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Around the World (Again)



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March 25, 2011

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Zuko's Adventure, Part 1

This is the tenth chapter in my fanon. I'll be doing something very special starting from now until the end of this fanon! This is another long chapter. Enjoy!

Previously on Around the World (Again)...

Zuko was taken by Long Feng and his followers. Toph decided to stay with her parents.


The gang arrive at the Northern Water Tribe to make plans to stop the upcoming war. They visit the Spirit Oasis and get brought into the Spirit World by an evil spirit.

What To Do Next?

"Welcome back to the Northern Water Tribe!! As you can see, the wall that used to defend us from danger has now been brought down because of the ending of the hundred year war. Everyone in the world thanks you Aang and, of course, your friends!" Arnook told Aang, Katara, Sokka, Suki, and Mai after they arriving at the Northern Water Tribe. It was two days since they left Gaoling, the place where they lost a member of their falling apart team. Those two days were sad and quiet. Nobody was speaking or making noise not even Appa or Momo. The thing that was bothering them was the fact that their team was falling apart and that they had two new villains to defeat. They didn't know what to do or whom to go to for help. They had many allies around the world, but they just couldn't get themselves to tell them about that trouble was coming.

"What would you like to do now, Aang?" Chief Arnook asked.

Chief Arnook.

"Umm," Aang had to think up an excuse to tell him. He just wanted to talk to the others about a plan. "We.. we'll just go around the tribe and ask people if they need any help?" Even though Aang questioned what he said, the chief completely believed it.

"Oh, okay. That's a really nice thing you're doing. You know, helping people after helping everyone in the best way possible; ending a war! I'm planning a feast tonight and you are all invited!." They all nodded their heads. "Great! Good luck with helping others." The chief walked away, leaving the gang all by themselves.

"Let's go help other people. We did, after all, say that we would. Come on, guys," said Aang. They said goodbye to Appa, who had landed in front of the palace, walked down the steps of the palace and headed through the city.

"We need a plan," said Aang as he and the gang walked past a beautiful blue house with crystals hanging from the outer side of the ceiling.

"And we need one now." Katara said. "We need to stop Long Feng and Hama and we have to get Zuko back. But in order to do that, we're going to need help. Now the question is; who can we ask for help?"

"Well, we have a lot friends from all three nations; let's make a list of friends." Sokka asked a seller nearby for a three pieces of parchment, a brush to write with and some ink. The trader gave it to him in exchange for three sliver pieces. They then asked him if he needed any help, to which he replied that he was okay and not in need of help.

"Wow, what a nice guy. Three pieces of paper for three sliver pieces! Now that's a good price!" Sokka said after they walked away from the marketplace. "Let's start with the Earth Kingdom! Hmm.."

"Sokka. I don't know about this. It could take forever to-"

"Calm down, Aang. Trust me. It'll only take a few minutes." Sokka replied. "Okay, umm...."

"How about Haru?" Aang asked.

"I'll right his name down, but I don't think he'll be that helpful. He's not exactly the best Earthbender yet." Sokka wrote down on the piece of parchment and silently read to himself,

Haru – Not very helpful. Has a scary mustache.

After a while, Sokka finally had a list of all their friends around the world.

"Read the list Sokka." Katara said. Sokka nodded his head and read aloud everything he wrote down including Haru's name.

"Haru – Not very helpful. Has a scary mustache."

"Sokka!" Sokka ignored Katara, but said.

"The list is out of order. Sorry."

"What do you mean?" Aang asked.

"I mean that for example; we have someone from The Water Tribe, right?" They all nodded their heads. "And then we might have someone from The Fire Nation, okay?"

"But Sokka, we gave you names in order by nation and you-"

"I know Katara, but I wasn't paying attention, so I wrote them down in the order I wanted."


"Guys. Can we discuss this later? Sokka, read the list." Sokka did as Suki said and began to read aloud again.

"Grand Pakku - Pretty helpful.

King Bumi – Is very powerful, but crazy.

Iroh – Very helpful and very powerful AND not at all crazy! Him!! He's the one we need. IROH!! He can help us make a plan to get Zuko back. We can also get him t- I know! The Order of the White Lotus! They can help us!! It's perfect! Let's g-"

"Wait Sokka! Just read the rest of the list. We'll go for them for help, but we might need back up."

"Okay Katara.

"The Freedom Fighters – Helpful and nice

The Zhangs and the Gan Jin Trib-"

"NO!" Aang and Katara said in unison. Suki and Mai stared at them, confused.

"Okay, cross that out.." Sokka muttered to himself and then continued down the list.

"Ummm... How about the mechanist? He can make useful inventions."

"That's a great idea, Sokka! We can use his machines to imprison Long Feng, Hama, and the Dai Li!" Katara said.

"And we're also headed to the Northern Air Temple next! It's all perfect," said Aang.

"Yeah, but we have to wait until tomorrow before leaving. We still have to help around the town and attend the chief's dinner." Suki told them.

"Well, lets help the people. Everyone seems happy, though." The gang walked though the city. Everyone was, indeed, happy. Aang overheard many conversions talking about the joy of the world, ever since the war was put to an end. This made Aang feel terrible since the world was in danger once again. The day went by slowly. Since no one was in need of any help, the gang all decided to go back to the palace and wait for the dinner.

"Back so soon?" Arnook asked when the team arrived at the palace. They were in Arnook's throne room. He was seated there with a cup of tea in his hand.

"Yep. No one needed help. Everyone was very happy." Aang told the chief.

"Well then, that means that you did a great job with ending the war!" Aang gulped. "Why don't you all wait in the Spirit Oasis? That should keep you all entertained until dinner." He winked at them. They were all confused, but they nodded any way and went to the entrance to the Spiritual Place. The second they entered, Sokka asked,

"What was that all about?"

"He obliviously wants us to do something for him. He has an assignment for us."

"But what is it Katara?"

"I don't know Aang. Why don't you meditate for a while."

"Yeah and then I can enter the Spirit World! I haven't been there since Roku showed me his past." As Aang went to sit in front of the pond holding the two koi fish, he said, "I'll need some peace and quiet."

"Don't worry Aang. We'll be silent." Aang got into his mediated position and closed his eyes. The others sat down around him and Suki realized that something was wrong with Sokka.

"Sokka, are you okay? You seem sad."

"It's nothing." Sokka was, in fact being bothered by something. It was Yue, his first girlfriend. She turned into the moon spirit in this oasis to save one of the koi fish. Sokka still missed her and he decided to tell Suki about her. As he talked, Aang, still with his eyes closed, started to hear something; a voice. It sounded familiar.

"The Avatar? My old friend the Avatar..." Aang opened his eyes and looked down into the pond at the koi fish. Katara, nocting that something was wrong, went to talk to Aang.

"Aang? What happened?"

"I heard a voice."

"Maybe it was Roku."

"It was an evil voice, Katara. That wasn't Roku. I know it."

"Oh...okay. Are you sure you're okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine."

"Alright Aang." Katara walked a few feet away. She kept her eyes on Aang as he went back to mediating. He heard that voice again.

"It's been a long time......" Aang opened his eyes yet again, but this time, only opened them slightly. After Aang closed his eyes once more, he heard an evil laugh followed by the sinister voice. "Why don't you come back Avatar? Come back. Don't be shy! Bring your friends. No? Don't worry, I'LL HELP YOU!" Aang threw back his eyelids and then after a moment of thinking, turned around to look at his friends. They weren't there! They weren't in the Spirit Oasis and as Aang looked around, he realized that he too wasn't there. But before Aang could move another muscle, he heard someone speaking to him, but it wasn't the voice he heard before.

"Aang!! There you are! We were looking everywhere for you."

"What? Katara!? Sokka, Mai, Suki! Where are we?" Katara didn't have a chance to answer because Aang, still looking at the mysterious place, knew exactly where they were. He had been here before, "The Spirit World! How did we get here?"

"I don't know Aang. We were all just sitting there, watching you meditate and then all of a sudden your tattoos started to glow." Suki explained. "We were all happy that you got into the Spirit World, but then a light came from you and we disappeared from the oasis. It felt like we were floating in the middle of nowhere, but after a while, we fell in a pond of water. We knew we where in the Spirit World because Sokka recognized the place so we set off to find you since you managed to get into here."

"Okay, so-" Aang got cut off by Mai.

"Now we have to get out of here. How do we do that?"

"Um..." Aang didn't know. He always had help when getting out of the Spirit World. He thought of the spirit who helped him exit the Spirit World when he last visited it while he was in the Northern Water Tribe. "Hei Bai! We need to find him. He'll help us get out of here."

"Okay, well. "Mai said, waiting for Aang to tell them more." Where can we find this spirit?"

"I don't know. We ca-" Aang stopped suddenly as an eerie fog swept over them. There was a sort of humming noise coming from it.

"Aang!?" Sokka said.

"Let's um..." Katara answered for Aang as she looked for a shelter. "How about that giant tree?" She pointed to an old great tree.

"Lets go." Suki said. That tree looked very familiar to Aang, but he couldn't see it clearly with all the fog. They arrived at the foot of the tree and they saw a tunnel into it. Aang recognized it. It was Koh, the Face Stealer's lair.

"Guys, wai-" But then a strong wind blew them through the tunnel and into the tree. The place was dark and scary. There was a strong feeling in the air that they were being watched, but Aang knew what it was. "Show no emotion at all, guys!"

"Why?" Katara asked.

"Just do it-"


Koh, the Face Stealer.

"WELCOME!" A giant centipede-like creature emerged from the darkness and appeared before the gang, who all had a blank expression. "The Avatar and his friends. Where are my manners? My name is," The creature turned around for one second and then rapidly face the gang again, wearing a different face; it was a monkey's face. "KOH!" They all stood there, the blank expression still upon their faces.

"Nice to meet you." Katara, Sokka, Suki, and Mai said without emotion.

"Good to see you again Koh." Aang said.

"Yes, well you may be wondering why you're here. I sent you here." The voice Aang had heard while meditating was Koh's. "Why did I send you here? Well I need new faces to add to my collection." He laughed and changed his face to an owl's face. "You're wondering why Arnook wanted you to come to the oasis, right?" They all nodded their heads. "He knows that you're all in need of help and he wanted you to come into the Spirit World to get that help. I would have gone to a past Avatar for help, but I'm very helpful. Long Feng will start a war and you need to know how to stop him. I can't help you with that, but I notice that you're missing two members from your little gang and I can help you locate the one that was captured." Mai jumped a little and Koh stared at her for a while and then turned around. He spoke in a taunting, cruel voice,

"Where's Zuko? Don't you want to know where your boyfriend is, Mai?" Mai nodded, struggling to keep a blank expression. She was so worried about Zuko. "Well, I'll tell you. Fire Lord Zuko has been killed by Hama on orders from Long Feng."

"WHAT?!" Mai yelled. She couldn't believe it. "ZUKO!?"

"What a big mistake you just made, Mai! Come here and let me STEAL YOUR FACE!!" Koh began to crawl to her as fast as he could.

"RUN!!" Aang yelled and they all ran for the exit, Koh crawling after them.

"OH NO YOU DON'T!!" Koh yelled when the gang saw the light from outside and began to run at it. Koh used his mighty tail and hit the side of the tunnel. Rocks fell from the end of the tunnel and sealed it up, leaving the gang trapped within Koh's Lair.

"Since you all showed fear, all of your faces will be added to my collection." He said in a calm way. "You first, Mai." He lunged at her. Mai had so much fear on her face. But then something came from the top of the tunnel.

"AHHHHH!!" It was a man wearing a bear skin pelt. He had a spear in his hand and a the pelt was covering his face. He was watching the scene from the roof of the tunnel and came out from hiding when Koh jumped at Mai. He jammed the spear into Koh's body just in time to stop him from stealing Mai's face. Koh feel with a thud. The man removed the top of his pelt and revealed himself to be,

"Avatar Kuruk!! Guys this is Avatar Kuruk, the Waterbender Avatar before me."

"Hello Aang and his friends. I finally got Koh." Kur

Avatar Kuruk.

"Is he dead?" Katara asked.

"Yes. I had to, to get Ummi back, my soon to be wife."

"What do you mean 'soon to be'?" Suki asked. Kuruk told them the story about what happened to Ummi and then said,

"I'll find a way for us to be reunited. I was waiting here for someone to enter Koh's lair, so that when he got distracted, I could kill him. I was just waiting for the perfect time. Thank you guys." After saying goodbye, Kuruk told them all to go outside. They'd find help there. They did as they were told and once they past the end of the tunnel, they were outside. There was someone waiting for them. Avatar Roku!

"Hello Aang, Katara, Sokka, Suki, and Mai."

"He knows my name!" Sokka said to Suki. Roku nodded his head at him and said,

"Follow me to the exit. You want to get out of here, right?" He asked judging by the confused faces that they had on. They were all wondering how he knew that they wanted to leave. They began to follow Roku.

"Roku, how does Koh know so much about the our world?" Aang asked.

"Koh, like all spirits here, knows about everything that happens in both the Spirit World and the mortal world."

"But, why did he bring my friends to the Spirit World? And why did I hear his voice while I was meditating?"

"Spirits, including Koh, can bring people to the Spirit World, like when Hei Bai brought Sokka here. Koh wanted your friends here so he could steal your faces. You heard his voice, Aang, because you were in the Spirit Oasis and you, being the Avatar, can contact spirits, just as spirits can contact you. He did that to frighten you, Aang."

"Okay, since I'm the Avatar, I can be brought into the Spirit World on orders from a spirit. But what about my friends? How did they get sent here?"

"Since you were all in the Spirit Oasis, Koh was able to bring you here because the place is so spiritual. The Spirit World can be very tricky. Here we are!" Roku pointed to a wooden post. "Go stand under the sign." He instructed the others. They ran to the post and waited. A second later Roku did began to bend something, but Aang didn't have enough time to see exactly what he was bending. They all appeared in the Spirit Oasis.

"It's time for dinner. Let's go." Katara said.

"Why did the chief want us to go here? Did he want to kill us!?" Suki asked.

"No, he knew we were troubled by something and he wanted us to get help from the spirits. I don't know how I know that, but I just do." Aang then knew that it was Roku that told him this. Back at the palace, the chief had his dinner set and had invited many people.

"Welcome Aang, Katara, Sokka, Suki, and Mai! Yes, I learned your names." Arnook told them when they entered the room. He was smiling. "Please, sit down." He pointed at six empty seats next to him. After they sat down, he began to speak again. "Before we begin to eat, there's something I would like to show the gang. I know that they will be very pleased when they see it. Everyone, please welcome, Fire Lord Zuko!!" Everyone clapped except for the gang, because they were too surprised to believe it. Zuko had appeared from behind a column, waved at everyone, and sat down next to Mai. Mai hugged Zuko and was about to cry. She thought that he was dead.

"Let the feast begin!" Arnook said and everyone began to eat.

"You're alive! You're alive Zuko!" Mai said.

"How did you escape Long Feng, Zuko?" Aang asked.

"Well, it's a very long story, but I'll tell you," Zuko said. "It all started in Ba Sing Se......."


The Ultimate Waterbender came up with many titles, but Aang20791 decided to choose "What To Do Next?" because it made more sense. Other titles that Ultimate came up with were,

  • "Devising a Strategy"
  • "Where to Turn?"
  • "New Plans at the Northern Water Tribe"
  • "Different Approaches"

Sokka saying that Haru had a scary mustache is a reference to the author, Aang20791, not liking Haru's mustache and thinking that it's scary (not really).

The others saying "NO" to The Zhangs and The Gan Jins Tribe is a reference to how that episode is the least liked by most of the fans and that getting them back together will only lead to fighting and arguing.


I've been reading the Harry Potter Series (I'm on Book 4!) and I've noticed that the author, J.K. Rowling, has put in dedications to people in the book. I'm going to be doing that for the rest of this fanon. I'll dedicate chapters to some of the nicest users on the wiki. I won't be going back to my other chapters and add dedications because that, in my opinion, just seems lazy and uncaring. Like you're just adding it to be there. So anyway, before I announce the dedication for this chapter, I would like to say that my writing has really improved thanks to the Harry Potter Series. It's showed me different ways of presenting the story and using foreshadowing in a very clever way!

Anyway, this chapter is dedicated to Iceland77, the first ally I had here on the wiki. She is sadly, at the moment, inactive and won't see this for a while. She was the first person to welcome me here to the wiki and her fanon was the first I ever read here on Avatar Wiki. It lead me to write my own. My friendship with her also lead me to another with The Ultimate Waterbender, another friendly user. I hope that Ice comes back soon. She's missed a lot on the wiki and I hope that she sees this. She really deserves a dedication!

Please don't ask to be dedicated on my fanon, because I'll say no (sorry if that sounded mean). I'm the one who has to choose them or else it'll be like I don't even care about who I dedicate a chapter too. So thank you Iceland for being so nice to me and every other user on here! - Aang20791 Talk Fanon Aang DOBS Sprite 22:51, March 25, 2011 (UTC)

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