What is A Digimon? (The Legend of the Monsters in a Different World)
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The Legend of The Monsters in a Different World


Chapter Two

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Kory The Archress

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While Ren and Takuya argued, the rest of us stayed away from them. They usually stormed off, and came back with some amazing plan that works. It seems fighting was their way of coporating. It all ways worked. Except for today. When explosions rang out, we knew something was wrong. Either there was some war going on, or Kouichi had returned...


"Why is everything exploding!" Aang yelled over the noise of destruction.

Such a familiar noise. It feels like just yesterday I was fighting through those noises, trying to ignore the screams of the dying. It haunted my nightmares, my every waking step.

"Must be a sort of attack. Toph, can you tell what it is?" Katara asks, completely worred over who might be the victims of the attack.

Toph put her hand on the ground. "Hard to tell, but it seems like there's a warrior, with a lot of armour. And," she gasps, "two other warriors, but these don't seem human."

"Not human?" I repeated.

"Not human," Toph confirmed.

"What do you mean?" Aang asked, looking confused.

"Well, one of them has wings, so that's not human. And the other, just I feel it. She's not human."

"Wait, she???"Katara repeats.

"Yes, one is a she."

"Weird." Zuko remarks.


"Foolish human children, do you think you can defeat me!" Duskmon taunted us, holding his sword to Aldamon's chest-right over his heart. Duskmon couldn't care less if Takuya died, he was just a pawn to Duskmon. Aldamon couldn't move, he was too weak, and if I made a move, Takuya would be gone.

"You have to do something, Luvilia!"I yelled at myself.

"Any last words, Fire boy?" Duskmon taunted further.

"Ren," Aldamon looked me dead in the eye, "Do it."

And I fired an arrow, right through Duskmon's cold, black heart.


"Ren, wake up." I shook her shoulders again. She had been outcold since she had shot Duskmon-who reverted into Kouichi right after that. I had to tell her that she didn't kill him. That she purified him.

She suddenly hit me in stomach, obviously not expecting me to sitting there over her. "Oh, it's you, Taky."

"Look." I pointed to Kouichi.

She smilied. "Yay," she said in a sarcastic manner.


"The battle stopped!" I shouted to the others.

"How!?" Zuko exclaimed.

"The girl shot the one of them in the heart."

"Really? I didn't think a girl could do that," Aang said. Katara glared at him, "Oops."


  • Normally, for digimon to be purfied, their Fractal Code has to be Digi-tized(or taken, for those who don't know. In this case, however, Ren just shot him. It might have to do with the fact that Neradmon has magical arrows.

Note From Author

Please, before you call a certain character a murderer, please remember that Digimon are DATA. Meaning, they can be reconfigured. Just read the wiki.

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