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A Family Reborn

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The Beginning or The End

3 Months Later

Enough time had past after the incident, giving everyone a chance to breathe and sort things out, especially Katara. She spent most of her time contemplating on her relationship with Aang, which was going great, Aang often kissed Katara, much to everyone else's grief.

Sokka and Suki were having the best of time being together, as the Kyoshi Warriors had an opportunity to stay with them for a few months, to relax and work on Republic City, which was being built, but on a small scale, as the plans were not completely finished. Zuko spent most of his time making sure his mother and his girlfriend were okay.

Ursa loved being in a loving atmosphere, she decided her job would be to help keep peace between the nations, by giving speeches and offering advice to people and inspiring people with her story.

The Order of the white locusts split up, Iroh managing the Jasmine Dragon. Bumi, went back to rule and fix all the damage he had done to the village area while he escaped. Jeong Jeong became a firebending teacher, in the Fire Nation school Aang went to. Pakku went back to the Northern Water Tribe, became a representative for them, and stayed with his family. Piando became a Sword instructor and he also continued making swords. Fung stayed in the Earth Kingdom and continued to manage his flower shop.

Mai worked with the Kyoshi Warriors (including Ty Lee) to start construction on Republic City, she did more of the conducting. Toph helped create a scale model of Republic City according to their plan.

Appa and Momo were in charge of keeping everyone in check making sure they do their jobs!

We turn to the others

Hama, now arrested for her crimes stayed in jail, she did not have her bending taken away because, she had nothing more to do again, she fulfilled her mission of teaching at least one person her skill of blood bending and she was doing her due time in a cell.

Ozai, stayed in the cell, powerless, angered by what happened between Azula and Team Avatar after his defeat, he continued to rot.... not a single person would visit him.

Long Feng and Combustion Man, they decided to get as far away from the nation as possible, both started hunting in the forest and stayed in a far away village, and split up Combustion Man going into hunting, while Long Feng became an unsuccessful con.

Azula stayed in the mental health facility, shamed, disgraced, not angered, just a girl waiting to die, she had nothing left, no bending, no freedom. Azula tried to bend but she did not succeed. A man showed up to her cell, gave her some food. As she ate, she felt sicker, the food was almost raw, she looked down and a tears flooded her face she tried to fire bend again, but the princess could not do it, she remembered how Aang took her bending, but somehow she still felt a connection, like she could still fire bend, she looked down at her plate, held it with one hand and tried again, nothing came out, but the food was now extremely hot..... Azula looked up, the deed was not complete, she could still bring heat just not the flame.

Azula had a glimmer of hope, she smirked evilly............

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