastern lake. For such a time of turmoil, the scene was just simply blissful.

"It feels nice to just take a moment away from the current struggle," Aang noted. "This is not an easy time for the world...but as long as we have each other, and all of the team with us...we'll make it through. We made it through many other tough times before."

"You bet," she muttered, her thoughts lingering to the threat of the Meteorologists. "Like you said, I entrust that we'll get through this. But that doesn't make the whole conflict any less easier or dangerous."

"It's not going to be easy," Aang replied. "They are clearly dangerous, I mean, they already took one of our friends. It's a long road ahead...all I know is I'm looking forward to traveling it with you."

Katara grinned slightly and said, "As am I." She thought back to the dull, trodden-down tones of the rest of the team and mumbled, "I just wish you could convince the rest of the team that we can make it through."

"Deep in their minds," Aang remarked, "they know that we can make it through. This is not a time to feel upset...we have to be ready to face the Meteorologists when the time comes. Just like I shouldn't have been so downcast at many times during the War."

"I guess you're right," Katara said, hoping what he told her was indeed true. "You just have to keep on hoping. But you already learned that from that day." "Exactly...and we need to be that hope for the world," Aang added. "Just like Appa was a symbol of hope and love for me following the loss of my people...well, him know."

The Waterbender looked back up at him, a smile returning to her face. "And just like you were and still are to me," she said brightly. Her thoughts wandered and she pondered. "I wonder what it's been like for Tahn and his family now."

"The last we knew, they were in Ba Sing Se," Aang recalled. "I wonder if they fled the city or something when the Fire Nation captured it...we didn't seem them when we came back after the War, nor yet on this trip."

Katara kicked a pile of dirt with her boot and said, "I wonder what they're doing now or if they've even heard of the threat the Meteorologists. I hope they were able to endure that heat wave a while back, especially since they have a baby in the house."

"It would be neat to run into them again," Aang remarked. "I would have to thank them for helping me see the light, so to speak. I said, who knows if they're even in Ba Sing Se at all."

"I'm sure they still are," Katara reassured him. "I can't think of where else they would actually go. So, maybe we can find them in the city and see them again."

"Maybe we will," Aang said. "All I know is...that day, when we here, at this spot...their new life helped bring mine out of the darkness."

Katara nodded. "And I was more than happy that it did, too. You were acting so differently the night before. It was like you had been replaced by a whole other person. I hated seeing you like that."

"I hated being like that," Aang added. "I wanted to try and keep myself locked up so I didn't freak out like I did in the desert...but that wasn't the right way to go. It made me regret that night when I turned away from you when you offered me a hug."

Katara thought back solemnly to that moment when he walked away. "Sometimes keeping everything pent up isn't the way to go. I worried about how long you were going to keep it up, but thankfully, it didn't take long."

"I'll still never forget the day we saw the baby," Aang turned towards her with a smile. "I'll always remember it as the day I truly fell in love with you." Katara beamed and rested her head against his shoulder. "It sure will be a day to remember... And it was a beautiful day, too. Everything so peaceful like now. Well, almost...," she added quietly.

Aang shuddered at the word almost, but quickly remembered he had his friends and his love all alongside him, and that he would not be alone, and together, they could conquer. He then proceeded to wrap his arms around her. "It may not be all peaceful...but for now, we have this moment. Let's enjoy it."

"You're right," Katara replied, happily returning the embrace and letting out a contented sigh. It felt like some of the weight was lifted off her shoulders at that time, standing there with her boyfriend in the midst of a calm day in a spot that brought back such nostalgia.

Enjoying the serenity of that moment, the young Avatar placed a light kiss on his girlfriend's forehead, giving her a bright smile afterwards. "Thank you for your love," he whispered.

Katara blushed slightly and told him in an equally hushed voice, "No, thank you for your love. I must be one of the luckiest of people." And in many ways, she felt she really was.

"I think I'm the luckier one," Aang replied, still whispering. "I don't know what I did to deserve you...whatever it was, must have been pretty darn good."

Katara rolled her eyes good-naturedly and chuckled lightly. So he was still questioning that..., she mused. "Oh please," she told him. "You're the Avatar. I should be asking that question, not you."

"You are the nicest, most caring girl I have ever met," Aang replied. "A love like yours come around about as often as Sozin's Comet."

"And you're the strongest and kindest person I've ever met, so why question what you 'did to deserve me'?" Katara told him. "Because there's your answer."

Aang felt the heat rise to his cheeks as they turned red. "Regardless of all of that...I'm just glad to have you."

Katara grinned as she saw his cheeks turned scarlet and replied, "And so am I." The couple continued to stand by the water. She noticed how quiet the rest of the group had been, standing just a few yards away, but shook this aspect off.

As they continued to look out, quietly, Aang decided to give her one last hint of his love before they returned. He turned to look at her once again, his eyes bright with that loving feeling, staring into hers.

Katara gazed back at him, seeing his eyes lit up in a way she hadn't seen for a while, not since the world fell out of balance again. She kept her arms around his shoulders, happiness welling in her. Everything else seemed to fall still in that moment.

Aang proceeded to give her a kiss. Although it was not a long one, it carried that meaning that he had been aiming to get across to his Water Tribe girlfriend. A very simple "thank you" for her love. The kiss was simple yet so full of meaning as her lips brushed against his. A symbol of love in the very place where they both began to fall in love. Her worries about the state of the world washed away in that moment. Katara grinned broadly after they parted.

After a moment, Aang once again pulled her close for another embrace before they were to make their way back to the waiting team, just like two years ago. He closed his eyes and allowed her love to sink in more. Katara hugged him as tight as she could. Her feelings of love and nostalgia grew and just like long ago, she grew a bit teary-eyed. She half-wished they could just stay like that and not have to worry about anything else, any other danger.

After a couple of moments, they separated from the hug, but Aang still had that loving look in his eyes. Nevertheless, they had to go back and meet the team again at some point. "I'm glad we got this chance to get away from things, if only for a few moments."

"I couldn't have asked for anything more," she agreed with a loving smile of her own. "Well, shall we?" Katara took his hand and the two ambled back towards the rest of the gang.

"Yes, we shall," Aang said as they resumed their trek back down the pass, hand-in-hand. Aang was disappointed that their moment of peace was coming to an end, but he felt grateful that he had the opportunity to be with her and recall those happy memories.

The two approached the team, Katara more than glad at being able to revisit the memorable site. The others milled about, still pretty beaten down.

"Oh hey, you're back," Suki remarked.

"Yeah," Aang replied, still smiling. "We are."

Sokka then turned towards them. "So, what did you guys do?"

"We just took a little walk and a trip down memory lane," Katara told him in a slightly dreamy tone. Sokka gave them a curious look, noting how at rest they both seemed considering everything else that was going on.

"Sounds fun," Zuko replied. "We're still waiting on Reeaki to get back."

"It looks like you guys did have a fun time," Suki added.

"We really did," Katara replied. "And Aang helped me realize that in spite of all we're going through right now, we can pull together and really turn things around.

You all seem so downcast and I can understand that, but it's not the end." "As long as we have each other, we can do this," Aang told them with a tone of determination. "We saved the world once and we can do it again."

"It has been tough as of late," Zuko said, "but I think you guys are right. It's not over until it's over, right?" The others nodded and muttered agreement.

"I guess we have been pretty low on morale," Sokka admitted.

"It's been very tough goings over the last few weeks," Aang also admitted. "But, here we are. We're still here, and we still can do this." As he finished this, Reeaki made his way back outside.

(Chapter 10 would continue from this point)

PSUAvatar14's notes

Myself and Ultimate have been practicing RP work for a while. While thinking of a topic one day, I recalled how in chapter ten I had the team just outside the Serpent's Pass. So, this topic came to me. Ultimate agreed, and we got to work.

I think this turned out very well. After my first co-op Kataang project was revisiting tougher memories, why not turn to happier ones?

The Ultimate Waterbender's notes

It was pretty fun to be able to co-write this with KFB and I as well am happy with the way the scene went along. Although shorter than past RP topics, everything was well-written and fits in nicely. It's some light-heartedness and recalling of happier memories in the midst of the more severe events going on in the story.

See more

For the collective works of PSUAvatar14, go here. For The Ultimate Waterbender, go here.

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