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A tall, slender figure walked into the Main Hall of the Fusang Bending Temple. He wore long, white robes stretching down to his feet. He had a black armband on his right arm; this signified that he was the Grand Master of the Temple. He walked over to where two Air Acolytes were setting up a banner. It read, "Welcome Avatar Korra" in bright, blue letters on a green background. I really hope she likes her welcome, the man thought.

"Are all the preparations ready?" the man asked in a high, energetic voice.

"Yes, Master Yin." The two Air Acolytes stepped down and bowed before Yin; he bowed back.

"I still can't wait for the Avatar to get here!" Yin Zhou had a large grin on his face. He was ready for this day; the day that Avatar Korra would come to visit the Temple.

Chapter 1

A ferry pulled up to the dock at the Island of Fusang. Yin Zhou, the Grand Master of the Fusang Bending Temple, greeted the young Avatar Korra and her Airbending master Tenzin. As the boat docked, the two V.I.P. guests walked off the ramp. Yin bowed to the Avatar; she bowed back.

"Master Tenzin." Yin bowed to the old, wise Airbending Master. "Fusang will be eternally grateful for what your father did. Without him, we would all be floating in the ocean right now."

Yin turned to Korra. "And the young Avatar."

"Yep! I'm the Avatar!" Korra said in her spunky voice. "I am so glad to be here for the first time."

"Now," Yin waved towards a door. "Would you like to see your rooms?"

Yin and his two guests walked over into the door. The walls were stone grey; probably made out of granite. They took a right turn, then a left. They stepped through a door and came to a hall fully decorated with red carpeting and fancy lighting on the walls. Yin showed Korra and Tenzin two adjoining rooms. As they went in, two Kyoshi Warriors walked by.

"When you are ready," Yin talked in his steady, calm voice, "you can come down this hallway to the dining area. I will tell you some about Fusang." Yin walked down the hallway.

"You know," Korra turned to Tenzin as she unpacked, "Yin isn't such a bad guy."

"Do not underestimate him." Tenzin stroked his beard. "People aren't always who they say to be."

It was 7:30 in the morning. Two Air Acolytes knocked on the doors of Korra and Tenzin's rooms. The doors opened.

"Yin Zhou has invited you to breakfast."

Korra walked back in her room to get ready. Tenzin put on his air robes then sat on his bed to meditate. Korra did a few stance practices before finally coming out of her room. She knocked on Tenzin's door; Tenzin got up and opened the door. They both walked down the hallway to the dining area.

"Welcome!" Yin was wearing a white robe, as usual, with stars studded in a star pattern; that was his ceremonial robes. "Sit anywhere." He waved around to about 12 empty seats.

"We had a great night last night." Korra took a bite of biscuit.

"Good." Yin tore into some pancake. "Now would you like to know a little about Fusang?"

"Yeah, sure! I'm curious about this place."

"Yes," Tenzin said. "This place is puzzling. One question. Why is this place fully enclosed by granite walls?"

"Yes, that is a much asked question." Yin stood up and walked over to a wall. "The climate outside, on land, is uninhabitable. It has a very dangerous blend of pure Oxygen, Helium, and Sulfur. No one can breathe it. That is why we stay here. But closer into the main land, the climate is inhabitable. I may take you there later."

"Great." Korra stood up to go get ready. "Can't wait."

"I'll get you at," Yin stood up, "eleven o'clock?"

"Yes." Tenzin stood up and walked back with Korra. "I would like to see the culture here."

"I will send my Air Acolytes to get you." Yin walked back to a door at the other side of the room. "I will be waiting for you."

"Well our government is the Grand Duchy of Fusang." Yin was telling his two guests all about the island. "It is set up with a Dutch and a Duchess."

"Wow." Korra was trying to take in all this culture. She had never seen such a variety before; Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation, Air Nomads, Water Tribes, and even a new style. It was a huge difference from what she normally saw in Republic City.

"Well," Tenzin said as he stepped over to a fruit stand, "I am going to explore." Yin and Korra waved to Tenzin as he left then took off down another street. They passed the Royal Mansion, and past about a dozen market places. They finally came to a balcony that overlooked the whole city of the Capital. Yin took a seat down beside a dog, and Korra sat beside him.

"This is my special place," Yin said as he was petting his dog.

"This is one," Korra hung her knees over the edge, "amazing view." Yin scooted closer to Korra. "How did you become the Grand Master?" Korra was curious about this.

Yin slouched over. "The thing is," he twitted his thumbs, "I inherited this spot."

"Your father was the Grand Master?"

"No. I didn't even know about Fusang until I came here." Yin looked off into the sky; it was getting late. "My parents were killed by Fire Nation warriors during the Hundred Year War. I was only a baby at the time. They," Yin sighed, "They put me in a small boat and I floated away.

"Two days later, I was found on the beach, taken in by the Grand Master. He trained me in Firebending; of course, I am a native Firebender. But they also taught me the secret arts of Energybending, which is still taught here.

"When it was his time to go, he made me the new Grand Master. I was only 18 years old! How was I supposed to train people not but a few years younger than me?! But I found a way. Now I am 25, and I train at least 5 younglings a day! It's hard on the nerves, but I do it every day."

"Wow." Korra was amazed by Yin's story; she never knew anyone could have that hard a life. "I never knew-"

"But that was when this island was still thriving." Yin ignored Korra and kept talking. "Now everyone ignores this island. No one even knows it exists. All because of Amon." Yin made a face; almost like he was disgusted. "He came in here and just ruined Fusang's reputation; this is where Amon learned his Energybending."

"So that's what it is," Korra said. "Energybending." As the sun set on Fusang, Yin, Korra, and Tenzin headed back to the Temple.

"Are the preperations ready?" A tall figure, with a long overcoat stood in front of a map of Fusang, lit by a lamp on his right side.

"Yes, master." The Lieutenant bowed to the figure.

The figure turned around to show his mask; he was Amon. "Good. The Avatar won't know we're coming" They both laughed.

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