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Where's Noeseong?
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Darksome Knights: Resurrection


Book 2: First Impressions



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January 4, 2012

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Moonlight on the Water

Where's Noeseong? is the twenty-fourth chapter of Darksome Knights and the fourth chapter of Book 3: Rallying the Troops.


The final screen went black and Sigan's earpiece filled with static. For the first time since dawn, Sigan removed his headphones and set them on the console. Any messages from the scouts could wait until morning.

And if they couldn't, the incoming message should set off an alarm.

Sigan stood up out of his chair and stretched. Arashi ran over to him, holding a piece of paper in his mouth.

"Hey, Arashi." Sigan bent down and scratched him behind his ears. He pulled the paper out of his mouth. "What's this?" Sigan stood up and unfurled a small role of parchment. He read it once, twice, even a third time.


He dropped the parchment on the floor and ran into the deeper parts of the castle. Arashi followed. The parchment fluttered down on the floor. It landed in a way so that the ominous writing could easily be seen.

This is a message to the leader of the Five Pillars. Or should I say, the FOUR Pillars. It appears that you are now short one member. That's right. I have taken one of your ranks, the one you call Noeseong, as my prisoner. I hope that he was not a vital part of your group, as it will be impossible for you to rescue him.

-The Darksome Knight

Sigan ran through the castle, looking everywhere he could. The basement, the kitchen, the hall, the surveillance tower, the bedrooms. He turned the castle inside out looking for his fellow Pillar.

This can't be true. He thought as he raced through the corridors. Noeseong would never have given up without a fight. And if there was a fight, I definitely would have heard it. There's no way Noeseong would just give up. Unless...

Sigan spun on the ball of his boots and ran back the other way. There was one place he hadn't considered looking. And if his suspicions were correct, the answers would definitely be there.

Noeseong's Room

Sigan paused slightly at the door. If indeed Noeseong was gone, it felt awkward to be invading his privacy. It was like looting through the room of a man long dead. But even so, if Sigan was right, no amount of squeamishness could hold him back. He opened the door.

The room was fairly basic. Stark white walls with hardwood floors. A low bed with plain black sheets. It was exactly the same as when he joined the Pillars. It was impressive how little he had personalized his room. But, no matter. Now was searching time.

Sigan started with the bed. There was nothing hidden in the mattress, nor the sheets, nor anything under the bed itself. The dresser revealed exactly the same results.

Sigan set his eyes on the desk. He rummaged through the drawers, pulling out papers and files, all revealing nothing about Noeseong's whereabouts. He stood up and ran his hands one time over the light wood, feeling its cool touch, remembering his fallen comrade.

His finger caught something hard. He pulled hard on the hard outcropping. A small drawer opened. He slowly pulled out the parchment and read it. Shaking his head, he tossed it aside. It landed on a small candle.

Sigan rushed to pick up the burning parchment. He was about to throw it away when he noticed the white letters slowly forming on the smoldered parts. Sigan slowly read it, then rushed away. He needed to tell Haewa.

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