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City Lights



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May 19, 2014

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(Silence is my destruction.)


"You didn't have to scream, spirits damn it!"

The woman had been a voluptuous brunette, with long locks that lapped at her shoulders like the tide across Ember Island's beaches. Her defined jawline and cheekbones only enhanced her powerful image.

Chan had told her that he was to "network" with her, perhaps a friendly chat between dealers.

Chan is also a terrible liar: Katara tracks his every movement, the little scratches to his scrubby mustache to the twitching of the centers of his eyes.

It doesn't help knowing. It had still hurt when the brunette had walked out of the back entrance of the pub, their figures entwined together—two snakes slithering, mating, poisoning each other.

"You didn't have to spirits-damned scream!"

Chan had held his head in his hands, the woman gone in a huff, her night "thoroughly ruined."

"Spirits, Katara. What am I supposed to do?"

The words sting worse than any slap, leaving internal bruises, black and blue.

"You're such a prude. You never want to, and a man's got needs, okay? That's why it happened. It's not my fault! Why can't you just loosen up? It shouldn't even be this big of a deal. Why have you got problems with this? You did this. You were the one who made this an issue."

She is being crushed from the inside, her legs trembling, her hands covering her face, oceans leaking from her fingers.

"Stop crying. Stop—FUCKING—CRYING!"

If only she knows how to stop just as well as she knows how to run away.


(Silence is my destruction.)

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