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Ganto - Airbender From Northern Air Temple


Book 1: Arrival



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May 24, 2012

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Northern Air Temple

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It has been many hours since they left the Temple, Ganto was getting impatient. Suddenly city appeared in front of them. Ganto gasped in amaze. Wow, it's so huge!!!!! Ropa landed near the city, Ganto airbend him self off Ropa. Pedro flied on Ganto's shoulder. Ganto turned to Ropa.

You stay here, while I will come back later He said, Ropa growled. Ganto ran towards the city with excitement. When Ganto ran into streets of Republic City he was more amazed. Oh my god, I have never seen these moving things..! Ganto pointed to Satomobiles and laughed.

He ran deeply in the city. Meanwhile Chief Beifong was talking to some citizens about the incident that just happened. Ganto walked in the street they were. He jumped high in the air, made 2 frontflips and landed on ground. Cops murmured something and pointed to Ganto. Lin looked at him and walked to Ganto. Excuse me sir, but this is not Pet Area, if you want to walk with your pet then go to Central Park... She said.

Ganto looked at her in confusion, but then sighed. O-okay... Ganto turned around. Okay this city gets boring.. I'll look at the.. Ganto looks for a map. Look at the..

Ganto keep looking for the map. He looked at Pedro. Where did you put the map? Ganto was upset and mad at Pedro. Can you stop throwing away my stuff? Please!

Suddenly a map blew into Lin's face, she took and looked at it. Air temple? I guess it's Tenzin's..... She said.

Pedro, seriously, where is the map?! Ganto was more upset.

Lin heard Ganto and walked to him with the map. Is this yours?

Ganto was surprised. Yes, it's mine, w-where did you found it?

You should look after your stuff, young boy! She said and gave map to Ganto.

Y-yes I will..S-sorry for that..He took the map, Ganto turned around and was about to walk away, but suddenly Pedro trowed out of his pocket a letter. Lin looked at the letter in confusion and picket it up.

The letter says: Hello Avatar Aang, you may don't know me. But I have heard about your amazing adventures. My name is Jinju and I wanted to tell you something important. It may sound weird, but my family and me are Air Nomads. I am an airbender. I thought you should know this, since you're the Avatar and also an Air Nomad. We live in Ba Sing Se, if you wish to speak to us just come to Ba Sing Se - Jinju

Lin gasped in horror and send metalcabes at Ganto wrapping them around him. What is this..?! She asked to Ganto in confusion and anger. She showed Ganto the letter.

Ganto was shocked, he was more shocked when he saw the letter in her hands. Let me go, and why are you stealing my stuff?!

I won't let you go till you answer what is this and I didn't steal anything! Just answer me, what is this? Why was this never sent to him and HOW can you be an airbender?! She asked Ganto again.

First of all, I didn't write the letter! Second, my grandfather did and 3rd.. Give it Back To me!

Lin was surprised to hear answer like that. ...Why was this never sent to Aang? And why you never gave it to Tenzin?!.. Who are you, and what are you doing here?!

My grandfather died the die he wanted to send it, my dad was too scared and didn't want any one to know about us, so... The letter was never sent to him! My mother died when I was young and at that moment I couldn't leave the air temple for any second!

Lin sighed and send back the metalcables. Sorry, but you came in wrong time, this city isn't at stable position..She gave him back the letter.

What do you mean...? Ganto took the letter.

We will talk about it later, but I think you should show this to Tenzin..What's your name? She asked.

I'm Ganto.....Just one question, who is Tenzin? He asked in confusion

I see, Tenzin is son of Avatar Aang, and also the only airbender kid in family, she said.

I see, i guess I should show it to him..W-where is he? Ganto asked and put the letter back in his pocket.

Hes in the Air Temple Island, she said.

And where exactly is that place? He asked.

Lin sighed. I will take you to him

Alright, but first I need to call my bison. Ganto took bison whistle and called Ropa.

Call your what? She asked.

My bison Ganto smiled.

I don't like much flying with those animals.... She said

It's just a small trip... He said and a bit glared at her.

Fine She said and the giant bison landed on ground near them. Lin looked at the cops and waves with hand meaning-Continue you without me. Cops nodded.

Ganto airbend himself on the bison, Lin jumped in Ropa's saddle. Ropa, yip-yip! Ganto said as giant bison flied high in the air.

Where is this temple? he asked.

It's close to Avatar Aang's statue. You can't miss it She said.

You mean that one? Points to Avatar Aang's statue.

Yes that's the one and temple is right next to it She said.

I see it, Yip, Yip! Ganto said as Ropa started to fly faster.

Ropa lands on ground near the entrance of the temple. I'll go and call him Lin said.

Alright Ganto nodded.

Some minutes Later Lin came out with Tenzin. Tenzin looked at Ganto in amaze, he eyed him carefully from toes to head I'll leave you two alone and let talk, Ganto tell it to him She said and walked away.

Ganto nodded then looked at Tenzin.

You may stay here while your in the city, if there is anything you need just ask me or my wife Pema. So, what is you want to tell to me? Tenzin said.

Thank you T-Tenzin Ganto bowed. Tenzin walked in the temple and Ganto followed him.

I need to show you something..... Ganto said.

Tenzin walked into room. This is your room, Ganto

Thank you Ganto smiled, then took out the letter and gave it to Tenzin.

Is this for me? Tenzin asked.

N-no..It was meant, for your father... Ganto answered.

Tenzin read the letter and gasped That's amazing, w-why this letter never got to my father?

My grandfather died the day he wanted to send to him and my father was scared, he thought some one may harm me and my mother so he kept the letter... Ganto sighed.

I understand, your father tried the best for you and family Tenzin said.

Yeah, he did Ganto looked at Tenzin, then at his new room.

Now I must go, dinner is at 7 o'clock, don't miss... If you want something to eat now, Pema will make something for you

Thank you again, Tenzin Ganto smiled.

Tenzin walked out of Ganto's room and closed the door after him.

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