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October 10, 2012

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The Mysterious Light

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The Spirit that Feeds on Children

"Wahhhh!" the boy screamed as he scrambled on to his feet.

The shocked boy stared at the old man who was standing in front him, and by looking into boy's eyes, the elder could see that he wanted to ask, "Who are you?" but was too afraid to say it.

"Listen child," the bald old man started. The elder had grey long eyebrows that came down to his chin. A long grey beard that stopped at his waist plus a scar on the top of his head. Also, he donned a black kimono, with a white jacket over it. "My name is Yamamoto, who are you?" Yamamoto questioned the losted spirit.

After placing his hand on his head and straining his brain to answer, the spirit replied, "I don't know who I am?" The thought of having a name had never came up in his mind before.

"Then how did you get here?"

"I don't know, I saw a ball of light and I dived into it. The next thing I know, is that I'm laying in this grass," the spirit explained in a frightened voice.

The two were standing in nice green grass that stretched throughout the area for about 40 acres, and the only thing that could be seen in the area was a large mansion that they were standing in front of. Trees were also around the area. By the way the boy spoke in an intimidated way, Yamamoto could tell that he really was telling the truth. So, after searching in his mind for the reason the boy could have appeared out of know where, he finally came to a conclusion. There could only be one reason why the boy appeared out of know where, and it brought chills to the elder.

"It's just as the prophecy foretold," the man said to himself. "Follow me and you will get the answers you seek," Yamamoto ordered, and the boy followed him without hesitating.

It was something about the man that made the spirit have trust in him. The dark haired boy now had followed the man into that large mansion, and he couldn't help but be amazed by all the new things he was seeing. Stuff like large galleries of pictures, stairs, and beautiful furniture were all new to him. After all, the spirit was born in the bottom of a dark and black pit.

The Name

When the unnamed boy and Yamamoto walked into a big office that was on the top floor of the mansion, Yamamoto took a seat in a leather chair that a wooden cane was leaning on, while the boy was in awe at the elders office. The office contained a large bookshelf that was on the left side of the room, and a big wooden desk that was in the back of the room, but the thing that impressed the losted spirit the most was the large window that was behind the desk. By looking out the window, he could see the tall skyscrapers of Republic City that were in the distance.

Yamamoto stared at the boy and said, "If you're done daydreaming Yukio, would you like to take a seat in the other leather chair?" the old man bluntly asked.

"Umm... yes Yamamoto?" the boy said shyly.

He walked up to a leather chair in the room at speed comparable with that of a turtle seal, and took a seat in the chair of leather. After being surprised at how comfortable the chair was compared to rough soil he had to sit on in the Spirit World, he blurted out the name, "Yukio?"

"Yes, I have to call you something," the old man answered. "How do you like that name?"

"It's fine. I like it," the boy replied.

"Good, it was actually my son's name," the elder said, looking to start a conversation. Yamamoto had few people to talk to. His friends around his age only visited on certain occasions so he found himself being lonely in his big mansion.

"Son?" Yukio questioned the elder. The term son was unfamiliar with the boy. In the Spirit World, beings were not born from other beings, but were born from unknown causes. Like Yukio, other spirits had no desire to know what caused their existence, and decided to focus on the bigger question. How to survive?

"I forgot, you're not really a human, and you don't have any knowledge of terms like son. Well let me be the first one to tell you that you have a lot to learn about this world young one. There are many things that you will think of as strange, and many terms that you will be unfamiliar with, but out there in that city lies the answers to all of the questions you have swelling up in your mind."

"Now that we've gotten to know each other a little bit, follow me to your room," Yamamoto ordered, and Yukio didn't waste anytime sitting around.

He popped out of the leather chair and followed Yamamoto to his room. After an hour since Yamamoto escorted Yukio to his room, the boy's shock at how comfortable his bed was had finally died out, and he found himself staring into the sky with his eyes glued on to the moon. It was one of the few things that were exactly the same in the world he came from, but Yukio liked most of the differences this world had between his old home. He was already better of in this world than he was in his entire time in his own world. After all, he had already made a reliable friend and a whole new world would be waiting for him when the sun rose tomorrow. However, he was unaware of the trouble that he was going to face in the big city.

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