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"Don't live to fight. You'll just die faster."
— Wen giving advice to his students
Master Wen
Wen Liu
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Wen Liu's Acadamy of Martial Arts

Early Life

Not much is know about Wen Liu's early years. All that is known is that he was the son of a monk and he has always been extremely talented in martial arts. Any other information about his youth is rumors and hear say.

Fire Nation Rebellions

By the time Wen was in his late twenties a group of insurgents rebelled against the current Fire Lord. Wen, by now a well known mercenary, was hired by a young prince Li to spear head several assaults with his team, consisting of a Firebender, a Waterbender, an Earthbender, an Airbender, and an Energybender. Wen and his team were successful every time they were sent out, each time charging more and more money.

Throughout the years of the rebellion Wen had developed five martial arts forms, each based on one of the bending arts. They were called The Path of the Inferno, The Path of the Tide, The Path of the Rock Slide, The Path of the Breeze, and The Path of Life. These five styles were given one more name, The Five Paths of Enlightenment. Anyone of them could turn the tide of a fight in an instant.

As the rebellions reached their conclusion, Wen had grown tired of war. Most of his team had been killed and the love of his life had left him for Prince Li, now Fire Lord. When the Rebellions had finally ended Fire Lord Li offered Wen anything his heart desired, money, power, land etc. Wen only response was "I just want to be left alone."

Setting up the Academy

Adoption of Ken

Denying the Dragon King

Ryu and Choy



Wen is something of a prototype Avatar

  • His fighting style incorporates all known types of Bending
  • His main focus for fighting is ensuring stability
  • He constantly traveled the world

Originally The Five Paths of Enlightenment were going to be called the Five Paths of Pain, but the name was too similar to Pain's ability in Naruto

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