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Welcome one and all to the First Showing here at the Fire Nation Institute of History, I will be your guide, Professor Wen. Today, we shall be taking a dip into the notorious mind of the great Fire Lord Sozin. We only have limited recordings, but we've began to organize them based on time. This is the earliest one we could find.

The Entry

Dear Diary,

Yeah, so mom wants me to write a diary to express my feelings. I told her off, and said forget about it, but she said that she would shorten my curfew. So, whatever, umm...alright, let's see what I've done lately?

Well, last Tuesday, we went to the Fire Nation Temple:

"But, Mom, that's not fair. They're just a bunch of old geezers." Mom and I were in my Suite in the Palace. It's got a nice touch of Fire Nation Awesomeness, Superiority, and Sozin Flare. Zing!

"No, Sozin. You're going to that temple, and that's final! Your father thinks we need to reconnect with our spirituality." So, that was that, we got on a Rhino-Cart and headed out after a quick lunch at the Great Wall, a Chinese place on 5th.

"Welcome, your Majesties. Welcome to our humble abode." Said the Sage on the Right, I think his name was Thomas. For some reason, he kept on looking at me...Note to self; don't get to close to Thomas, ESPECIALLY if he offers candy. Even if it's Hershey's.

"Would you care to join us for a prayer to the spirits and the Avatar" Said the Sage in the Center, Mike? Yeah, that was it. Anyways, we went to the cafeteria first, it was wicked. Those guys can make a mean milkshake; I avoided Thomas's Milkshake, though. Weird-o. So, we then went to this big room with pillars and a big door. They opened it with some awesome fire bending, and there were some statues and stuff inside, so we all went inside and kneeled respectfully. It was about two minutes in, when I realized I had to use the "facilities". Stupid Burritos.

"Umm...hey, can I just go and use the err...bathroom?"

"Prince Sozin, please be quiet, we must wait to finish this prayer..."

"No, I think it's an emer..."

"Sozin, hush now." Thanks a lot mom, you're causing me lots of pain.

Oh, I scored my first hot date! Her name is Katie, and she's 15, like me. Me and my friend, Roku, he's great were at Chad's party. I was chilling with him, Katie and her friend.

"Hey, Katie, Did you know that Sozin can strategically invade and destroy an entire race in a week?" Did I tell you that Roku's awesome? Well, he is.

"Wow, an ENTIRE race? That is pretty cool. Who would you get rid of first?"

"Air Nomads" You can't hesitate, that shows fear and confusion.

"And why?" Why? Why? Crap.

"Oh, because they're so nomadic, no gain to the rest of society." Take the bait. Take the bait.

"Yes, that makes sense, very well thought out." Yes! Hook. Line. And Sinker!

"Err...hey, how would you like to get some punch, Maddie?" Roku. Always coming through.

"Sure." Yes, so far so good...

"So...err...Katie, do you want to dance?" Come on....

"Sure, Sozin." AWESOME!

And during our dance I asked her out on Saturday. She said yes. She digs the Sozin-Man.

Oh, and on Thursday, dad told me I'm going on a world Tour.

"AWESOME! Which band?"

"No a State Tour, Sozin. To spread our good will."

"Awwww. Well, when?"

"We'll see. Soon."

"Fine, Fine. Whatever."

So, after that I went over Roku's because school's finally over. Take that Royal Fire Nation Academy! Anyways, I'm just going to chill, pig out, plan a strategic invasion, and have my sweet sixteen.

-Sozin, Prince of the Fire Nation, and Katie's BF

Reviewing the Facts

A Most Genius Piece, was it not, friends? I do believe so. Let's review the facts, through this entry. First, it seems that Fire Lord Sozin at one point had a great amount of respect for the Fire Sages, though how that changed is questionable, maybe we'll find out later on! Next, it seems that Sozin had endulged in the many amenities of his time, including female companions. He also seems to like certain Chinese foods, planning on going a goodwill tour, and possibly stay up late. Yep, nothing's wrong with this entry. This kid was one straight prince when he was a kid, not a thing about destruction, plundering, or invasion. How could such an innocent person, gone so bad? Come back next time, to find out more!


This series was actually meant to debut much later, but The avatar was so excited he just couldn't wait. The avatar always wanted to make a comedy, but never had the chance. One day, he was thinking over some plot for PhC when he came up with a crazy Sozin, writing diary entries. It resulted in this.


  • Sozin clearly has some issues, and so does the professor.
  • Sozin seems like a normal child, discussing his first date, meeting some geezers, etc.
  • Sozin breaks the fourth wall, by mentioning Chinese food. Expect more of the breaking the fourth wall.

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