"I totally blame you."
— Sokka and Aang as the OctoWorms emerge in When OctoWorms Attack!
Aang investigates
When OctoWorms Attack!
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"When OctoWorms Attack!" is the third chapter of the comedy fanon story Sokka's Days. The chapter takes place in the Western Air Temple, where Aang and Sokka go for a walk to hang out, and stumble upon underground dwelling creatures called "OctoWorms."

Author's Note

A/N: This chapter takes place after "The Firebending Masters", and stars Sokka and Aang.


Sokka walked beside his Airbending friend, Aang, hands behind his head.

"So, how you been lately, Aang?" asked Sokka as the two walked up the stone steps to a small hill under the Temple.

"Oh, you know, the same," said Aang. "Training hard, preparing to fight an ARMY, kissed Katara before I totally flew off into the sunset melodramatically..." The last part he said through clenched teeth and in a very low whisper.

"What was that last part?" asked Sokka, looking at Aang with an eyebrow raised.

"Nothing," he said quickly, blushing as he turned his head to his side.

When the two got to the hill, Aang sat on a rock and pulled out a bag of leechy nuts from his shirt. He put a hand full of nuts in his mouth and asked, mouth full of nuts:

"Wha' some?"

"Yeah...I don't think so, no," replied Sokka, plopping onto the grass, outstretched in a relaxing motion. "Ah..."he sighed. "This is good. This is real g-"

Then, all of a sudden, the ground rumbled under them, and dust spiraled around them as a loud BANG sound filled the area. A huge crumbling came at the same time as an ear-piercing screech. Three giant white worms popped out of the ground, drooling through yellow sharp teeth, 4 tentacles on each side waving angrily.

"I totally blame you," said Sokka, turning toward the bald monk, eyes squinted.

"RUN!" screamed Aang, opening his staff and flying up in the air, Sokka dangling in his pale hand.

The worms spat at them with sizzling saliva and slithered around the large hill. Aang dropped on a cliff on the hill wall and jumped off it, an array of air blasting behind (making Sokka plop onto the ground, wolf tail undone), fire balls in each hand. He pumbled one at each, but it had barely an effect.

"Sokka!" started Aang, grabbing onto one of the hill's walls. "I need some backup!"

"You got it!" he said, throwing his boomerang at the worms. It just skimmed one of their necks and made them scream and crash the cliff with one powerful tentacle. "Wow!"

He crashed onto the ground with a thud and tried to shake himself off. "Grrr..."

"HOLD ON!" shouted Aang, as he ran with the speed of wind. He jumped up, staff in hand, and slammed the ground, creating a giant pillar that hit one square in the jaw (One down, two to go). A spew of slobber dropped from the air and aimed strait at Sokka.

"Ah, come on!"


"Okay: yuck".

Aang called out at Sokka, "Come on, Sokka, how 'bout some help!"

Sokka muttered under his breath and pulled out his machete. "Aye, yaaaaaaaaaa!!"

He swung at the worms, his ears piercing with the screams of the creatures. He jumped up and swung in the air frantically, screaming like a maniac. When he landed on the ground, it turned out what he landed on was worm drool, and immediately slipped on it, shouting nervously. Then he toppled on the ground again, and sighed heavily.

Aang hopped on one of the creatures, slamming his staff on its back, and then held onto it as he spun around it, creating a spiral of air. He jumped and swung one leg at it, slamming it to ground making the whole place rumble.

"Just one more, Sokka!" shouted Aang. Then, at least five more huge worms smashed through the ground, creating huge pebbles and boulders to swing from the ground.

"Oh, you just had to say it, didn't you?" Sokka shouted from the slobber pile, holding his club in a battle position.

"They keep on coming!" shouted Aang. "We need to find a quicker way." Just then he got an epiphany. "Sokka, do you have some rope to tie to your boomerang?"

"Always do!" he shouted, holding a long piece of rope in the air heroically.

"Great! Now tie it to your boomerang and through it to that pillar up there."

Sokka did as he was told and when he was done, he gave his friend a toothy grin with his thumb up. Aang then Earthbent long ditches in the side of the wall, one on each side, and on top, of the pillar. He spiraled around a large fireball above him, making it bigger, and then blasting it at the wall. The fire filled up the ditches quickly, and he shouted at Sokka:


He smashed his feet on the ground and with a strong and strained Earthbending move, he pulled a large portion of the rock wall onto the ground and onto the worms, 8 tons of drool splattering them in a wave of disgusting slobber.

"Huh..." said Sokka shivering, and with wobbling legs collapsed to the ground on his knees. "Gee, Aang, thanks, you know I seriously wanted to be covered in worm drool today."

"Can you ever be grateful, you know, at all?" asked Aang exasperatingly, trying to wipe the slobber off his clothes.

", I don't thinks so," said Sokka. Aang sighed and flew on his glider back into the temple. "Hey, wait for me!"

He ran after him, but slipped on the drool he was covered with. "Ah!" He landed on the ground with a thud, and then sighed.

Behind the Scenes

Background Information

  • As of the end of Sokka's Days, this chapter takes place the farthest in the Avatar series.
  • "When OctoWorms Attack!" is a play on the documentaries "When Sharks Attack!"

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