What Happens in Vegas
What Happens In College...
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June 29, 2017

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Smut ahead. Your chance to stop reading is now.

Six years earlier...

Korra and Asami were comfortably huddled together on Korra's couch, seeing how Asami still lived at home, this was their only option. It was the middle of winter, and because Asami did not like the cold, they had to lie under a blanket, much to Korra's chagrin. She came from Alaska, so New York was perpetually hot for her, especially with her girlfriend this close and a blanket this warm. Totally worth it.

But she wasn't about to let that get in the way of the cuddling session. The amount of time they got to spend together was minimal, so she had to savor every moment, even if it was a little on the warm side.

-"How could they have made a movie that bad?" Asami thought out loud. "Did the director just fall asleep?"

"Hmm, most people say it would have been better if he had," Korra chuckled. Because Asami got to choose the blanket, Korra got to choose a movie, and she decided on The Last Airbender, if only to tease her girlfriend.

The engineer tried to shift around, but because space was very limited on the couch and Korra's broad frame was taking up a lot of it, she slipped off with a loud yelp.

This of course made the athlete laugh out loud, which only became louder as the very flustered face of her girlfriend rose from the floor again. "That's not funny!"

"It is, very funny, actually," Korra chuckled.

-"Fine, no cuddles for you tonight," Asami pouted, turning around and folding her arms over her chest.

"You need them more than I do," the athlete remarked, and before her girlfriend could stop her, she'd grabbed her from behind and was carrying her bridal-style to the bed. She let them both fall on, even though Asami had to get rid of her hoodie first. It wasn't the most flattering item of clothing she owned, but even so, Korra had a thing for women in sweats.

But before she could wrap Asami in her arms again, the engineer beat her to it, rolling on top of her girlfriend and pressing a long and lazy kiss on her lips. "You really think that was an idle threat?"

"I know it was," Korra smirked. She wrapped her arms low around Asami's back and pulled her in for another kiss.

-"No, stop it!" The engineer playfully tried to wrestle herself free, but that was a pointless endeavor. Korra was much stronger, thanks to all the time she spent in the gym and on the field.

They rolled over, but before Korra could work her hands free, they were pinned under her girlfriend, only now under Asami's butt. Without really thinking about it, she squeezed down with both hands at the same time, making Asami yelp in surprise. "Korra!"

She immediately pulled herself free entirely. You idiot. You just had to ruin the moment, didn't you? "I'm so sorry, I wasn't..." the athlete started to ramble, but she was cut off when Asami placed her finger on Korra's lips.

-"Hey," she calmly said. "It's okay. can touch me. I was just...surprised, I suppose."

This took Korra by surprise. So far, Asami had been very timid about taking their relationship to a higher physical level, which was fine, given how she already wasn't very comfortable batting for the other team. "Are - are you sure?"

With a deep breath, Asami nodded. "I think so. Maybe not all the way for now, but... I want to feel your hands on me."

At this, Korra couldn't suppress a huge grin, even when she leaned in to kiss her girlfriend again. "You got it," she muttered against her lips. After this, she sat up, suddenly feeling like the simple tank top she was wearing was way too much, so she got rid of it. In their preparations for bed, she'd already discarded her bra and switched to sweatpants of her own. Korra smiled as Asami saw her breasts for the first time, because her mouth had literally fallen open. She knew she was in good shape and took a lot of pride in her body, and if Asami's reaction was anything to go by, rightfully so. "Hmm, you approve?"

-"Do I..." she mumbled, and the athlete just laughed before leaning down to kiss her again. Slowly, she slipped her hands under the hem of Asami's T-shirt, but when she got to pushing it up past her bellybutton, the engineer suddenly stopped her. "Wait..."

Korra didn't need any more reason and backed away. "What's wrong?"

She could see her girlfriend hesitating. "I... I'm not sure I want to be naked. I know it sounds stupid, but..."

Korra didn't give her a chance to finish. "Hey, it's okay. We can go as far as you are comfortable with. How about I do this..." she softly said before lying down beside Asami, pulling her shirt back down, and rolling onto her side so that Korra was effectively spooning her. "And you just relax?"

Asami nodded as the athlete moved her hair out of the way and gently started kissing her neck. This got Korra's first reward for the evening: a low moan from her girlfriend.

At this point, she decided to move one of her hands up from Asami's still-clothed belly and up to her breast. The engineer didn't stop her, so Korra felt it was safe to move up and gently roll her thumb over her nipple. "God, Korra..." she breathed.

She briefly broke away from kissing her neck with a knowing smile on her face. "That was to your satisfaction?" she asked, not even thinking about stopping the massaging of her breast.

-"Christ, Korra, that's so good," Asami nearly moaned.

Her continued moans prompted Korra to grow a little bolder. She slipped her hand down a little more, this time rubbing the inside hem of Asami's panties. "This okay?"

Her girlfriend feverishly nodded, looking like she was almost desperate for release. It was definitely a good sign, a sign that she trusted her, and Korra pushed her hand further down. Her fingers rubbed over a small patch of short hairs, but this wasn't what she was after just yet. Instead, she was aiming a little bit lower and smiled when she felt that Asami was already soaking wet.

Korra started rubbing slow, lazy circles around Asami's clit with her middle finger, earning her more moans. "Relax..." the athlete hummed against her girlfriend's neck. "Just let it happen..."

She smiled to herself again as she could feel Asami come undone as she was nearing her climax. During the day, she was so poised, almost to the point of being boringly conservative, but this was definitely something else. She was kicking with her legs, though it was almost closer to spasms the more Korra went on.

The athlete slipped two fingers inside and continued to use her thumb to stimulate her clit, making sure the writhing went on.

It was only moments later that Asami was pushed over the edge. More in accordance with what Korra had been expecting, there was no sound, more like a silent scream as she fully came undone.

It actually went on for quite a while, longer than Korra would have thought. Damn, I'm good. But then it stopped, and Asami was panting heavily as she slumped into Korra's arms. "Wow..." she finally breathed.

The athlete freed her hand and wiped it on the sheets, knowing she'd have to change them in the morning anyway. She also noticed they'd slipped down the bed a little bit, so Korra pushed herself back up, but also put Asami's head on her bare chest.

They lay for a few minutes in content silence while Korra played with Asami's hair for a bit. She ultimately looked down when she felt a hand slip up her chest. "Your heart is beating really fast," Asami said.

"Just excited that I saw one of the most beautiful things ever: you coming undone like that."

Asami chuckled. "Flatterer," she smirked up. She followed Korra's example and crawled up the bed as well, before they both settled on their sides, facing each other very closely. Korra could feel her girlfriend's breath streak over her lips, and she cautiously leaned in to press a slow kiss on them.

"I love you, Asami," she cautiously whispered. They hadn't said it before, but it felt right. A moment so intimate was rare, and it was the only thing to say right now.

-"I love you too."

Korra just wrapped her arms tight around her girlfriend again, and they fell into a deep sleep.

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