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August 3, 2014-


Jason xing


The Legend of Korra


Set 75 years after The Legend of Korra, the story follows Shizumi, a quiet but extremely talented earth-bender who is the newly incarnated Avatar, as she embarks on a quest to finish her Avatar training, and later on, to stop a calculating military prodigy, who rose to power as the new chief of the Southern Water Tribe through a midnight military coup, from plunging the world into an all out war that will alter the world forever. The greenhorn Avatar will need every bit of help she can get as she meets Cheung, a handsome young water-bender from the Northern Water Tribe, and Chang, the narcissistic and cynical fire-bender and would-be Avatar instructor. Will they be able to stop a relentless war from happening or will they get caught in what would be the greatest conflict in the world since the Hundred Year War?


The new Avatar. A beautiful young girl who lives with her parents in the village of Tsingchen in the south of the Earth Kingdom as rice-farmers. Quiet and gentle with a refined manner, she is often considered dainty and fragile. However, those who thought so and took advantage of that paid their price when huge boulders were launched at them as the new Avatar is not a force to be trifled with. As an extremely talented earth-bender, she is also very competitive and ambitious as she is currently training for the International Pro-bending Tournament, which sometimes collides with her Avatar training sessions, much to the displeasure of her airbending instructor, Rohan. She also enjoys music very much and is good at playing the Xiao—a traditional Earth Kingdom instrument that looks like a flute but shorter and played vertically.

An attractive young man from the Northern Water Tribe who was born in the Fire Nation because of his father's business. Kind-hearted and passionate, he enjoys lyric poetry of the Romantic School and sometimes cites lines from poems of the famous Earth Kingdom Poet Lau Tse. He also plays the Guqin——a Fire Nation stringed instrument. Due to both his parents not being benders, Cheung was self-taught in waterbending through old scrolls of the family's collection. He soon became a proficient bender and created his own moves such as the ice blade. Although being a bender, Cheung still prefers hand-to-hand combat and is skilled in using the San Jian Liang Ren Dao. He traveled to the Earth Kingdom to attend the International Pro-bending Tournament, where he befriended Shizumi in the competition, and later on, became her waterbending instructor.

An egoistic and blunt firebender from a wealthy aristocratic family, the nephew of the new Fire Lord. He was a rebel since a child as his parents restrained him too strictly, so he often had fights with his parents. Eventually, he challenged his father to an Agni Kai when he blamed him for scratching his car. He fled from his family after he accidentally knocked his father out and lived wandering around the Earth Kingdom. He decided to try his hand in the International Pro-bending Tournament and that's where he met Shizumi and Cheung, which is when he became the new Avatar's firebending instructor.

Shizumi's airbending tutor, a wise and powerful air-bender, just like his father, Tenzin. However, he sometimes pushed the young Avatar too far and could get impatient, which causes occasional conflicts between the two. He was against Shizumi's decision of delaying her Avatar training for pro-bending training and scolded her for being irresponsible. As a result, infuriating the new Avatar and prompt her to sneak out for the pro-bending competition. Concerned about the Avatar's safety, he went on to find her after reading the note she left at home.

Shizumi's father and earthbending instructor, formerly Grand General of the Earth Empire Armed Forces, now a rice-farmer. He is an open-minded person proud of his earthbending mastery and is very supportive to her daughter's interest in pro-bending, and offers to train her to get ready for the competition. For this, he is sometimes criticized by Rohan for not letting the new Avatar fulfill her responsibilities, to which he often responds, 'C'mon, pops, give the kid some free time, she needs hobbies.'

Shizumi's mother, an everyday Earth Kingdom family woman. She is a gentle woman that believes she should teach everything she knows to her daughter. Shizumi learnt cooking, sewing and Xiao-playing from her mother since she was very young. She made Shizumi her first Xiao and carved the words "思心两相隔,万里共长空"——Although our longing hearts are separated, we still share the same sky over ten thousand miles," on the Xiao——which Shizumi still uses today and carries it with her wherever she goes.

More characters are to come...


Book 1:革命 (Revolution)

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