Air Nomad Genocide
What Do I Say
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The Last Airbender

第三天 杏月, 三年後 偉大的彗星 - Day 3 of the 2nd Month, 3 AG

What do I say? What do I say when my entire people has been eradicated? What is the right thing to say, if there is anything to say at all. I can't say it to anyone. No, not like that...

It's been three years now... Has it been so long? I still remember the temple burning. The screams, the smoke. I remember my old master... I remember him. I don't want to remember though. It hurts.

Today has been bleak, just like any other day. Nothing special. I woke up, like I always do. I washed and shaved, like I always do. I ate the scraps from my last meal, as I always do. Now I walk, as I always do. I'm starting to think I'm cursed to wander aimlessly forever. Perhaps it was my destiny to die with the rest of my people, to burn, to be a corpse. But now I just walk on, nowhere to go, nothing to do but this. Perhaps one day someone will dig up my journal and get to know me. Perhaps one day someone will know, perhaps one day the world will know of Ai, the last Airbender.

The last Airbender. It has a ring to it. Although I hate to say it, although it hurts when I utter the words... Maybe that's what I will call my writings. The last Airbender.

I do not believe anyone else escaped. I do not believe the Avatar did either. But perhaps there is hope. Perhaps I could somehow save my people. I could find a wife, we could be nomads, just going where destiny takes us. Then maybe she will give birth to Airbenders... Maybe so... But the Avatar... The Avatar will probably be reborn into the Water Tribes. I guess I can only hope... It's only a story though, and they say it will be a couple more years anyway. I wonder why the Fire Nation is doing this. I wonder how the balance was broken. I wonder why the Avatar did not stop the Fire Lord before the war started! I wonder why I was betrayed! Why did he give us away? Why did he betray his own people, the world? I heard there were more like him. They are all dead now, they deserve it. There is no forgiveness for betrayers! But the Fire Nation betrayed the world too? No, it was the Fire Lord, not the nation. For them there is yet hope...

But now I grow tired. The rain is pouring outside my shelter here in the charred remains of Taku. To think they killed everyone here, destroyed everything. Just for... Whatever they want out of this. I guess it's time I slept. Perhaps tomorrow I can find something to eat...

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