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Welcome to Hellas
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Polybender Saga



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Duke of Skibbington

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June 8, 2015

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"Welcome to Hellas" is the first chapter of the second book of the Polybender Saga.


Previously, on the Polybender Saga. The Great War between the Earth Empire and the United Republic has drawn to a decisive finish with victory siding with the Republic. United Republic President, Philip Hellene, appointed himself king and transformed the nation.

Philip has invited Jinora to study in his world, where she will learn many great things. Despite an initial reluctance, Tenzin gave in, but not without insisting Korra joins her to keep an eye on her.


Korra staggered up the hillside. She clutched her coat as the chilling breeze ruffled her body and froze her to the core. Jinora walked alongside Korra. "Wow, it's cold up here!"

Philip, walking far ahead, turned around. "I thought the tribal and the nomad would have no problem up here!"

Korra shouted, her voice being lost in the wind, "It's been a while since I've been this cold."

Philip laughed and removed his tweed jacket. He gave it to Jinora. "I'm afraid this is the warmest I have." He then removed his thin, red jumper and gave it to Korra. "I'm afraid this is all I can spare. Don't worry, my house is only a few metres away!"

Jinora clutched her tweed jacket and pulled it over her body. "Do you always have to walk this far to get to and from your home?"

"Oh, come now," Philip said, rolling up his sleeves, "it's a nice cool breeze."

"Can't we just airbend ourselves up?" Korra complained.

Philip turned around and shrugged. "If you like. I thought you two would be used to this weather. Especially you, Jinora, little nomad. Didn't Tenzin ever take you to the temples?" Philip climbed a small rock and extended his arm to Jinora, hauling her up.

"Thanks." She moved her hair from her face, exposing her arrow. "Yeah, Dad would take me all the time! It's just, the air feels different here!"

Philip smiled and released her hand. "You're very clever. I don't know what it is, but fire burns better here. Must be more oxygen. I love the air here, can't breathe your crap. I preferred it before you used petrol. By Jove, burn Hydrogen, it's not hard. Ah, Korra, you might as well tell that to your girlfriend."

Korra ignored Philip and climbed a large rock. "So, Philip, Jinora tells me Hellas had all types of benders long before the United Republic - I mean Kingdom. Why is that?"

Philip swept his arm from as far as he could see. "Well, up here, in the mountains, the weather is perfect for airbenders. It's coastal, perfect for waterbenders. We are warm and dry most of the time, perfect for firebenders. And earthbenders ... I'd rather not talk about those plebs."

"And you all came together as one nation?" Korra asked. "Peacefully?"

Philip twitched his hand back and forth and pulled a weird face. "Etsi kai etsi."

"What?" Jinora looked up.

"More or less," Philip explained. "After a few hundred wars. Eventually, we teamed up to stop Darius when he invaded through Anatolia. We defeated him, then went back to killing each other."

"What ended it?" Jinora asked.

"Some bastards from the Far East invaded through Anatolia and controlled us for 400 years."

Philip walked on forward. "Bah!" he yelled, as he slid down a large rock. Philip lay all tangled, with his head stuck upward, avoiding the rough ground. He was stuck in a tight crevasse.

Korra rushed to the edge. "Do you need help?"

Philip dropped his head to the ground. "It's a bit comfortable, but I suppose we'd best get to the house, it's a bit cold."

Great wooden doors swung over and Philip walked in with Jinora and Korra behind him. "Anyone want a cup of tea?"

Jinora and Korra nodded, shedding their loaned clothes and huddling by the fire. "Boy, boil a pot of tea for the guests!"

A young man poked his head out of the doorway. "I'm not your slave."

Philip placed his hand to his chin. "Oh, right, I don't have a butler... I will make it myself. Alex, show the ladies your hospitality."

The young man walked awkwardly into the room and sat on the lounge next to Jinora. His jumper creased when he lounged. He looked to Jinora. "So, you're the Airbender I've heard so much about. Granddaughter of Avatar Aang."

Philip interrupted, bringing a silver dish with a tea pot and many cups. Next to the tea pot was a small container of milk and bowl of sugar cubes. He poured four cups and a black liquid poured through. Jinora and Korra looked at it in surprised manner. "Milk?" Philip asked, looking up at them.

Alexander nodded, with Korra and Jinora nodding, unsure what to do. "You see, tea is a bit different here. It is darker and we drink it with milk." Alexander placed a sugar cube in his tea and looked at Philip with an expression of defiance. Philip stared back in a menacing manner, in what would often be described as a death stare. Alexander simply placed another sugar cube and removed his tie, opening the top button. "Watch out, Jinora," Philip said, tipping his cup into his mouth, "little Alex is a bad boy. Then again... Kai."

The group ignored the statement and continued drinking. Alexander examined the gash on Philip's face. "Dad, did you try to shave with airbending again?"

Philip shook his head. "Fell off the rocks."

"Again?" Alex said, coughing up tea.

"Mind your manners, there are ladies present!"

Jinora waved her hand. "No, it's fine."

Philip looked at Alex and Jinora. He straightened his trousers and stood up. "If you would excuse me and Korra, I have to speak of important matters with her."

Alex lounged back and placed his empty cup on the table. "What matters?"

"Matters of importance, my boy." Philip's eyes shifted from side to side.

"Well, good luck with that."

Philip and Korra rushed out of the room and closed the door. Alexander paced around the room, placing his hands in the pockets of his grey trousers. "Soft. Can you hear those voices?"

Muffled voices spoke, "Do you really think you can get my daughter to marry your son?"

Another voice said, "Maybe."


  • This is the first time Philip was observed swearing.
  • It is implied Philip often falls off rocks.

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