What Happens in Vegas
What Happens In Vegas...
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Stays in Vegas...

Few quick notes up front: first, this will have at least a second part, maybe even a third, depending on how it plays out. Second, Korra plays football, not handegg. Enjoy.

This was probably the weirdest way Korra had ever woken up, and that's saying something.

It was hard to pick one to start with, really. Well, perhaps with the one that woke her up in the first place: a massive headache that felt like someone had taken a woodcutter's axe to her skull, someone who was clearly determined to chop down a whole forest in one night.

Second was definitely the fact that she couldn't move either one of her arms, or at least, not in a way that she wanted to. On closer inspection, it turned out that she was cuffed to both ends of the headboard with fuzzy pink handcuffs. Meh, wouldn't be the first time, but you usually remember what happened.

Then in third place was that there was something rather heavy lying on top of her. Judging by the heat coming from it, it was probably a person, and the skin-on-skin suggested that the other person was naked, which neatly brought Korra to number four: she was naked. Then again, she was handcuffed to the bed, so if she wasn't naked, it meant that no one had fun.

Lastly, and this was definitely the least elegant one, there was a very distinct pain coming from her ass. Welp, hope that whoever did that to me was worth it. Korra tried turning her to see who it was on top of her, but couldn't quite make the angle. She was lying on her stomach, and that paired with the handcuffs probably explained the throb in her shoulders and back.

"Just fucking great..." she muttered, resigning herself to the fact that this wasn't going to change until the other person woke up and freed her from these cuffs. "Hey," she said out loud, trying to shake the other person awake. "Hey, wake up!"

-"Hnnnggg..." came a groan out of her. Well, at least you think it's a 'her'. "Fuck off..."

"I'd love to, but I'm chained to the bed, so if you could get me out of these cuffs, that'd be great." After this, it was briefly silent from the person on top of her, though Korra could feel her shift. She turned her head, and this made her eyes go wide in shock when she realized who she was looking at. "Holy shit..." she muttered.



Two days earlier...

-"Come on, Kor, it'll be fun!"

Korra sighed, because she really wasn't sure about this 'vacation' that Bolin was suggesting. "I dunno, Bo, I should stay fit. A trip to Vegas probably doesn't fit that description."

He laughed this argument away. "Bullshit, the season is over, your team got to second place, so I think you're doing fine. Playoffs won't start for another five weeks, you can let go a little bit. You need to relax as well, and a couple of days far away from everything would do you good. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas."

This annoyed her, because Bolin was right. Her team had fared far better than expected in the football competition, and even though there were a few offers on the table for Korra herself to transfer, none of that was solid yet. She had played a large part in getting as far as they did, becoming MVP with the most goals to her name this season in the entire competition. If anything, she had earned a leave of absence.

But Bolin being her best friend was arguably not very good for her. Well, good for her sanity, absolutely, because he had an acute sense of when she needed to either relax or blow off some steam. He was also a great wingman in those instances, having nudged plenty of people in the right direction for her. Korra's focus was slowly shifting back to women, as she'd given them up for a while after her first girlfriend broke up with her in her first year of college. That was a hard hit, but even after that, men just didn't quite do it for her.

Being a relatively prominent athlete helped, but still, Bolin's help was always appreciated. The reason he was probably a bad influence on her simply has a lot to do with the fact that he occasionally took her to somewhat shadier places which once resulted in them both getting slammed in handcuffs, but then promptly released again. Fortunately, that headline probably would have made ESPN. Also, most nights they actually did go out, Korra simply woke up with a massive hangover, which was just unpleasant.

-"Korra? If you don't answer, I'm gonna take your answer as a 'yes' and book the ticket for you."

She sighed again. "Yeah, I'm in. Who else is coming?"

-"Sweet!" Bolin hollered. "And it's going to be you, me, and Mako with his new girlfriend, Akira or something. She seemed nice, I think you're gonna get along fine with her."

"Alright. I'm free for the next few weeks, text me when you have a flight and such."

Bolin clearly hesitated, Korra could even make that out over the phone. "Umm, yeah, about that... I already have the tickets. Tomorrow morning, JFK Airport, flight leaves at 10, be there by 8."

This actually caught her off guard, which didn't happen very often. "Are you being serious here? You already booked?!"

-"The tickets were a bargain! I figured I'd be able to persuade you to come with me, so yeah, I thought it was safe."

Korra groaned. "You're incorrigible, you know that?"

-"I do. Remember, JFK, Terminal 2, 8 AM. Pack for a long weekend in the desert."

This should be fun.

The next morning...

Korra hated getting up early in the morning, ever since she was a little girl. 'The morning is evil' never stops being true. She ran her hand through her hair as she always did, and for a moment, felt very strange. Then she remembered that after Bolin had called her yesterday, she went to get a haircut, chopping of basically all of her hair.

Well, she didn't go full bald, but she did go back to a length that could stay in a sort of backwards-angled 'mohawk' with a generous helping of wax. The sides were short, and that was something the hairdresser suggested. The real reason Korra wanted to get rid of her bob cut, which she'd had for a while now, was that it could be a little irritating when playing football. It could get in the way, and it turned out that ponytails were even more annoying for her.

So mohawk it was for now, at least try something new. That was Korra's philosophy at least: it'll grow back anyway. And if nothing else, it was just a joy to shower with. So easy to dry.

Packing had been easy enough, so she hauled her ass to a cab and made for JFK, curious about Mako's new girlfriend. Being an aspiring detective, he could be a little dull, but overall, he was a decent guy and deserved someone nice. It should be noted that the only one who didn't notice that Korra's gaydar lit up like the Rockefeller Center's Christmas tree around Mako, was Mako. Classic case of still-in-the-closet, she knew, but there wasn't really anything she could do about that without coming off as a bitch. She'd just have to keep hoping that he'd stumble across it some day.

The cab ride over was A) horrible, B) expensive, and C) slow, making Korra regret that she didn't take either her bike or the train. That just would have been so much easier.

But here she was, JFK Airport, ready to forget about stressing out for a couple of days, at least once she was on board the airplane. She took out her phone and quickly shot Bolin a text.

Korra: At the airport. Where are you?

Bolin: Starfucks. Mako and gf on the way

She chuckled at his autocorrect issues. Coffee is actually not a bad idea. Downside was that Korra had played in Europe as well and could never quite get used to how bad coffee in the US was by comparison.

The shop came into view soon enough, and Bolin was already there, already sipping a cup of not-really-coffee. "Korra! Nice and timely, by your standards anyway."

"Oh, hahaha. Got one of those for me?" she asked, nodding to the cup of coffee. "It's far too early in the morning to be as excited as you are."

Bolin just smiled. "How you ever became a professional athlete with that attitude remains a mystery to me."

Now he's just making things easy. "Same way you became an actor: we don't have careers, we just have an overpaid sequence of lucky breaks."

-"That's a little cynical, wouldn't you say?"

Korra just groaned as she let herself fall down on a chair. "You can be critical of my jokes if you get me coffee."

This in turn made Bolin laugh. "Fair enough. Gives me some time to come up with a comeback." He got up, and Korra had her mind half made up to go back to sleep right there, were it not that he was right back since there was no one there at such a ridiculous hour. "There you go, double espresso, because you look like you need something strong."

"You know me so well." Korra took a content sip of her coffee, which actually wasn't half bad. Bolin decided it was probably wise to stay on his phone for a moment while his best friend slowly drank away her sleepiness.

-"I like your haircut, by the way. It suits you."

"Thanks," Korra said, running a hand over the spiky hairs on the side of her head. She'd quickly done it earlier, basically putting it back-ish in a messy way. She tried not to raise it too high, and this worked just fine for that. At least it was out of her eyes. "Kind of felt like it was time for something different. Even the way I had it before was annoying the fuck out of me on the field."

Bolin chuckled. "Totally get it. Remember when I had to grow my hair out for that one biker movie? Drove me nuts on a daily basis."

It made Korra laugh too as she reminisced, because that simply did not suit him very well. "So," she continued when she saw him checking his phone. "When are Mako and the mystery girl coming?"

He looked up. "They should be here any minute, I just texted them where we are, then we can go check in. I hope they get here soon, I want to do some duty-free shopping."

Korra chuckled. "You know that's all a scam, right? Just because there's no tax, doesn't mean it's cheap, it just means that the retailers get to keep more of the profits. Also, it's the only place where they can charge five dollars for a bottle of water and get away with it."

This made Bolin laugh, and it reminded Korra of just how easy is was for them to get along. They didn't get to hang out nearly enough recently, but that was because Korra was busy with the end of the season, and Bolin landed a job in some really shitty TV-soap, but he liked what he did. Of course, that was the one downside of hanging out with him in the evening: he sometimes wanted to watch it, and begrudgingly, Korra did. Most of the time, it was a struggle to keep a straight face through the laughable dialogue and insane plotting, so Korra always tried to avoid that.

-"Ah! There they are! MAKO!" Bolin yelled out, making Korra groan in exhaustion again. How can someone be that energetic this early? There should be a law against it. When she finally did look up though, she was in for a surprise.

-"Hey, Korra," Mako greeted her.

But Korra wasn't looking at Mako. Instead, she was looking at his girlfriend. "Asami?!"

She was equally surprised. "Korra? What the hell are you doing here?!"

"Bolin asked me along, but I feel like I should be asking you the same thing!"

-"I got us the hotel we're going to be sleeping in!"

Mako was following the conversation with a raised eyebrow but didn't seem convinced. His skepticism, however, wasn't even close to Bolin's surprise. "Whoa, whoa, whoa! You two know each other?!"

"We used to..." Korra started, but she was immediately interrupted by Asami.

-"Go to the same college," she quickly finished, while throwing Korra a meaningful look.

This reminded the athlete of the exact circumstances in which they split, so she decided to keep her mouth shut. For now. Korra downed the rest of her coffee quickly before speaking up. "Asami, I think we need to talk - in private."

Asami nodded. "Good idea."

To make sure neither one of the brothers followed them, they headed for the one place they knew they'd be safe: the ladies' room. After checking to make sure they were alone, Asami suddenly whipped around. "I thought we agreed to keep our break-up quiet."

"That was six years ago, and you're still not out of the closet."

-"I haven't told Mako," she weakly tried to defend herself, but Korra knew her better than that. She raised a discerning eyebrow, which told Asami more than enough. "Fine, you're right, I haven't told anyone. I'm just not very comfortable with it, okay?"

Korra sighed. "I know that, but has really nothing changed since then? You have a career by now, do you really think that being bi is going to change anything about that? Look what it did to mine: absolutely nothing."

-"I work for and with my father now, and when I gently probed, he wasn't a fan of the idea. It's for the best."

"Of your career," Korra objected. "Are you really happy this way? Hiding half of yourself away because you are afraid of what others might think?" She paused for a moment. "Actually, don't answer that, because that argument sounds very familiar to me."

Asami didn't look impressed. "You're right, it's probably not very good for me, but I value my career more than that. I've kept it to myself successfully since we broke up, and that's good enough for me."

The athlete sighed again, because they'd had this argument plenty of times when they were together, and it was ultimately the reason they broke up. "Fine, I won't push. But then you have to answer me this: what are we going to tell Laurel and Hardy once we step out of this bathroom?"

This actually made life difficult. Asami was smart enough to figure out that even Bolin would see that there was more between them than just 'went to college together'. And Mako, as a promising policeman, would have no trouble piecing it together. "How about this: we tell them we were together, but just keep the whole bisexual thing to yourself, okay? I'll find a way to talk us out of that."

"Fair enough," Korra nodded. "But if you talk us into a corner, it's on you." With this, she exited the bathroom, followed swiftly by her ex.

The brothers looked none too pleased. "Alright," Mako said, already having supplied himself with a cup of coffee and also having bought one for Asami, "what happened between you two in college? Because it's pretty clear that you didn't just 'know' each other."

Asami nodded. "You're right, we didn't." She took a deep breath. "Korra and I dated in our first year of college."

Bolin instantly inhaled his coffee, sending him into a coughing fit, whereas Mako just raised an eyebrow. "You two dated?!" the younger brother exclaimed when he stopped coughing. "When? How long?!"

-"Keep your voice down, will you!" Asami shushed him. She anxiously looked around, but no one who heard it seemed to care, which pleased Korra, who decided to take over, because the more truth was out there, the better. "It was my first year of college, so before I met you, Bolin. We dated for, I dunno, eight or nine months? Better part of a year, that's for sure."

Asami nodded. "Yeah, something like that."

-"That's a long time to be curious," Mako snidely commented.

-"Yes, it was," the businesswoman continued. "We worked pretty well for a while, but then things started deteriorating, and we had to put an end to it. Didn't stick around afterwards, because I was set to go abroad for an internship a month later, then I was done with college, and that was that. We haven't seen each other since."

Korra nodded in confirmation. "Yeah, something like that. Because of our break-up, I threw myself more into the college life, and that's how we ultimately met," she said, glancing at Bolin.

It stayed silent for a while after that. The brothers obviously had trouble processing this news, especially Mako. Asami was obviously hoping that there wouldn't be many more questions after this, and Korra was just wondering which one would come first.

-"So are you gay?" Mako ultimately asked.

-"No, I'm not, Asami shook. "Like you said, I was curious, but after I broke up with Korra, I never really found an interest in women again."

This stung for the athlete, because she could see that was a lie. In six years, Asami hadn't changed one bit. She was afraid to come out of the closet, even just admitting it to herself. Korra could always see that when they were alone, kissing, cuddling, or even just holding hands while watching a stupid movie, Asami lit up. She looked so much happier than she did in public, when it was always a façade trying its hardest to keep the rest of the world out. The first few months, sneaking around was fun, but after that, Korra started getting frustrated with Asami's unwillingness to show the world that they were together. She had been out of the closet for years, her family, friends, even her football team knew, and they were all okay with it, but this wasn't enough to sway Asami. The pressure kept building up, and then one day, Asami broke it off. She was apologetic about it, she took the full blame for them failing, she tried to let Korra down gently, but it still broke her. Maybe it was just Asami's inherent kindness that made it so hard on the athlete, that she was a ten out of ten girlfriend, and then she broke it off. Korra had been in a few flings since, couple of one-night stands, but nothing really noteworthy. And maybe, just maybe, it was because all of them paled in comparison to Asami.

Her train of thought was broken by a woman on the intercom. "Attention, passengers. Boarding for Delta flight 2256 to Las Vegas McCarran will begin shortly. Please move to the designated gate."

-"That's us," Bolin said. "Do I need to keep you two apart or can you make it through the flight without killing each other?"

"I think we'll be fine," Korra chuckled, and Asami smiled too, which warmed the athlete up inside. Damn. She honestly couldn't tell if it was because it was good news that they were still on decent terms or because... Asami was still the most beautiful woman Korra had ever met.

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