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Where Is Yue is the seventh chapter of Finding Ursa.

The Fire Lord was up, bright and ready. Today was the day he had to visit Azula (again). He was to visit her weekly to make sure that she doesn't escape or murder anyone. Just about a year ago, she almost did. However, Zuko caught her and sent her back to prison, but with twice as much guards watching her. He quietly walked into her prison cell with 4 of his best guards. Azula was asleep.

"Sire, your sister has been doing better than before, however she is still a little hard to control at times."

"Thank you, Dr. Mao, I'll take note of that."

" Anytime, sire."

"Aaaah, hello Zuzu, you came here for your weekly visits haven't you," Azula said, still half-asleep.

"Hello, Azula. Still trying to escape. Well you won't this time. I have you on maximum security with over 30 guards watching your every move."

"I see you growing a beard, Zuzu, just like our precise father had. Speaking of Father, where is he? How has he been doing?"

"He's doing fine, Azula, and he's none of your business."

"Oh well, goodbye Zuzu." The Fire Lord decides to leave Ember Island and goes back home to the capital.

"Aah, good morning Suki," Sokka was just waking up, with drool coming from his mouth.

"Sokka, we have a real problem here," Suki yelled in tears.

"Honey, what are you talking about?" Sokka calmly stated, wiping the tears off his face.

"Yue's missing, Sokka. She's gone. I looked over the entire palace. I couldn't find her and- don't worry we'll find her."

"Let's inform Zuko first." He left, he left to go see how Azula's doing

"So, I think the next best person to tell is Mai. She can send a search party if Zuko's not here at the moment." They both ran as fast as they can to the Fire Lord's chambers. Mai was just waking up.

"Oh, hey guys. You guys seem a little tired. What's the problem?" Mai stated.

"Mai, we need you to send a search party for Yue. She's missing from the palace."

"Alright, I'm on it. In the meanwhile, I'll sent some servants to check the entire palace. You guys can check with the servants if you want to." Mai ended.

"Thanks Mai, we owe you one."

The search party looked for hours and couldn't find Yue. They first started to look at the Capital, then searched north, and then finally, searched South but they still couldn't find her. Suki was crying in tears on the bed, not talking to anyone, not eating. Sokka didn't want to see his wife looking like that. Zuko came back right before dinner. Sokka asked him if he wanted to go help him find his daughter. Zuko agreed, trying to help out his friend.

Sokka begs Zuko to Swordbending Kai

Sokka asked Zuko if he could help him find Yue.

They start walking around the marketplace. Many people noticed Zuko and asked him for autographs. But Zuko knew he didn't have the time and left. After searching the whole Capital, Zuko suggested to go back to the palace. However, Sokka didn't give up. Zuko reluctantly followed behind him. When they reached the woods, they continued to search. All of a sudden, they started to hear little bits and pieces of crying. When he finally figured out where it was coming from, they saw baby Yue bending little bits of water. Sokka ran and grabbed his daughter, telling her to never scare him again. They quickly reached the Capital, where everyone was asleep, except for, of course, Suki. Suki angrily asked him what he wants. She started to hear baby noises and looked up. In front of her was her missing daughter.

"Yue, it's you!" Suki said, in happy tears. Sokka explained how he and Zuko found her and how she was able to waterbend. "Oh Sokka, that's great. Maybe when Katara gets back, we can ask her to teach Yue to waterbend." After that, they carefully brought Yue to her crib and went to sleep.

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